Why Are Scientists Not Excited By the DoD UFO Video?


You must have seen this video by now, the most compelling evidence of alien spacecraft to date. taken by credible witnesses, all who believe this was not of this world.

So why do scientists not get excited? It’s the scientific method, which can be very frustrating, but admirable at the same time.

24 Comments on Why Are Scientists Not Excited By the DoD UFO Video?

  1. Meh. DOD will tell you whatever you want to hear, just so they can distract or laugh at you while they’re testing their new jets.

  2. I’d like to know why the two scientists who seem to be heading up or the assistant head of their American research groups seem to be foreign. The guy sounds like a Brit and the woman sounds German. I’ll bet they’re in the pay of the Martians. Somebody better call Mulder and Scully.

    Also from the film it seems that the object is in a constant high angle left hand turn for the whole thing which seems a little strange.

  3. I wouldn’t trust any data or videos given to me by the Feds either.

    Only global warming can be confirmed without using the ‘scientific method’.

  4. Okay = I’m a crazy stupid idiot.

    UFO’s are not aliens – they are supernatural beings called demons and left-over fallen angelic beings trying to impose the greatest hoax on mankind ever tried. The forms and actions of most aliens have their descriptions in ancient Hebrew texts (i.e. Seraphic beings were often described as fiery serpents).

    People admit that so-called ufo encounters end when Jesus Christ’s name is invoked in faith and power by a believer. Research it please do not be deceived.

  5. Scientist: Pay me (grant money) and I’ll examine the footage, eyewitness testimony, aeronautic physics, etc., then render an authoritative opinion.

    I think the visitors get caught uncloaked occasionally revealing their hyperadvanced tech. We get a glimpse, that’s it. No way are they going to reveal themselves to us. It would be like Klaatu landing on an island of hungry retarded, stone age cannibals in the Indian Ocean. “I bus a cap off en dat whitey ass, looka here!”

    What would be the point for them.

  6. I can only speak for myself obviously, but it’s now ” IMPOSSIBLE ” for me to disbelieve in UFO’s after the mind blowing ship I saw the year my Daughter was born.
    The Ship was absolutely Enormous, and it opened a small port which Silver liquid metal (?) poured out then turned int’o a smaller ship and flew down and south behind Tijuana (Otay) !

  7. You absolutely never see anything just sitting still in a hud or windscreen of an aircraft in a turn like that unless you are about to hit it.

  8. Its an alien drone, mapping earth as a possible new colony to populate. If the air quality is right, they’ll start arriving next month, by the thousands to spruce the place up and exterminate the all the nasty, two legged critters. HG Wells knew all about them.

  9. The reason that there are no such things as “aliens” visiting us is that simply WE are NOT important enough!!!!!!!!!!!


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