“Who’s On The Lord’s Side”? Rev. Timothy Wright

Called the “Godfather of Gospel,” Reverend Timothy Wright released a string of Gospel albums in the 1980 and 1990 that were top sellers. Posthumously honored last year with his own street in his Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, ten years after his passing, Rev. Wright left a lasting legacy for all those unafraid of the gospel message.

Here, the reverend and his gospel singers share “Who’s On The Lord’s Side” that, while not a substitute for gathering with others to praise the Lord in this time of quarantines and safe home declarations, will most likely fill you with his spirit. Watch

3 Comments on “Who’s On The Lord’s Side”? Rev. Timothy Wright

  1. Love these guys.

    How is it inner city blacks are so disfunctional, and so self destructive in reelecting leaders who want to keep them on a plantation of ignorance, hate and poverty when there are people like this preaching to them?

    In other words, how do sharpton, maxine waters, omar, obama, etc thrive in the face of these preachers?

    Answer: the poisone of swamp/left/islamic media. It must be destroyed by our boycotts.

  2. I’d love to see DeBlasshole’s Jackboots try to break THAT up!!
    Aaaaaannnnnd Jesse (Plastic) Jackson is nowhere to be found these days…

    GHWB nailed me 40 years ago, “A backward Bible thumper!”! He was right 40 years and still is! So what!


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