Who Won Tonight’s Debate Between Cenk Uygur and Ben Shapiro?

Well, Uygur gets many, many, many, many points deducted for lying about his height.

He claims to be 5’11”, and we know Shapiro is 5’7 “- 5’9” tops.

So, if Uygur can lie so easily and readily about a verifiable fact, what else is he lying about?

Shapiro wins.

Was Cenk’s height measured when he was lying down?”

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  1. I’m not say you’re wrong, but I am sayen the little immature kid is way closer to us than the Mooslem. Look at their feet. Cenk’s not 5’11” though. You need to pay extra to stack shit that high. I tuned in for about 20 seconds. Couldn’t deal.

  2. Two Lefties who agree on 95% of Agenda 21 pretending they aren’t identical twins.

    This is the sort of pointless effete collegiate sophistry that Erickson and his NR ilk find “exciting”.

    And Ungyar’s ugly Untermenschen mug looks like a Wanted poster on Dr. Mengele’s office wall.

  3. Brad, I had a similar task. I was watching the grass grow, but I had a beer in my hand so I was double occupied.

  4. Hey Joe, Go to the current top story and watch Steven Tucker. Much better than watching a NeverTrumper and Muslim midgets arguing non relevant shit. Tuckers a pretty smart guy.

  5. Shapiro dominated the entire debate. The amount of times Uygur resorted to pandering seriously shocked me, the guy tried to get a USA chant started for gods sake. Ben Couldn’t get facts and figures and history out fast enough, he spewed them like a Mac 10. Uygur slowed things down every time with dumb metaphors and agreeable facts while he tried to catch up.

  6. Uygur should cease the public appearances, he’s proven once again that he’s incapable of cogent thinking. He’d be best off heading back to his homeland and tending to his heard of yaks.

  7. This sounds like a pretty moronic, rightwing forum.
    Shitty sense of humor. It was actually an interesting debate about of very crucial issue that affects millions of lives in the US. I think it was no match, Cenk made so much more sense. Shapiro’s a nice young man but a moron.

  8. I was happy to see that Cenk kept himself under control and didn’t resort to his usual interruptions, bullying, ad hominems, and hyperbole, but then he had to know that those tactics wouldn’t work against Shapiro’s nimble acuity. I do believe Shapiro won, but it was pleasing to see a civil debate. And Cenk even seemed like a nice guy.

  9. @Jeremy P That’s a very embarrassing analysis. Saying Ben Shapiro is a moron shows your own intelligence level. You would be hard pressed to find a single person on this planet with an IQ over 130 that would call him a moron. Have you ever read a macroeconomics or studied the effects of different governments on the economy?

  10. The debate was a really interesting exchange of ideas from two guys with radically opposing views. I think it’s really hard to declare a winner, although I’ll concede that Shapiro kept his cool better and didn’t embarrass himself like Cenk did with his USA! USA! chant. Shapiro also had the advantage of having the crowd on his side, while Cenk let them get to him a bit when he should have ignored them.
    All that said, I’m a lefty myself, so Cenk’s ideas and talking points resonated more with me and he DEFINITELY made a lot more sense in the healthcare debate.

  11. Also, the picture showing their heights above is misleading due to perspective. They posed for a photo after the debate and Cenk appeared to be at least two inches taller, though I’d say both guys exaggerate their height. Shapiro 5’7″ and Uygur 5’9″ would be my best guess.

  12. I’m a moderate and I’ll definitely give the win to Shapiro. He made more sense and debated with logic on his side and he even persuaded me when it came to the topic of Health Care. I have no idea how some people can say they choose Cenk to be the winner.

  13. Well, i disagree, i think Shapiro went into mental gymnastics, the part with the banks was ridiculous. And was cherry picking like at the end. Cenk was much more humble, honest, passionate, Shapiro’s expressionless face feels like he has no soul, he’s a genius robot! Agreeing with the Union and Dems problem and saying they don’t have blind allegiance was nice and even the USA chant was endearing,tired of the Right making us Lefties like we’re not Patriots.

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