Why do you never see gasoline taxes itemized on your receipt?

AmericanThinker: In April 2014, I suddenly realized that when you buy gasoline, the receipt does not list all the different taxes you have to pay.


So I emailed the Illinois Policy Institute (https://www.illinoispolicy.org) and asked them to make up a facsimile of a gas receipt.

Here’s what they came up with, and they featured it in a story on their website.  more here

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  1. “Why do you never see gasoline taxes itemized on your receipt?”

    Because then the slimy, skeevy, fat on their high horse democrat politicians can blame the oil companies for making such obscene profits when state and federal taxes make much more per gallon than any oil company profit!

  2. I always thought this should be standard practice too. Gas prices, like almost everything else, should be advertised WITHOUT taxes. Imagine the big signs posting gas @ $1.99/gallon but people having to pay $2.49/gallon at the cash register. People would be screaming every time they filled up. The same argument can be made for eliminating withholding on payroll checks. If people had to see what they were paying every time they spent or earned money, taxes would have never gotten as high as they are.

  3. Like I’ve always said – Let the Americans of African descent who were slaves in a previous life that was whipped by your grand-daddy to full 100% reparations. Give ’em all a few million bucks, then ask for the tax on it next year. Watch another two-thirds land in jail where half has already been.

  4. Anytime you hear someone promote the VAT – or “Value Added Tax” slam themy by using this as an example of how that tax works – a tax added to the value of the product at EACH stage of production, raw material to retail, completely hidden in the final price of the product. VAT is EVIL!!!!!

  5. OK here’s a better question: Why do you not get an itemized, line item by line item, accounting of where your motor vehicle fuel tax revenues have been spent and on EXACTLY what?

    Here in Washington State every jurisdiction needs to file a six-year TIP that lays out where revenues are programmed and budgeted to. Once you get it fro a jurisdiction like Seattle and Tacoma where revenue is derived from is all hidden in revenue codes and such and where it is programmed to be spent is equally as nebulous.

    This would put the lie to: bicyclists pay their fair share.

    And then they speak in terms like “funding mechanism” when looking for new TAX revenues.

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