Why did BLM protest and then trespass into a church?

Because the members previously spoke out about rioters and so BLM came to town to throw a fit. They should have gone to a Planned Parenthood, if they were serious about black lives. But we all know they aren’t.

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  1. “Why did BLM protest and then trespass into a church?”

    why not? who is going to stop them?

    hell every company is jumping on the support blm band wagon and giving donations to them which end up in the democrat campaign coffers.

    funny because the democrats are the ones who created all the systemic racism the blm is supposedly against.

    some real cognitive dissonance there boys.

  2. C’mon aliens, wouldn’t it be funny if all the little green bug eyed men and monsters from outer space all show up wearing MAGA hats and TRUMP 2020 T shirts. Maybe it’s time to play an endless loop of Slim Whitman’s music and watch all the progtards heads explode into green slime. Better yet Daleks and Cybermen and Weeping Angels etc. who hate progressives show up. EXTERMINATE! And Marvin The Martian for comic relief.

  3. The Hodge Twins produce a lot of content on their youtube channel. Always entertaining and informative.

  4. Communists always attack and invade churches.
    No Communist country ever let the churches alone.
    God is the biggest threat to their evil.


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