Who’s Winning the Debate?


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  1. I have a bad attitude about politics tonight, I’m watching the game. I did see Cruz rip the moderators for asking bad questions.

  2. I think it is Ted Cruz go time. I think he’s been letting Trump crush the RINOs and now it’s his time to step up.

    He’s let Trump take care of his light work. Trump/Cruz would be a dream team.

  3. It’s like the congressional hildabeast hearings. The Repubs asked real questions and the dems asked pointless yes/no questions so Hillary could make short campaign speeches.

  4. Daddy Manderin texted me and said Trump OBLITERATED Kasich about his poll numbers. I suspect Jeb! is slaying everybody! sarc/off

  5. Sadly, I’m having to watch the live stream from InfoWars, and since they won’t STFU, I can’t hear much of the debate. What I’ve managed to hear, I’d have to say Ted Cruz is great. Rubio is doing really well. I haven’t heard much from Trump. Bush sounds like a douche and Kasich is a waste of time.

  6. Of course Ted Cruz I have only been saying he is the best candidate since I got on this site. The Cruz Missile has landed!

  7. Christie would be a good Attorney General – not presidential.
    Even Huck made wise choice not to go along with the moral attack on Trump.
    CNBC sucks!

  8. I got here late but Rubio is getting a lot of time and doing really well. I guess the establishment has decided Yeb is just too retarded. Trump and Carson are fighting for time.

  9. Who didn’t win the debate? Carly. Why? Because she asks herself questions. Why can’t I stand people who ask themselves questions to be asked? It doesn’t make for a good debate. Why is it annoying? Because it drives me nuts.

  10. Cruz was a delight. The moderators, particularly the chick, looked at one point like she wanted the hell out of there.

    But you have to love Trump too. His close was very strong, making Harwood look like the douche he is one last time.

    And Kasich will be waking up with cold sweats for years with the way Donald pantsed him.

  11. I would say that Rubio was the winner. He was on fire! No, I am not a Rubio fan, but he was hot! Huck (another one I don’t like) had the best response with his Trump tie. Cruz got the best campaign sound bite for those that didn’t watch, but he used a policy question to say the moderators don’t stick to policy. Actually a brilliant move since CNBC probably had more people in the audience than actual viewers. It took me 2 hours to find a quality pirated website to be able to watch the debate, and that was after I went to the CNBC paysite to actually pay the 30 bucks to see the live thing, but their website was unresponsive! It was the best debate so far. Seems the R’s are finally getting wise to the lefts games and teaming up to call them out.

  12. I didn’t watch the debate. I tortured myself and watched the Mets get destroyed.
    Checking all the polls – Trump leads them all as winner of the debate.

  13. Yeah, me too. I watched the METs get shattered. But I flipped back and forth. Listening to FOX now it seems that the CNBC “moderators” got shat on and booed. Great news.

  14. Would love to see Trump and Cruz debating Shitlery with her running mate.

    The Donald and Ted would absolutely destroy her.

  15. In the immortal image of Martin Bashir re Sarah Palin, I think the moderators should open their mouths

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