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Whoopi – The Racist

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  1. Be sure a tune in tomorrow. She should be a raving lunatic. LA coppers Mag Dumped a double amputee black guy. No matter how you slice it, the visuals sucks. I don’t know why cops still keep doing this.


  2. “I’m not suggesting that”…. not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

    Dat bitch be Ugly to the Bone!

  3. I realize that clips like this are provided as a foil to make a more intelligent rational point but I have reached my saturation limit for stupid people saying stupid things, and I can’t do it anymore.

    The sad fact is that we as a country have a race problem, we have a police problem, we have a responsibility problem, and we have a morality problem. And I have no workable answers for any of it.

    If more people were like me, we would not have these problems. So now the focus is on survival and self-preservation. We are all on our own.

  4. I wholeheartedly believe THIS country DOES NOT have a racist problem.

    The problems in this country are far removed from racism, in fact, they extend from the very top of this government.

  5. Brad, every 5 years we have to renew our CHP ID card, this allows us to conceal carry. A new photo is also required. I sent mine in last Sept., still waiting …………bastards. No plinking for me as of yet.

  6. When will she just go away? She’s always been what she is. A faux intellect. Stolen valor; she’s stolen humanity.

  7. Rich Taylor

    Yea there’s about 4 feet of snow where I like to shoot. We can normally shoot there year round but the last two storms that came in dipped low. I’m itching to start doing some reps.

  8. Whoopie isn’t a black girl’s name. More like Woo’Pee.
    Just what was her real name before she appropriated that Jewish surname?

  9. “Just what was her real name before she appropriated that Jewish surname?”

    Caryn Elaine Johnson

    She’s a genuine, original Karen.


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