Whole Foods Dress Code: Black Lives Matter Masks Not Permitted

“I don’t know what it is about Black Lives Matter that threatens store management, but silencing our support for black lives is silencing the customers and communities we hold dear,” Whole Foods employee Savannah Kinzer told the station.

She’s mentally blind.
BLM is not a threat and every single customer of Whole Foods agrees with her. Because that’s how she feeeeelz.

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  1. hey cupcake, it’s the same as my right to say ‘White Lives Matter’

    it’s ” …. silencing the customers and communities we hold dear” … get over it

  2. “I don’t know what it is about Black Lives Matter that threatens store management”? Could be because they’re a bunch of commies that want to kill anyone engaged in capitalism!!!

  3. I don’t give a FUCK what color, creed, nationality, asshole, dipshit, you may be….

    DON’T demand of others what you don’t want demanded of YOU!

  4. I went to the little grocery store today…Kansas has mandated facemsks and most employees did not have facemasks….Interesting…..

  5. If BLM Marxists want to wear BLM masks on the job, the response is simple. Let any employee who wants to, wear a White Lives Matters mask. Equal masks for equal play.

  6. Hole Foods sells some really good steaks. I just can’t bring myself to support those hippie muthas.

  7. @ Bad_Brad JULY 6, 2020 AT 10:49 PM

    My dear departed friend from Ephrata raised Santa Gertrudis

    He was in a co op with a couple other ranchers who have a contract to supply that prime graded beef to Whole Foods. They finish their beeves in house (on their home ranches) and then haul them to be processed in Boardman.

    Good stuff.

  8. Whole Foods holds people and communities “dear”?

    We used to call this “jumping the shark.”

    Whole Foods, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon, cares about what a corporation should care about — share price and stockholder happiness. Those are the ones they hold “dear”. Nothing wrong with that. Who do they think they’re kidding?

  9. This is a much better photo of a Santa here: https://www.farmersweekly.co.za/farm-basics/how-to-livestock/santa-gertrudis-amazing-rounder/

    The photo on that other site is of a show type Santa cow. It is a mess. Couldn’t make it through a single season.

    FWIW, I’m eating beef raised on the ranch I am on tonight. Doesn’t taste much like 95% of what you can buy. I don’t buy beef, we eat black tails and elk at home. Don’t much like most beef that is sold in stores. Guys who hunt all over the world say that western Washington/Oregon/BC elk and black tails are the best wild game meat they have ever had. We like it as well as beef. I put five lbs of coarse ground bacon in 20 lbs burger and that makes burgers a real treat.

  10. “There should be no place safe for racism, and the only way that happens is if they say it out loud and stop hiding behind neutrality,”

    Shitforbrains doesn’t realize that BLM masks is nothing but racism.

    If anyone wore a “White Lives Matters” mask they would be shitcanned immediately for racism and canceled indefinitely.

    If you can’t do the same exact thing for all races then what you are engaged in is racism.

    I have a deep desire to take a drive on one of the retarded BLM street murals and perform a record breaking massive burnout.

  11. I thought BLM was the evil Gummint Bureau of Land Management that terrorizes ranchers?


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