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“Why Are You Running?” 🤣

Twitter Executive Alex Martinez RUNS From James O’Keefe When Asked About Disparaging Elon Musk Comments.

James O’Keefe attempts to give Twitter Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez an opportunity to clarify his comments about Twitter not being profitable because of their ideology. Martinez also made distasteful comments about Musk saying he was predisposed to saying “crazy sh*t” because of “he’s special” due to having Asperger’s. Martinez decided to run away through the streets of NYC instead of explaining his words. Musk would later respond to this video on Twitter.

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  1. Running to get the last tube of KY for the weekend.

    6uild 6ack 6etter Shortages You know…

  2. The world was a lot better place when faggots stayed in the closet or died of aids….

  3. What’s the matter homo boy, can’t take the same shit you progtards inflict upon conservatives? Too fuggin bad asswipe, get used to it.

  4. God BLESS and PROTECT James O’Keefe! The man is fearless and I sure would’ve loved to see him get up on stage. He’s a hero.

  5. The twatter fag reminds me of the character Stewart from Mad TV the way he moves his hands trying to make James go away.
    That was funny video!

  6. Beachmom- LOL!!!
    And his mom was all, “Stewaaaaaaart!” 😂

    Stewart: Noooo! Stooooohhhhp. Look what I can do! *jumps*

  7. “The world was a lot better place when faggots stayed in the closet or died of aids….”

    LOL, what an ass hole. And I totally agree. You can thank Obama for empowering them.

  8. In a strange way I imagine him running thru a fallow field as the Texas feral hog killers in helos gun ‘Em down with ar-15’s.See utube for vids. They even have feral hog killing helo runs for tourist.

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