Why Democrats Don’t Care About Crime

By Paul Krause

American cities are reeling from increased crime ranging from burglary and arson to murder. Americans, rightly, are concerned — except for Democrat officials. San Francisco, a bastion of progressive stupidity, is among the hardest-hit cities — yet the San Francisco lunatics who run the city claim anyone concerned with rising crime is a white supremacist. This is common among the Democrat intelligentsia and leadership.

To understand why Democrats don’t care about crime, we must turn to two prophets of the new anti-American ideology. Antonio Gramsci and Michel Foucault are essential to understand to enter the deluded mind of the modern progressive and why they are happy to let American cities burn rather than confront crime and stop the desecration of America’s once iconic cities.

Antonio Gramsci authored his famous treatise while imprisoned in Italy under Mussolini’s government. Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks offered an explanation for why the proletariat revolution failed in the West and laid out a new roadmap for revolutionary success in the future. According to Gramsci, the revolution failed by the revolutionaries didn’t have cultural-institutional power.

Gramsci’s thesis is called “cultural hegemony.” The idea, in a nutshell, is that cultural values and consciousness emanate and are reinforced by societal institutions. Business, media, religion, courts of law — all institutions controlled by the patriotic bourgeoisie prevent the underclass and exploited people from ever learning of their oppression. The task, then, of the radical is to seize control of the institutions in order to propagate the revolutionary ideology. This reached fruition beginning in the late 1960s with student radicals influenced by Gramsci eventually growing up and taking positions throughout American institutions.

Michel Foucault, a pederast who abused young boys in Tunisia, is considered among the most important thinkers of postmodernism. Whatever that term means is not important to us here since it means many things to many people. more

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  1. HL Mencken once said,”The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”

    An authoritarian government, like what we have right now, needs to keep the people cowed, fearful and compliant. With the lock down and mask mandates they learned how far they can go wrt suspending liberties. Out of control crime is a useful tool in supplicating the populace.

    There is no going back from this.

  2. I thought leftists would go wild and rampage in big cities this summer. Guess i was wrong about that….so far.

    but still the murder rate is going through the roof and they walk in stores calmly and walk out with bundles of clothes they steal. but that was not what i was thinking of when i made my forecast.

  3. Without the article’s unnecessary commentary, the reason “why” is very simple: Democrats and other organized racketeering syndicates view crime as being highly profitable for them which is the main reason why they often urge and promote violent crime and destruction and even advertise for and pay amateurs to engage in such crimes.

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