Why Feminism is Flaming Out

Why, indeed.

She could never answer this coherently. There is no coherent answer.

Here’s my favorite picture of Lena Dunham – I love the little Spanish person who looks like they’re thinking that the drug cartels back home might not be so bad.

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  1. Everybody knows the answer: “Why not?”

    How dumb is she?

  2. I haven’t noticed any noise from her in a while. Wish you’d have left that cat shit buried.

  3. I think she got it bass-ackwards. One hundred million men would rather see her fall into a manhole than to yell “watch your step”.
    And isn’t “manhole” sexist?

  4. I’ve been very blessed in this life so far. I’ve managed to miss Seinfeld, the Kardashians, Snooky (whatever it or they are), Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lena Dunham (is she related to obama’s mother?). That’s the wonderful thing about choice, isn’t it? I’m pro-choice in this regard.

    AbigailAdams ~ Unplugged

  5. That’s the guy from the Clearasil TV Commercial, ‘Pimples Make Terrible Prom Dates’ just missing the pink tux.

  6. I haven’t had coffee yet and I thought it was a guy pretending to be a woman. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking a cup when I read this post closely or I would’ve done a Danny Thomas spit take when I read BFH’s caption that the photo is Lena Dunham.

  7. “… fall into one million manholes …”

    To dream the impossible dream …

    Or, to have a million men fall into mine!

  8. Feminism, the art of completely removing any allure and mystique from the female of the species and encouraging them to be as disgusting as men

  9. Being a loud mouth, inarticulate lunatic that goes out of her way to wear a ‘costume’ to look as unattractive as possible so that can be used as a tool to justify her position is flaming out. Thank goodness! I’ve never understood why that was appealing, never bought into it as a woman and the gals doing it aren’t going to be getting anyplace in life. And woman are going to start knocking them down too now that they are taking away cheerleading, beauty pageants etc. A lot of women have stood by and ignored these freaks to let them flame out. That will change the more effective they become destroying traditions they don’t like.

  10. “I haven’t noticed any noise from her in a while. Wish you’d have left that cat shit buried.”

    Organgrinder, I think it’s my fault. I must have disturbed the force the other day. I apologize.

    “Thirdtwin JUNE 11, 2018 AT 11:58 PM
    So where the hell is Lena Dunham lately? Is she hanging somewhere? Who dropped the ball and didn’t find her? Or worse, who found her and snuck away?”

  11. I suppose I owe a debt of thanks for at least having the good sense not to have shown a picture of her in her bathing suit.

  12. That’s one fugly picture but at least you didn’t post a nude photo of Hillary, or Maxine, or mooshelle and we thank you for that.

  13. I certainly wouldn’t warn her of those manholes, especially if there’s floating turds in the sewer. She’s just be another one floating.

  14. There’s a whole lotta faces that could be ‘shopped onto that Spanish guy. Although that might be gilding the lily.

  15. She’s the one that stuck her finger in her baby sisters vagina and then bragged about it in a book. Disgusting pedophile.

  16. Thanks to feminism, millennial women are desperate for real men. Young woman do not want Soy boys as husbands. Dunham is a freak only a freak could want.


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