Why are California Utility Bills so High?

American Thinker:

Gee, that sounds like a dumb question, right?  After all, what Governor Jerry Brown did as one of his parting reminders is very clear. On September 10, 2018, he signed into law that power production by renewables be increased from the current 29.7% to 50% by 2026; 60% by 2030; and 100% by 2045.  He could not be satisfied that his bullet train to nowhere was actually going nowhere and would cost $77 billion, so he had to come up with some other more radically dumb idea. more

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  1. I paid $4.55 per gallon last Sunday for premium gas. That’s a combination of CA taxes and special requirements that only our refineries can make, with a couple of said refineries having unplanned shutdowns. Ugh.
    Also, when Gray Davis was recalled many years ago and replaced by the Governator, the primary reason was ‘partial deregulation’, which basically says open market but you have to play by our extremely restrictive rules, which creates loopholes that companies like Enron can exploit to drive prices up.
    Yeah, CA has a long history of jacking up utility prices. Oh, and did I mention the penalty-free causers of multibillion dollar brush fires? Guess how that gets paid.

  2. Another reason to never go west of the Rockies, east of the Poconos, or south of the Mason-Dixon.

  3. Same with gas prices. California corrupt politicans support the third world and illegal aliens, it’s citizens be damned.

    ” Don’t go NORTH of the Mason-Dixon “.
    Fixed it for Ya’ll…

  5. I believe CA state gas tax is .45 a gallon. Surprise – State requires remote control thermostats in new construction, including homes, so they can adjust your temperature up or down during rolling brown outs.

    I lived there for a few years. One of my happiest days was seeing it in my rear view mirror.

    Gas in my area of Fl is between 2 and 3 dollars.


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