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Why do I have to go to an African YouTube channel to see this?

American Thinker:

By L.E. Ikenga

I was about to turn in a few nights ago when I saw the video embedded below on my favorite Igbo YouTube channel, UGWUMBA.  They’re an African production company that features a variety of cultural entertainments, mainly short cultural documentaries about the authentic traditions of various Igbo societies.  The people who run this company are a rare breed on so many levels, and like many American patriots, they too have critical questions about the pandemic — especially what is really behind the lockdowns, at least in Nigeria.  This is why they must have posted the video.

The video features a physician who practices in Dallas, Texas talking about what she had been doing for her COVID-19 patients, not long after the outbreak.  Needless to say, she gives the president a lot of credit for helping to cure her patients.  Her name is Dr. Ivette Lozano.  Her 13-minute speech at an “Open Texas!” rally was infuriating to watch and listen to.

Among other things, I was completely shocked to hear that Trump Derangement Syndrome has now completely seized the mental faculties of local everyday drugstore pharmacists.  According to her, some of them outright refused to fill prescriptions for the drug whose name shall not be mentioned unless they were told what it was being prescribed for! more here

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  1. Anyone watched msNPC most recently?

    It’s close, folks.
    It may happen.
    Live on Air.

    Just DO IT JOE!
    Do it, and quick.

    (PS: Don’t forget Home Alone Willy)

  2. My local pharmacy STILL has NUMBERED barricades in front of it. They call you when your script is ready and instruct you on which number to park at. The cashier, masked and gloved comes out takes your payment (Unless you paid online) and checks ID then comes back out with the script. Meanwhile there’s none of this at Walmart’s pharmacy.

  3. They want conservatives dead and they have blood on their hands. They are the dregs of humanity. They are unfit for this planet.

    Not only that, but a lot of people want to know if psycho Joe Scarborough is guilty of even older crimes than the current scamdemic.

  4. My Constitution said I was FREE long ago. Therefore, I don’t wear a mask. I do give a big beautiful smile to every fool who still won’t claim their freedom.

  5. It was and is a test to see how easily
    or not the sheeple would COMPLY.

  6. The media is in lockstep with the Dims to hype the virus and deride all effective treatments. If a pharmacy refuses to fill a prescription from a licensed doctor without good cause then the patient should file a complaint with the state board.

  7. Great video. BUT. I wish she had mentioned the ZINC. Hydroxychloroquine facilitates the zinc through the cell walls, which is what nabs the virus (and that’s the protocol Trump used). The antibiotic is what is optional.

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