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Why Epstein’s Clients Aren’t Being Perp Walked

Daily Caller

Jeffrey Epstein’s associates could face federal criminal prosecutions based on the available evidence, but and building a case against them could take years, sex trafficking legal experts say.

Epstein kept a detailed list of his contacts in a little black book and was photographed with many powerful figures, including former President Bill Clinton, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, former President Donald Trump and more. Continues

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  1. So if you know the bank robbers but prosecuting them could take years, you just decide to not bother, laws don’t really matter if it’s too much trouble to bother with. What does the bank think about that??? I wonder what the Epstein victims think about non-justice policy?

  2. “Why Epstein’s Clients Aren’t Being Perp Walked”

    Democrats don’t prosecute Democrats.

    Especially when they don’t want the videos of their OWN child rapes broadcast.


    Its a hell of a drug.

  3. “Because DC would have to shut down until replacements could be assigned or elected.”

    I’m in favor of paving – or better – glassifying – it.

  4. Of course Donald Trump is included in the list of people whose photo was taken with Epstein with no mention of the fact that Trump barred Epstein when his activities became known.

    And how could Epstein and Maxwell have been prosecuted if there is not enough evidence to prosecute any of their “clients?”

  5. The pilot saw Trump. Oh, really? And just where did the pilot see Trump? Oh, that’s right, on a hop from Georgia to New York. Others on board have long disputed claims of impropriety. But that’s not important. What the author implies is that Trump was seen on pedophile island. No. President Trump never went to Epstein’s Island. When Trump discovered what Epstein was all about, Trump threw Epstein out.

  6. the perps aren’t identified or prosecuted, because many of them are the ‘powers that be.’ They were deliberately chosen for that reason. ‘ They were endiced and seduced into amoral and then blackmailed. They did it of their own choice- no one was forced. The further part of this is where the perps were then blackmailed by epstein and whoever he works for.
    What makes it even more bad, is that the blackmail can continue if they remain unknown. Even the power of revealing their names publicly has a potential blackmail effect. They’re trapped in that swamp right now.
    the ‘clients’ won’t be revealed, because they want to keep it that way. And they’ll do things to avoid it happening.

  7. J. Edgar Hoover is looking up with such glee!

    What is it they teach in Little League? “Rule #1: Life is not fair.”

  8. Say what! Donny was a #1 visitor to Pedo Island. Where did he meet Melania? Thru Jeffery Epstein at Pedo Island. She is a former model/call girl & hooker.

  9. Just a conspiracy theory, but you know it is more than child buggering. there is some further, more diabolical use.

  10. Detain the Epstein clients for the same amount of time as the J6 political prisoners.
    And so far, I’ve seen NO J6 political prisoners released on their own recognizance.


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