Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns

Rep. Ilhan Omar needs competent immigration counsel to ensure that there is no threat of her losing her citizenship, or, worse, deportation.

Yeah, deportation. That would be a shame, eh?

24 Comments on Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns

  1. Yeah, they’re going to deport a Muslim Woman of Color.


    Right after they outlaw homosexuality, arrest Hillary Clinton as a serial murderer, hang Obama for treason, admit Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been dead for two years and finally bury the anamatronic they stretched her leathery old skin over, and apologize to President Trump for 3 years of harrasment by granting him a full free term by acclaim to make up for it…

  2. I would gladly make a trip to whatever airport to wave her sorry ass goodbye. (Due to arthritic conditions which may flare up I may have trouble getting my digits to comply but I will struggle and guarantee I’ll get one of them to function)

  3. Somalians are some of the lowest IQ
    Dumb $hitz on the planet.We don’t frickin’
    need ‘Em…

  4. ~ apologies to Ritchie Valens

    Ooh, Ilhan, ooh, Omar
    Ooh, Ilhan, ooh, Omar

    There was a girl, Omar was her name
    At least that’s what she claimed
    Now she’s whining that Donald Trump is to blame

    ‘Cause her brother loved that girl, Omar
    She already had the same last name
    Where can she flee?
    Back home to her third-world country?

    You’re getting locked up or deported
    I’m left here all alone
    All by myself, to jihad all alone

    (rinse & repeat … make up an appropriate ‘Oooo Wah’ chorus)

  5. (RGB’s endoskeletal Anamatronic is a repurposed Daisy Duck with the beak, feet, and tail removed, if you’re wondering. Her skin was already leathery when she died, so it was an easy stretch. The times she appears to be “asleep” are really times when her battery discharges prematurely, and two of her “law clerks” are actually Fungeneers that had been buried in NDAs before given the job of making her seem semi-lifelike…)



  6. Supernightshade: Yeah, they’re going to deport a Muslim Woman of Color.

    First, PDJT would do it. Second, people HATE omar: she’s a filthy Jew-hater and an America hater.

    Ignoring the howling of the left as this POS is put on a boat or whatever, would be very entertaining.

  7. I could see her going back to England. That was the 2nd stop in her family’s criminal enterprise before she got to the US.

    Do you think her ‘white demon’ boyfriend would go with? He’s hiding her money.

  8. Sure another left leaning politician above the law. This will be buried deep in mire of Washington.

  9. Wanna bet nothing happens to this worthless disgusting hateful bitch?
    – that would be racist and Islamophobic.

  10. Anonymous
    JANUARY 22, 2020 AT 9:21 PM
    “Supernightshade: Yeah, they’re going to deport a Muslim Woman of Color.

    First, PDJT would do it…”

    …but that would be an impeachable offense.

    Know how I know?

    …because EVERYTHING’S an impeachable offense…


  11. It would take deporting her entire district to accomplish anything meaningful.

    Otherwise you just knock off one and replace her with another that is the same (or worse).

    They’re all enemies of America, she’s just the one they selected to be their advocate in Congress.

  12. The bigger problem is that in Minneapolis there is a constituency of America-Haters that will elect someone just like her.

  13. She’s most likely history and will probably run to Canada or France. Trudy or Micro would welcome Omar with open arms. No doubt another jihadi in her district may replace her.

    Tell you what, her deportation or just the possibility could freak out the rest of her Jew-hating “community”. Sure they constantly whine about racism, but President Trump might have legal precedence to overturn Barry’s sanctuary for Somali refugees based on their terrorist backgrounds. Who knows, this might be in the works right now.

  14. I refuse to get my hopes up. Same with Hillary, Bill, Waters, and in my case several piece of shit Canadian politicians.

  15. Jesus Lord, I’d get in more trouble for fishing without a license in my Commie state of Connecticut than she will for breaking immigration laws and committing purger.
    No one is above the law, unless they are a Democrat or from a protected class.


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