Why California Border Patrol Agents Unlocked the Fence For 3 Minutes



Hug it out.

That’s why Cali Border Patrol Agents unlocked the fence for three minutes….

A single gate was opened so separated families could reunite and embrace.

It’s an annual event called the “Door of Hope,” where agents allow six or so families to be temporarily reunited.

The event highlights the importance of entering countries the LEGAL way so that all family members can stay in close touch.

Breaking the law is never the answer.

Had these people followed immigration law and respected the United States, they’d all be together today.

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8 Comments on Why California Border Patrol Agents Unlocked the Fence For 3 Minutes

  1. A big beautiful Legal door…

    Dec 17, 2015 – 2 min – Uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Hey Jimmy, there is an Oscar worthy picture of you and Matt and a baby apple core key floating around.
    IOTW first when space-time materialization cycles sync

  2. If they were all deported to Mexico, they would be together right now.

    It’s the right thing to do.

    Then they could work together to make Mexico into something that sucks less.

  3. Phuck that feel good no news article. They’d
    all be in the US if they had filled out the paperwork.

  4. When our distant relations want to see each other, we get in a plane, train or automobile and fly, chug, or drive to whichever country we need to. Of course we have to get any appropriate visas and pay for the expenses. What’s different, here?

    (and no one takes a picture of us hugging)

  5. Why didn’t they scoot thru that beautiful open door and permanently reunite with their family in Mexico? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. But a Secret Service diversity hire gets a “lateral transfer” for an off-the-clock announcement that xhe’s not interested in taking a bullet standing in front of the patriarchy she was hired to destroy?

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