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Who Wore It Better?

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  1. The irony of living hard left:
    They hate people with class and sophistication, yet they try so hard to pretend that they are so.
    They label conservatives as “Hillbillies”, yet they emulate white urban trash.
    They mock intelligence and practice a willful ignorance.
    They curse religion but make pseudoscience a religion.
    They vote for and defend those who make their lives worse off, because they voted for them. (LOL)

  2. mickey moussaoui
    AUGUST 16, 2022 AT 2:26 AM

    The devil cannot make, so he mocks what God makes.

    They are just being like their father, the devil.

  3. It just dawned on me that the Biden’s are Bizarro Trumps. They do everything the Trumps did but in reverse.

    Me smash building! Me crash plane!

  4. She really seems to think she’s still in her 30’s. Sad.
    She makes me think of the old bar flies who dress cheap.

  5. So she’s wearing Joe’s clothes now?

    Why not?
    She tells him where to sign his name, where to walk, & who is a relative that he should not feel up.

  6. At least she was is wearing something! Thank goodness, we don’t need to see elongated udders this early in the morning (unless you are a farmer and need to get some milking done)!

  7. Phony crap, like everything out of the left. Tuff girl chic without the tuff or the girl, just the clothes and accessories on an old bag of expensive chow… paid for by others.

  8. Bruce Willis wore it better, though he prolly has less hair on his chest. Dr. Jill is mutton dressed as lamb and it ain’t pretty. She needs to stop cosplaying Brigitte Macron. They are both way too old to be dressing the way they do. Couple of old hags, one is married to a pedophile and the other IS a pedophile.

  9. This is what you get when no one loves you enough to tell you what you really look like and you fire anyone on your payroll who dares
    to be honest with you.

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