Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy?

Kurt Schlichter/Townhall: All major liberal policy positions have one thing in common – normal people like you are always supposed to pick up the checks liberals write when running their mouths about caring and kindness. Some of these are annoying, like how the answer to the looming crisis of it maybe being slightly hotter in 100 years (or colder – it doesn’t matter) is that you ditch your SUV and ride on a bus where and when they tell you like a sucker. Some of these are expensive. Have you ever heard a liberal say, “Gosh, maybe instead of taxing hardworking people’s earnings to pay for countless giveaway programs, perhaps we should insist that these Dem-voting freeloaders, chiselers, and layabouts pull their own weight?”

And some of these require that you die to please liberals. Except, thankfully, militant Normals are getting tired of liberals demanding they give up their livelihoods and lives to make people who hate them happy.

Look at guns. Normals like guns. They like having them. They like shooting them. And they especially like how their having guns can prevent criminals and tyrants from murdering them. Except, liberals don’t like guns. They don’t like us having them. They don’t like us shooting them. And they don’t like us having guns to prevent criminals and tyrants from murdering us.

Now, this is where our liberal pals stop whining about STORMY COLLUSION EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE LOGAN ACT WAIT NOT LOGAN ACT BECAUSE KERRY VIOLATED IT MUELLER STORMY YEAH STORMY for a moment and start whining that they don’t really want us to be the victims of as-yet unpardoned felons/Democrat voters. But it is reasonable to assume that one intends the reasonably foreseeable consequences of one’s preferred policies, and the reasonably foreseeable consequence of Normals being unable to defend themselves is Normals getting robbed, raped, and/or murdered.

Which is a risk liberals are happy to take.


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  1. Kurt, ask a liberal if they have ever taken public transportation in Boston. If they say they have, ask them if they have taken the Orange Line on the T. I have used the T before many times. The only time I took the Orange line, I saw so much horror that I never took it again. If a lib says they have, scream at them and accuse them of lying! Make sure you make the point that the Orange line is so bad that it is worth it to raise the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere to ensure your own safety. If they say they don’t believe you or accuse you of lying, tell them to accompany you on it. Believe me, if they are from Boston, thye will not go on it at all.

  2. As Ayn Rand once said – – It’s not REAL altruism unless you give up a higher value for a lower one proving that altruism as a “virtue” is pure CRAP.

  3. Honest answer
    Liberals have hated America, hence hate conservatives, for 70 years. they want us to die. If we kill ourselves it makes their jobs easy. If we refuse to roll over and die , it makes hard work for them.

    70 years ago out West the Birch Society had billboards up all over Cal – “When guns are outlawed …. only outlaws will have guns!”. Has been true since Cain + Abel; will always be true!
    No one will be a “Huckleberry!”!

  4. If someone is stupid enough to enslave himself to your perverted world-view, why should you disabuse him?

    The “rational” people bob their heads and pull out their wallets. Everything – EVERY-FUKKIN-THING – the nihilistic totalitarians have done over the past 100 (or so) years has been done with the tacit consent of the fools financing their imbecilities. They operated within our Constitutional framework (except for their continual misrepresentations and outright lies) and watched while we fettered ourselves to their fantasies.

    WE are the coconut heads in this story!

    izlamo delenda est …


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