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  1. Don’t they already have the ugliest dog contest?

    There should be the ugliest obnoxious hag contest. I vote for Poopie, with Joyless Brayhard in the running along with Rosy O’Donnell and a slew of others.

  2. That’s the way the mop flops. We use to say, on a bad hair day. and to think she gave good money for it. Yuck Poooo.

  3. I was thinking that she had a secret desire to be one of our founding fathers!

    Oh, yuk. That was sacrilegious. Sorry!

  4. It’s really hard to look at that without bringing up stomach contents. I’ve seen runny sores with more appeal.

  5. Donald Trump Jr. mopped the floor with me
    Ewww, no. No way I’d ever turn that upside down. Besides, I don’t have a hoist.

  6. So now it’s okay to wear white-hair?
    How is this any different than a white person wearing black-face?
    If your hair is not naturally white then this is the worst form of ageism and cultural appropriation!
    As a 63 year old woman she should know better!

  7. ‘Whoopie’ is the most out of touch comedian that ever lived.

    To this day she still doesn’t get that SHE is the joke.

  8. I love how Joy Behar and Whoopi reprimanded and instructed the audience not to applaud for Don Jr.
    At one point Joy actually said “this is not a MAGA rally”.

  9. @Molon L — Yeah, it does look like an English barrister’s wig, doesn’t it?

    It’s so hard to take anyone who is against POTUS Trump seriously at all.


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