Who’s the clown?


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  1. That little bastard is so wrapped up being an insulted faggot he forgets what happens in the real world. In a general sense, and this is only my observations, homosexuals are not happy people. Unless of course they are making a big flaming spectacle of themselves or their lifestyle. Pretty sickening.

  2. Some “Sulu” lines (not in any particular order 😉 ):

    I think we ought to give room service another call.
    About a dozen officers and men.
    Four minutes, thirty seconds.
    If, eh, anyone’s interested… 30 seconds.
    San Francisco. [pause] I was born there.
    Why do people have to call inanimate objects ‘she’? Like, um, “she’s a fast ship”.
    I can feel it knitting, sir.
    All power gone, sir.

  3. More “Sulu” lines –
    If I had a son he’d look just fabulous!
    What’s your favorite Judy Garland song?
    Have you seen my gerbil?

    Next time you go to DC make sure you check out Barry’s Home-O-Rama display in the new housing development. It’s the first left turn after you pass the Potomac fairy!

  4. Another “Sulu” line:

    Would you like for me to put some Edith Piaf on the stereo?

    I salute Clarence and Ginny Thomas… national treasures. Thank you for your service, good sir!

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