Why Do So Many White Women Hate Themselves?

Federalist: Some might find it odd that so many seemingly middle-class, young, white women are taking up street theater with a vengeance. We’ve seen the woke white woman spitting harangues into the faces of police officers, including black officers, trying to lecture and shame them into obedience.

We saw many of them acting up in the “autonomous zone” of CHAZ or CHOP in Seattle, condescendingly guarding a “blacks only” area. We’ve also seen these women physically attacking those they deem the enemy, including a Democrat state legislator in Wisconsin. A 29-year-old white woman was arrested for setting fire to the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta after the police altercation and shooting there last month. Another was filmed setting fire to police cars. The list goes on.

Some observers see all of this as a contradiction. Since the “woke white woman” tends to be college-educated, many think she must be smart. Since she comes from a middle- or even upper-class suburban background, people assume she must be emotionally stable. Because she is socially aware, she must be interested in trying to understand people as individual human beings. How is it that such a woman can so easily become an arsonist, a terrorist, a mobster, and a taunter of black police officers?

She shows none of the positive traits expected of her. Her commitment to identity politics demands she reject people as unique human beings. Since she insists racism is “systemic,” she is forever guilty and therefore cannot be emotionally stable. In her obedience to the coercive thought reform of the education establishment, she has surrendered the right to think independently. more here

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  1. “Why Do So Many Liberal White Women Hate Themselves?”

    Mrs Bad demanded I recommend a new title.

  2. Because corporate America has kissed their asses for a hundred years and they got used to it!

    I know, Now I’m fucked!

  3. The younger generation of women have turned into garbage. They are un-datable let alone marriage material. They get angry when men don’t even look at them anymore. They are reaching the realm of black women as intolerable to be around.

  4. These desperate women are pretty much out of options for a decent man. Hanging with lowlife black men and white-trash white men is the only way to get laid. These liberal women (multi-generation welfare, insecure, slobby white-trash skanky bitches, lazy, lime-green stretch-pant wearing, cum dumpsters) are so desperate to have a man beside them that it really doesn’t matter who, what, when, where or why. The only use the fugly men have for the American flag is to toss over these ugly broads so they can screw them without gagging. (Did I miss anything?)

  5. When you have the likes of paris hilton and kim karsashian who becomw rich and famous for doing porn while rich and famous, everyone wants their 15 minutes, even as a maoist killer.

  6. Kali: I think their are plenty of marriageable men — just none that will have anything to do with those women.

  7. Wait till these womwen start hearing the bio clock ticking…

    They’ll have artificial insemination and raise even worse monsters.

  8. There are still lots of good ladies in America. You have to ignore the nasties, sluts, and lesbians, or you’ll go nuts.

  9. And if you think about it, and I’m not passing on my normally right wing, chauvinistic attitude, well maybe I am, it’s usually tattooed, pierced, fat white lesbians, that hate themselves. They thing is, they get tattoos, they get piercings and they can’t get a boyfriend because they are so fucked up. What were we talking about?….. I can’t keep track of all the shit that has me pissed off.

  10. A sales manager that I once had Al Petrino, who imported an Italian nun to be his wife and she was 20 years younger, would say…..”They just need a good stiff prick”….

    Herman Mapelli and Al both imported younger nuns from Italy….Who knew there was a market?….

  11. Haven’t Liberal women always disliked themselves? And the predominance of white women just reflects racial ratios in our population.

    As far as their boldness, I credit social media. They’ve been given a license to be motor-mouth critics of everything.

  12. I’m so stumped by 40’s-50’s yo well off white women (who’ve worked hard for their families and careers) that have jumped on board with BLM. Full throated lectures on Facebook-every finger wagging meme they could find. Relentless.

    They have kids in college. Others have kids 8-12 yo. They all have boys too. Don’t they realize they are advocating for the destruction of their kids future!?! I just don’t get!!! Wake up! 😫

  13. They have been inculcated with a sense of envy being a virtue and not the sin it is. Envy eats away beauty from the inside out. There is nothing more destructive and the Democrats use it to advance their political agenda.

  14. thanks, BB. My thought too. Always question the premise.

    My speculation: Young(er) women want to think they are independent and “just like men”. Female independence in our culture has been elevated to its nonsensical apex. First of all, no one is completely independent from society. “No (wo)man is an island, entire of itself.”

    The feminazis who perpetrated this hoax on our nation’s girls, have convinced them that independence means you live alone, have all your own pursuits to the exclusion of following anyone else (including men). It’s also an assault on the the church. How many households of couples and families do you know, today, in which the man is still considered the head of the household? Almost none.

    At the same time our girls have been elevated to their ridiculous, lonely mountain top, all the same bad actors have waged a war against men. I remember about 15 years ago in a gift shop at a beachside town in Oregon. One of the most popular phrases was “Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them”. It was printed on everything, from little signs to cocktail napkins to little pink baby bibs and tee shirts.

    Today we’re seeing the harvest this sowed evil. Girls who believe they can say and do anything and are untouchable along with boys who think their highest calling is to hold the girls’ designer backpack and bring the water and snacks as their support mule. Everyone still thinks boys join this stuff in order to get laid, but let’s get serious. Boys have low T and after a while many of them just start identifying as girls in their skinny jeans, hair product and designer bags.

  15. They need to have a man who will open the door and stand when they enter a room, but they have been brainwashed into thinking that that behavior is the patriarchy oppressing them.
    They are totally f**ked up, and they are pissed. Factor in PMS without effective sanitary products and voila, nasty bitches who will never have a satisfactory relationship.
    I’m glad I escaped the indoctrination classes!

  16. Kali Refugee is correct … now that they’ve intentionally decreased the eligible male population & berated the rest to flee by divorce or panic of waking up & chewing their arms off (oh, the freedom & enlightenment!), there’s no one else to attack & blame for their self-inflicted miserableness

    I thank God that I got one that had too much common sense to glom on to this horse crap

  17. On one hand, women have been taught that all of the natural, Godly concepts of womanhood…wife, mother, caregiver…are oppressive and make them slaves when they SHOULD all instead have a job as a powerful lawyer or a potent CEO instead, things that are not conducive to “wife” and “mother”. Yes, you can do it ALL, my own mother did back before Gloria Steinem made it mandatory, but it’s pretty exhausting. Also too, my mother came from a generation of delayed gratification, so she didn’t EXPECT results until after YEARS of hard work (boy, does thar describe ME, she put in years of hard work before I was useful to anyone, but I digress…), but TODAY’S internet generation is Veruca Salt, they want it NOW. This leads to a LOT of frustration.

    Second, Democrats have worked very, very hard to denigrate what “woman” is. They claim it is nothing more than easily attached parts, makeup, and an act. Democrats want us to believe that men and women are interchangable, and so the physically weaker woman brings nothing special to the party, that she can be replaced by an arragement with a surrogate or even a deraged male with a sewn-in uteres whenever the preferred gay couple wamts a family, that love is of no value and caring is somehow sexist.

    Third, specific to White women, the last SEVERAL generations … I saw the start of it in MY high school days, and that was a WHILE ago…have been taught that they are racist if they aren’t sexually available to Black men, and are pressured to have a public relationship with one and have sex just to prove they aren’t racist. This does not endear them to the Black girls, and usually leaves them caring alone for a brownish child with half-brothers and sisters all over town.

    Fourth, as has already been mentioned, even if she WANTS a relationship with a White boy, White boys have been treated like absolute SHIT by the various feminist movements, required to strip off their masculinity lest they give in to their “inherent rapist impulses”, forced to watch as Black boys are allowed to remain ACTUAL males and dominate in sports because “it’s their culture” and handed degrees while the White boys are sometimes threatened with violence if they dare try to join the basketball team “because that’s OUR (Black) sport, and are constantly fed messages about how evil they are for their skin color and should be ashamed to be White. This doesn’t make for great dating material. And even if she PREFERS Black boys, White girls are at best tolerated in the Black community but NEVER accepted as PART of it, regardless of how many children they give to it. Simply put, they can’t date White and can’t BE Black.

    Fifth, White girls have all the body image problems Hollywood has seen fit to teach them, without the releif valve Black girls have of cultural normative acceptance. We are constantly bombarded with different ideals of feminine beauty between the races, with White girls being held to standards going back to the Achaean wars on Troy while we are told it’s racist to apply ckassic beauty standards to Black women and that even guys like “Michelle” Obama MUST be treated as desirable or you’re a racist. Doesn’t make for a very level playing field.

    ..there’s a lot more that could be said, but considering all the messages that White women get about how ugly they are, how they fall far short of feminist expectations, how they are valuable only as fucktoys for Black boys, and how easily they can be replaced by a dude with s boob job, I’m franky surprised they don’t have an incredible suicide rate.

  18. I’ve been amazed at how many women are yelling non-stop at everyone, everywhere. Now, all it takes to trigger them is to quietly and thoughtfully disagree which used to work with people to calm them down. Maybe they’re copying the males they see on all the social media videos who are known to raise their voices when arguing. For lack of a better phrase, it’s like they’re ’emotionally bankrupt.’

  19. I feel so bad for my 23yr old son who want’s a traditional marriage and children.
    Living here in Chicagoland amongst the WOKE SJW women here?
    Maybe he needs to go down south, but these women are all over!

  20. It’s simple, these vicious pampered hags know that conservative males tend to be gentlemen and they can get away with the insults and violence without any repercussions. If they tried this kinda crap with the scum they’re advocating for, a beating or worse would soon ensue.

  21. It’s because they’re fat and ugly.

    Spin it however you want….it’s because they’re fat and uggo.

  22. @Chicago Deplorable — My best advice on this is to encourage your son to join an evangelical church that is solidly grounded in Biblical teaching (none of this crazy Leftist interpretation of it). There he will find a real woman who has her priorities straight. He’ll also need to know that she is looking for a Godly man who understands the relationship between a husband and wife as described in the Bible. A Christian woman is not a pushover. It’s all in there.

  23. Chicago Deplorable
    JULY 9, 2020 AT 11:14 PM

    “Maybe he needs to go down south…”

    …If MORE guys would do THAT on these gals, maybe they WOULDN’T be all over, just sayin’…

  24. Marxism + public schools + feminism + social media + can’t compete in the high tech marketplace + COVID shutdown and loss of jobs + copying other’s behavior + drugs (Mr. Anth Ropy) + bad diet resulting in metabolic disease (Aaron – “fat”) + ugliness from bad genetics (Aaron – “ugly”) + hanging out with paid Antifa and BLM chicks…

    = being at the end of their rope for these young women

  25. @AA ~ one of my brother-in-laws was heavily into drugs & dealing. his ex actually ended up on ‘Cops’ trying to peddle sex for drugs, while dragging her child (not his) w/ her … very tragic

    anyway, he moved ‘down South’, found he couldn’t find any ‘decent’ women. so he started going to local churches to see what they offered in the way of salvation … he finally settled on one, joined the Masons & found a wonderful soulmate & raised 5 boys from her & adopted 2 more kids … they now have a wonderful family w/ 10 grandkids (according to my last count)

    ‘Duck Dynasty’ ain’t got nothing on these folks

  26. If this isn’t a Southernism, it should be, “Educated beyond her intelligence.”

  27. “Why Do So Many White Women Hate Themselves?”

    We hate so many of them, too.

    FINALLY: something we agree on with them!

  28. Did you hear the end of Rush’s show today? A fed up Dad called in to talk about his college age daughter who he was “divorcing” because she’s chucked it all to be an AntiFA medic after he and his wife did all they could to provide for her. He blamed social media and college. I hope he calls back. It was beyond sad how he spoke of what he was dealing with.

  29. @Molon — That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Such a wonderful testimony.

    I posted a #WalkAway story here last week about a former Progressive/Commie Bernie supporter whose entire life changed after she and her husband began actually listening to what conservatives were saying. It all started because they voted for Trump out of spite against the DNC.

    She wrote about how her mind was changed to embrace self-sufficiency; she returned to school and pursued a nursing career at the same time she got saved in Christ. Both her and her husband’s life have completely turned around and she couldn’t be happier.

  30. Illustr8r
    I heard that same thing today from a Metal Sales guy I’ve known since I was young and pretty. His daughter left with the conservative values he instilled in her and returned on a visit this week pissed because he won’t say black lives splatter. Their using some advanced psycho shit on these kids. Somethings up. Look at the turn out they’re getting.

  31. BB — “Look at the turn out they’re getting.”

    I don’t know. If you look real close at the turn out, you’ll see a lot of sideshow freaks; blue hair, tats, obesity, drug addicts. The same sad lot you see at all the alternative festivals. Very few what you’d call normal looking people. Look at the arrest photos: dead eyes, defiant glares, very strange looking people. I don’t see the mainstream of American youth present in huge numbers.

    My thoughts are that a lot of these pampered kids will get involved from the fringes but the hard core of antifa is probably even too scary for them.

  32. Illustr8r, by coincidence that’s the only 10 minutes of radio I heard today. That poor guy’s wellbeing has been destroyed by his daughter. It’s hard not to feel sorry for him. Both my sons went to trade school and I can’t tell you how happy I am for that. Did you happen to catch Mike Rowe on Tucker Carlson? Mike Rowe is one hell of a smart, common sense, guy!

  33. They hated men ‘oogling’ them, then they despised men treating them like equals then….

    Well, there just ain’t no way to please them because they’ve been taught to hate masculinity and all it portrays.

  34. AA
    ANTIFABLM are highly organized. And you are right, some are just there for the party. But when you consider the number of cities they are currently active in, and the numbers they generate, it’s alarming. Interestingly enough I couldn’t get my buddy to think maybe it’s the school. Might have something to do with the out of state tuition he’s paying. But this will not end well.

  35. BB — Agreed. These orgs are organized, and they don’t seem to be running out of steam despite the widespread arrests and focus by various inter-agency forces. At bottom I think the majority of them are certifiable. What kind of person thinks their day job is national anarchy? Psychos, that’s what.

    Mentally ill people are very easy to lead. Just tell them something that stokes their paranoia and voila!

    I’m betting some of these guys joined antifa after beating the Dark Emperor in Super Smash Bros. lol!

  36. I got fed up with new age, modern women while dating after my divorce. I used to be that guy who tried to please every woman because I thought it was simply being respectful. I was unnecessarily bulldozed by those women just so they could show they were strong, when it actually showed weakness and lack of character. I found myself simply walking away from those women when they pulled that crap. One day, I realized there were women in the world who had never heard of Oprah Winfree and sought them out. My wife was raised in the USSR and knows how hard life can be, especially when you make things worse for yourself playing stupid games. Overall, I find Russian women to be more serious, level headed, loyal, family oriented and hard working than today’s American women. When I met her, she had never heard of Oprah. She thinks American women her age (mid 50’s) are spoiled, immature brats.

  37. AA
    Today on Rush he was telling the story of a Trump advisor that was being threatened by some damn Psych. He threatened to kill her, set her on fire, and rape her corpse. While it’s on fire I guess. Anyway they tracked this clown down to some university, and the university won’t fire him. The deck is stacked. And they’re not even trying to hide this crap anymore.

  38. BB –I’m glad I wasn’t listening to his show today! Gah!!

    I have been listening lately to Lance Wallnau. Check out his YT channel — while it’s still there.

  39. I’m quite sad for today’s “modern” women. Imagine not enjoying the lyrics to a classical musical like “My Fair Lady” or “Gigi” without filtering it through your Marxist-washed brain?!

    “Someone’s head restin’ on my knee
    Warm and tender as he can be
    Who takes good care of me
    Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly
    Loverly, loverly, loverly”


    “Thank heaven for little girls
    Thank heaven for them all
    No matter where,
    No matter who
    Without them
    What would little boys do
    Thank heaven
    Thank heaven
    Thank heaven for little girls.”

    Everything the Left touches they destroy.

  40. 60 years of womens lib. Result? Unmitigated misery.

    hahahahahahah heheheheheeeheeheheh……snort…..


    All they’ve learned is how to hate themselves.

    That’s a damn good joke.

  41. @ Bad Brad: “Libertard women hate themselves because they have no self worth. It’s just that simple.” I mostly agree. It’s not that they don’t have self-worth, but could if they wanted to. I think it’s because they’ve been told that they actually have no worth to society. College tells them they are oppressed by the patriarchy, etc. They constantly get barraged by the liberal echo chamber that they aren’t worth anything. And in an odd way it is self-fulfilling. They become worthless. A woke-scold screech that nobody cares about. Combine that with godless nihilism, and all this is is a way to try and find meaning and purpose in a life that is empty, shallow, and they instinctively know is pointless.

  42. Illustr8r
    JULY 9, 2020 AT 11:50 PM
    “…A fed up Dad called in to talk about his college age daughter who he was “divorcing” because she’s chucked it all to be an AntiFA medic …”

    …and here’s THIS crap again.

    WTF is an Antifa “medic”?

    EVERY STATE has a licensing procedure for ACTUAL medics, be they BLS, ALS, Paramedic, whatever, and there’s also a National Registry. In order to qualify for ANY of these, you have to have VERIFIABLE training, hospital time, Continuing Education Credits, test out sucesssfully, and keep up with the bounds of an accredited agency or medical facility. I do not know about the military process, but I am quite sure it is even MORE arduous, AND that this woman hasn’t been any closer to a military base than maybe half-watching a M*A*S*H episode, if that. You do NOT simply slap on a Star of Life decal and say “I’m a medic” any more than draping a white coat over you makes you a doctor, it’s impersonation, misrepresentation, and practicing without a license either way. Even if she has some kind of college-level training, like if she’s in a nursing program or some such, that doesn’t make her a nurse any more than me signing up for a home Private Investigator course would make me a Police Officer.

    At best, she’s operating as a Good Samaritan, but Good Samaritan legal protections only attain if you’re acting in good faith in an emergency and seek a higher level of care as quickly as possible. If you are holding yourself out as a medical professional without the training and credentials to back it up for the purpose of instilling a false confidence in rioters that they will recieve high-level medical care when they inevitably become injured in the course of their illegal activities, then the law NEEDS to land on your ass with BOTH feet for unlicensed practice AND inciting riots as your misrepresented presense may cause some who otherwise wouldn’t participate to do so, which is why Antifa plays this pretend game in the FIRST place.

    Also, whatever game these folks are playing, Antifa “medic” encampments are NOT hospitals, have NONE of the medicines, test facilities, treatment options, machines, telemetry, established practices, access to other facilities and specialists, surgical capabiities, hygiene, etc., of a hospital, and are NOT suitable as definitive care or long-term care facilities. Pretending like they ARE is the grossest sort of malpractice even if this woman and her ilk DO have basic medic training. Even an ambulance is not a hospital room.

    I wore the Star for many years, but never made any false claims to it when I finally took my badge off to go raise a family instead. I have since been in situations time and again when I had to recall those skills, but since I let my license lapse (not too many CEUs with robots) I have NOT claimed to be anything but a civilian Good Sam when doing so. I’ve since EARNED my Star back as an Industrial First Responder (MUCH more limited in scope and training) and learned some stuff about AEDs that we didn’t have in MY day, but not THEN, and not NOW, would I EVER consider myself as more than a bridge into the full medical system. These idiots out playing doctor when real-life assaults, shootings, stabbings, knifings, and rapes, as well as “ordinary” medical emergencies like diabetic crises, broken limbs, bad cuts, electrocutions, poisonings, falls, overdoses, etc. going on all around them that THEY are helping to FOSTER just disgust me to no end, and my dearest wish is that she gets curb-stomped during an arrest, put in prision with “Fisty” McDyke, gets internal bleeding from one of Fisty’s intimacy sessions, then ends up in the prison infirmary under the loving care of former comrades of hers.

    Fuck Antifa “medics”. Fuck them to tears.

    Then fuck them to death.

    Those assholes are NOT healers, but I bet they’re SQUEALERS…


  43. @SuperNightShade From what I can gather reading the Seattle protest threads on Twitter a “medic” is there to flush your eyes out if you get tear gassed, bandage your head if you get clipped by a falling statue or gathers you up and transports you to the nearest trauma center if you’ve been shot-before the police can arrest either of you or even get a statement. You just need revolution in your heart-no degree is needed.

  44. Since the “woke white woman” tends to be college-educated, many think she must be smart.

    Reaper, deliver us from boomers.

    Since she comes from a middle- or even upper-class suburban background, people assume she must be emotionally stable.

    Reaper, deliver us from boomers.

    Because she is socially aware, she must be interested in trying to understand people as individual human beings.

    Reaper, deliver us from boomers.

  45. “As such women sniff the wind for signs of wokeness, they compromise all principles of objective morality.”

    thus the coal burner mentality!

  46. Illustr8r
    JULY 10, 2020 AT 2:26 AM
    “… or gathers you up and transports you to the nearest trauma center if you’ve been shot-before the police can arrest either of you or even get a statement.”

    …I don’t doubt the truth of your statement, but unless Antifa has their own ambulances and hospitals, it’s not avoiding LEO. GSWs are MANDITORY reports for BOTH, at least in my state. I knew guys who worked for private paid ambulance services, and they said they often got calls from people trying to get to the hospital on the down low with a bullet hole, and they’d be pissed when the PRIVATE service told them they had to report, too. Those guys on the paid bus were ALSO State licensed medics, and ALSO had a DUTY to report it.

    The hospital’s going to as well. Guy can clam up, of course, but he’s going to have to deal with LEO one way or another, having some poser jackinape carry him unsafely to a REAL service isn’t going to change that, just make it possible to charge everyone concerned with failure to report a crime, tampering with evidence, etc…

    ….I said, POSSIBLE to charge. At that point you’re into large Democrat city politics and, given that Antifa are their pet brownshirts wounded in the service of the Party’s modern Krystallnachts, it is VERY unlikely LEO would waste time on what a Democrat prosecuter will flatly refuse, but that’s politics NOT law, so at that point there’s no logic to it, just the whims of an idiot, cowed electorate that blows with the wind…

  47. @Aaron Burr — It would be a good joke except for this (buried in the fine print):

    William Ross Wallace (1819-1881)


    BLESSINGS on the hand of women!
    Angels guard its strength and grace.
    In the palace, cottage, hovel,
    Oh, no matter where the place;
    Would that never storms assailed it,
    Rainbows ever gently curled,
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

    Infancy’s the tender fountain,
    Power may with beauty flow,
    Mothers first to guide the streamlets,
    From them souls unresting grow—
    Grow on for the good or evil,
    Sunshine streamed or evil hurled,
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

    Woman, how divine your mission,
    Here upon our natal sod;
    Keep—oh, keep the young heart open
    Always to the breath of God!
    All true trophies of the ages
    Are from mother-love impearled,
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

    Blessings on the hand of women!
    Fathers, sons, and daughters cry,
    And the sacred song is mingled
    With the worship in the sky—
    Mingles where no tempest darkens,
    Rainbows evermore are hurled;
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

  48. Why do they hate themselves? When they have been raised in a culture which promotes abortion as a badge of honor, it sears the conscience and destroys their minds.

  49. The whole point of worshiping Satan is hate.
    Hate the world, hate the universe, hate God, hate humanity, hate beauty, hate goodness, hate kindness, hate decency, hate your children, hate yourself.
    These women are adrift in hate – they have embraced evil – listened to the soft murmurings of evil and accepted the lies. Now they have nothing save their hatred and fury. They are trying to impose the distemper and chaos of their minds unto the Earth. It is not enough that they suffer damnation alone.

    They see a red door and they want to paint it black.

    izlamo delenda est …

  50. Young women with a balanced demeanor have already been scarfed up for wives by now, leaving only these emotional basket cases to wonder aimlessly seeking a purpose in life.

  51. These women are self loathing attention seekers who’s goals are to be desirable and yet they do everything possible to ensure they’re not attractive. One side of their heads shaved bald, purple, orange or green dyed hair and covered in tattoos and piercings. All that and eating disorders to boot.

  52. @Kali Refugee in Texas July 9, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    > Consider their prospects… Lack of marriageable men.

    “The beatings will continue, until morale improves.”

  53. @Chicago Deplorable July 9, 2020 at 11:14 pm

    > I feel so bad for my 23yr old son who want’s a traditional marriage and children.

    Maybe it’s, finally, time to dad up. And tell him the truth. Every child wishes they’d been born a princess. And here we are.

  54. Feminism – the key to the self destruction of liberal white women. Starting with the suffrage movement, progressives have “preached” a woman should be in control, as an independent agent, despite the partnership of marriage and the distinct roles of parenting necessary for successful, productive families.
    Too many insecure woman bought into this socialist construct, especially during the sixties and seventies when the obsession for “control” took root so that women, especially white women believed everything centered on a narcissistic focus – all that matter was the women’s role in society.
    Men, therefore believed they had no option but to surrender to feminists demands fearing further fragmentation of society and family stability. That strategy didn’t stop the further push for more feminism.

    Now, we are seeing the result of 100 years of feminism – millions if abortions, multiple gender identities, at least two generations of boys and men subjugated by feminist ideology.
    Liberal woman today have no real focus or understand thier purpose in life. Their confusion and frustration turns inward. They self destruct.
    Until these women retun to the traditional, well functioning roles of wives and mothers, they will continue to self hate.


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