Why Do They Always Look Like This?

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  1. Nature has a way of warning people to stay away from dangerous, ugly things. Stay away from dogs that are foaming at the mouth. Stay away from snakes that rattle. And for God’s sake stay away from overweight, pasty progressives with either bad hairdos or no hair on top.

  2. I’ve got to say,, PJW shouldn’t be criticizing soy boy appearances. He would be well advised to take a couple of “man up” lessons himself. Maybe it’s the British influence that he can’t shake.

  3. joe6pak, that was the same problem I have with Libertarian SomeShit. Whatever he’s called. Not only is he sometimes a clown, but he looks like a clown ALL the time. He’s not as bad as some Libertardian clowns, but he’s bad enough. Any asshat who takes the NAP seriously, to the point of not having reservations, is a fucking clown.

  4. Rush said it best:

    “Feminism was created for” eh, hem, the not so gifted ones…

    For the soy boys? That is a different thread…

  5. Did the Soyboy in PJW vid post something favorable about…Cauliflower??


    He needs to coordinate with the Horsemouth AOC.

  6. Liberalism = People who only feeling good about themselves when they make others feel bad about themselves.

  7. Well let’s see, lives in a basement, raised by the state and a single mother without any masculine influence, compensating for total self hate for being white with androgynous obesity and a dedication to fearing real men.

    Trapped in communist conformity to satans lies…they are actually minions full of malice disguised as superior wokeness.

    It’s a bit sad really


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