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Who’s Hurt Worse By Chicago: Donald, Ted or the Democrats?

I laid into an idiot troll last night who was bragging about shutting Donald Trump down in Chicago.

“I look forward to your trolling when Trump is elected on the backlash against the disruption of his events.”

The troll didn’t get it.


The Daily Caller article being trolled named the liberal groups that claimed a role in the suppression of free speech of their fellow citizens.

Clarice Feldman makes a strong case that Ted Cruz (R-TX) didn’t cover himself with Constitutional glory either with his response.

Winner Donald Trump then or will most voters skip past the need to defend the First Amendment and find him too much of a rabble rouser to be electable?

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13 Comments on Who’s Hurt Worse By Chicago: Donald, Ted or the Democrats?

  1. No doubt this is good for Trump. He knows it, that is why he didn’t go on stage even though his security was guaranteed.
    Long game though, this is dangerous for Trump. His connections on the left help him with the media but if yhe rent-a-mob gets the idea that they really have him on the run he won’t be able to reign them back in when he needs to. That happened to the Democrats in Chicago back when I was a young man. Not a good end game.

  2. The cost of doing business in a Democratic run city is paying a tribute ($$) to campaign funds. When corrupt Republicans linger in office too long, it’s the same thing. Trump contributed to each. He didn’t discriminate.

    You all might not understand this unless you lived in a city that “studied” under Chicago politicians.

    I’m not saying this is good nor am I excusing it, I’m saying it just “is.”

  3. Why is George Soros spending money and hiring goons to disrupt and stop Trump events but not other candidates’ events?

  4. Forgot to say he has put out the help wanted notices for goons to disrupt the Republican convention in Cleveland as well.

  5. Ted because he will never get support from any trump supporter now.Donald fared best because look at Cruzs FB page a bunch of his supporters left and joined trump.I think its over for Cruz .

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