Who You Are: A Message To All Men

faithreel – Our Response To Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity

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  1. I get it but I hope most men don’t need any commercial to tell them who and what they are and ain’t.

  2. Sounds like some seeker sensitive christian messsge.you are special you are great
    Etc.no thanks. Ill read my bible where it told me i was a sinner on my wat to hell unless i changed my ways. Which i did 40 plus years ago

  3. This screed on you tube and mine are not applicable to everyone.Many decades ago, I got a call from our in house attorney who asked for discreet help in a matter that occurred while he was on business in LA for our firm . I provided help and he returned to the office as the usual arrogant conceited rude woman preying ass that he was but nonetheless required due to our being an SEC regulated entity and he was a lawyer..I called him into my office and after some quick greeting I said: ” You represented us in LA and you are definitely not strong of mind, incapable of completing a simple task, the Lord created you when he was working on Dirt Bags, your potential ability appears to be masked from recognition You have talents given to you by the Lord and you have used those Talents to procure two whores . You could impart wisdom in so many of our firm’s endeavors but you used your charisma to hire two whores and were too overcome by lust to recognize that they were Trannys…You were intent upon doing a threesome and your mind was thought blocked being excited and picturing the requirements that were about to be thrust upon your unathletic body , but it was different needs that lay in store. One of the whores was really big I hear, the one who threw you out the motel window and got the cops to come. You are many things, most likely the slowest, the champion of morons, the only Loser in this pack of three. You had been given the power to open a branch of our office, the power to be a man, the power to change the future of our business , the responsibility to create a place where some of our employees could move to and realize their dreams and ours …and you, as a son of God , asked two men to your Motel , went hot and heavy and then, at some heart stopping moment, some snake avoiding jerk, some repulsion, you struck them, you were outraged and you ended up losing your freedom while breaking our world. You are not a man, the Tranny who sent you out the window was a man…Leave, leave now, leave…First person I ever fired and we never went back to LA again as the news spread..

  4. ‘Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity’.
    Had to look this up since I don’t watch commercial TV. Stopped buying Gillette products years ago when the new back than 22-blade razor was introduced at $25.99/ 3-pack came out. A $1.29 pack of 5 box cutter blades works just as well. Just gotta’ be careful.

  5. I have stated it before…… responsibility is hard. Many younger men these days just cannot wrap their heads around it. Thinking for oneself, providing for oneself, counting on oneself is apparently harder today than it was when most of us (iotwRers) were coming up. I realize that it is not the yout’s fault. They have been programmed and soyed and feminized and belittled and denigrated all of their lives. This message might help.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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