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Why Do We Tolerate This BS?

What BS? This BS

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  1. I don’t watch TV, haven’t since the early 90s. After the Rocky Mountain News folded, I stopped getting a paper. I read, and there is a lot of information out here, with the understanding of the writers’ POV.

  2. …the thing is, in some cases the Mediocrats SET the fire in the Trump cases, but in most cases there isn’t even ANY Trump fire, the media just TELLS us there is (Russia, racis, etc.), and then uses special effects (Mueller report, Soros sponsored “riots”) to fool people into THINKING there’s a fire.

    …in NO case WAS there a fire…until the enemedia got there.

    …back in the B/W TV days, water and blood looked the same to a viewer, so sometimes a TV crew would go to the scene of an accident that wasn’t that bad and throw a bucket of water under the passenger compartment of a car, to make it LOOK to the uninformed viewer like there had been a bloody mess there.

    It’s like THAT, but the media provided the CAR as well, and there never WAS a wreck…

  3. …and the analogy isn’t perfect, but one thing they teach you when there a string of multiple unexplained fires or assaults of some kind is to pay attention to the onlookers, to see if someone seems to be there at all of them even though they are in very different places, or if someone seems a little TOO interested in what you’ve found or what you know about what happened, like they know something about it and are only trying to find out what YOU know so they can gage their own risk level or possibly find a way to lead you away from the conclusion the evidence suggest.

    I’ve noticed that guy at EVERY staged riot, national tragedy, and release of Chinese flu misinformation.

    His name is Media.

    …on the street, this information would usually be elevated to the police, who would then start looking closer at this guy, follow him around, look at HIS background, HIS associates, where HE’S been, what HE’S done, and what kinds of things he’s said to OTHERS, and see if that led to a connection, and make an arrest if it does.

    …problem is, who’s OUR police?

    …I think the only enforcement WE have that hasn’t been completely taken over and corrupted by the Democrats in 8 long years of Obama, is the Second Amendment force.

    …expect an activation on November 4th.

    We have no one to help us, but each other this time..

  4. My gut tells me that it is all over for Joe Biden. He has become the most corrupt Vice President in American history. The left wing media can not spray enough Fabreze Foam to cover this stink up. What kind of low life man uses his son to commit criminal activity against the state for his own gain in order to game the system? This type of man would sell out his own nation for a hand full of gold.
    Joe Biden is Judas Iscariot.

  5. It’s worse than that. When the the Dems f—k up and get caught, the media and deep state slathers them with retard retardant and promptly turns the projection cannon on Trump or another convenient conservative. That’s why I brace myself every time a big Dem scandal erupts…INCOMING!!!

  6. Thirdtwin
    OCTOBER 20, 2020 AT 7:06 AM
    “projection cannon”.

    That’s very apt, and ABSOLUTELY what they do.

    Thanks for that, @Thirdtwin…

  7. Holy crap, the news fan is dripping with shit this morning. We’re two weeks out and it feels like we keep dividing the time by two and will never get to the election…

    Here’s a thought as everyone talks of Civil War.

    Donald Trump is our next George Washington.

    My kids and grand kids deserve a victory and a life of freedom.

  8. Jimmy,

    So how many dead do you see in the next civil war?

    My guess would be about a hundred million by the time it is over and I do not expect to be among the living when it is.

    Do you expect you and your family to be among the living or the dead and why do you think that way?

    No one will win a civil war, it will be the end of the country as a single nation of any consequence.

  9. Anonymous, Jimmy said “As everyone talks of civil war…”

    I don’t hear that as advocating civil war. YMMV.

    And he said Trump was Washington, not Lincoln. Again, YMMV.

    And I’m inclined to believe that by “victory”, he meant Trump’s electoral victory, not a civil war victory. But that’s just my take.

  10. “No one will win a civil war, it will be the end of the country as a single nation of any consequence.”

    From whence this wisdom?
    Part of America’s greatness came from her subjugation of the Confederacy.
    Rome passed from Republic to Empire with her Civil War but did not become inconsequential.
    England has passed through a couple and … well … England’s a shithole – belay that.
    France has been through … uhh … how bout Russia? China?

    I guess it depends on your metric.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. That was controversial wording, wasn’t it?

    Here’s another:

    I’m thinking our next George Washington could go full Lincoln first.

    Arrest the bastards.

    Someone else can determine how many lives that will cost. I just know the bastards have to be arrested or my country is dead. Either the bastards get arrested and tried in our last effort to preserve the rule of law as a civilization, or they get killed in a war and we start over.

  12. “We tolerate it because there is nothing that we can do about it.”

    If you do things right, no one is sure you’ve done anything at all.

  13. The dems biggest problem is mistaking our reluctance to engage in what they believe they want.
    Non-warriors are unable to understand that once that genies out of the bottle and there is resolve to put this insurrection down once & for all, the troublemakers will either be in exile or dead – no prisoners.

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