Why Biden shouldn’t run, and won’t


Is there a groundswell of grassroots support for Biden announcing his candidacy? No. There is no grassroots movement of any size, scope or magnitude that yearns for him to run, volunteers to work for him, or makes large numbers of small donations to draft him.

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  1. “Like so many Americans, I share an enormous respect, admiration and affection for Joe Biden.”

    Obviously a guest columnist for The Hill. He makes good points though, primarily that Biden’s running would be a Leftist attack on their supposed candidate of destiny.

  2. The only thing in that article that rings true to me is

    “Anything can happen in national politics, and if Armageddon strikes the Clinton campaign — which, again, I believe is highly unlikely — Biden should remain above the fray and be available if needed.”

    So, it’s merely a matter of TIMING.

  3. Biden/Warren or would it be Warren/Biden?

    Either way, that ticket would suck up all of Hilda’s supporters along with Bernie’s.

  4. The writer is a leftist douchbag that has been correct about as often as Biden was right about foreign policy.

    Accordingly, expect Biden to announce any day now.

    And calling what Hillary has done as merely needing to overcome some challenges is like saying all Hitler needed to do was hang PizzaHut signs over the crematoriums.

  5. Budowsky was obviously on his knees with an unzipped pair of men’s trousers in front of him when he wrote this article.

  6. I’ve been hashing this over for a while now, and I am pretty well convinced that it is only a matter of time before the FBI announces they have grounds for criminal investigations for multiple violations of the Espionage Act against Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, David Kendall and especially Sidney Blumenthal and anyone who is employed or affiliated with them in any way.

    Next, I expect the Judge that is hearing at least 2 FOIA requests concerning the Hildebeest’s State Department E-mails to start holding individuals in direct Contempt of Court over the whole who-has-the-e-mails cases.

    Regardless of how badly the DNC and their friends in the media want to pretend that they are in control and that none of this really matters, I think the Obama Just-Us Department will not in any way impede either the appointment of a Special Prosecutor or the calling of former Clinton associates to testify in front of a Federal Grand Jury in order to seek formal, multiple count indictments based on multiple violations of several provisions of the Espionage Act. There are potentially hundreds if not thousands of possible counts against everyone who had access to the server and the classified material, illegal copies of that material, as well as illegally transferring that data on unsecured equipment, to the custody of uncleared personnel, and storing that data in a completely unsecured facility.

    I still believe the FBI is capable of conducting a thorough investigation if they are not impeded from doing so as a matter of Justice Department policy. I see no reason for this Administration to do any favors for the Hildebeest, because Obama never had much use for the Clintons in the first place. The fact she was using Sidney Blumenthal as a secret adviser in direct defiance of the White House is one very good reason (among many) for the Administration to tell the Hildebeest AMF, YOYO.

    Obama gave Hillary enough rope with which she cheerfully has hung herself. She was the sitting SecState who allowed the biggest breach of State Department communications security ever. This cannot and will not go un-punished. Obama has big plans for his post-presidency, and he is not about to sacrifice his entire legacy by pardoning the Hildebeest, or protecting her from prosecution in any way. She is about to become pure political Kryptonite that will kill any political career in range.

    But her single biggest accomplishment, the one thing Hillary has done that no other Democrat in the last fifty years has been able to do…and that is make Joe Biden look like a good candidate for President.

    This is going to be epic.

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