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Rep. David Jolly, R-Fla., wants Congress to work a full, 40-hour work week like many other people do, instead of letting Congress work three or four days a week.

In September, Jolly wrote a letter asking the House Rules Committee to make the change to a 40-hour workweek, and said that move would show voters that Congress is committed to working on issues like debt reduction, national security and border enforcement. He also said sessions should start at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.

“Simply put, a work week is a work week,” he wrote. “Our efforts should reflect those of every other working American.”



  1. Well, see, ya gotta understand that a politician is “working” when it goes to cocktail parties, fundraisers, receiving Bruno the drug guy, fucking his secretary, sucking dicks in the Men’s Room, lying to its spouse, plundering the Treasury, making sleazy deals with “donors,” getting paid by the union bosses with suitcases of cash in the middle of the night – y’know – working all the time!

  2. I don’t want them “working” so much. They already “DO” too much. Stay home and leave me alone.

    The only work I want to see them do is to reverse 75% of what has been done over the last several decades. The other 25% needs to be cut in half.

    Then they only need to work 6 months/year to do what the Constitution ALLOWS them to do. That is all.

  3. That sounds good on the surface, BUT, when it comes to congressmen and senators, the longer they’re there, the more damage they do. These positions were not originally meant to be careers or even full time jobs. They were supposed to be positions of public service. Although they were not written into the law, term limits were implied. Many congressmen and senators still had “real” back home, so these positions were expected to be temporary and part time. A senator or congressman was originally expected to serve for one or two terms as a duty to his country. He would then return to life as a regular citizen. This went a long way towards making them immune to the influences of special interests and reduced the chances of them becoming corrupt. We’ve strayed along way from that since then, and that’s why there is so much interest in writing term limits into law.

  4. 3 months. They measure their own “success” by how many bills they pass, never thinking about how useless or counter-productive those bill are. Didn’t you catch that ass on TV the other night braying “We passed 800 bills last year!”?

  5. It would be great if they weren’t allowed to exempt themselves from the laws THEY impose upon America. Also, term limits. Time for those congressional, immortal vampires to retire!

  6. ANY law which is NOT Universally Applicable is an Unjust Law.

    It is a citizen’s moral obligation to ignore Unjust Laws, and remove the unjust legislators and judges who promote these Unjust Laws.

  7. They should also have to “work” without the dozens of staffers and other minions. I say one, maybe two, staff per elected official. Bare bones offices and cut out all the perks.
    I am tired of the professional political class. It is the most destructive, blood-sucking beast that we face.

  8. I’d rather they work 1 hour each week. Let them troll on Ashley Madison or Back Page for the rest of the time.

    The Texas legislature meets for 140 days every other year. Yet they have the most successful growth rate of any state in the union.

  9. He’s “my” [*cough cough*] Congressman.

    He’s SO bad, he’s not running again,
    after only ONE two-year trerm.

    Why? Because the GOPe has told him
    to run for Rubio’s SENATE seat.
    He’s only saying this as a campaign soundbite.

    God save us from this turd.

  10. Exactly what I was thinking, cannot remember the last time I only worked 40 hours, before retiring.
    No overtime, you were expected to work until it got done, you never got done, that’s how a business stays in business.i

  11. close the government buildings down in dc. turn it into a theme park. kids can tour the white house and be shown where clinton and his cigars became famous. that can be an e-ticket.

    send all elected officials back to their home towns. let them vote via computer/skype.

    their constituents can see them daily, and get in their face when they go off track.

    the days of elected officials going to dc on their horse should be over.

  12. Their salary should be set at the median income of the poorest district in America. And they should have to pay their own 401K and health insurance out of that.

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