“Who’s Gonna Beat Me?’ – DJT

All of them, or none of them, because they are all the same.

Nice mash up, and song, of all the candidates sounding exactly alike.

HT/ Hot Salsa

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  1. who are these people? Its like Henry Ford and the model t. All the same. No options.

  2. ‘Who’s Gonna Beat Me?’

    …you haven’t seen their REAL candidate yet, Mr. President.

    …It will be “Michelle” Obama.

    …”she” will take ALL the Black vote from you.

    …and she may not be able to BEAT you, but she is sure as hell going to try to CHEAT you…

    …car rental companies everywhere have ALL the cars with large trunks already booked for next November, and the ballots they will be loaded with are being filled out as we speak.

    Depend on it.

  3. LBJ said “All You gotta do is give People someone to look down on”

    In the dnc…This has become a monumental task..(Stress on mental)

  4. @Super.
    I wouldn’t count on that. No doubt Team Trump has already compiled an oppo file as thick as Moochie’s thighs, as well as a hand delivered WH Christmas card with the enclosed “A Year in Review, from our Home 2019” letter, replete with redactions.

  5. Hey, OTD! I don’t know if anyone else knew that was from Pirates of Penzance. I love that song. William Gilbert would be very proud of the reconfiguration!
    “In short–in matters vegetable, animal and mineral–I am the very model of a modern Major General!”


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