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Why Has the Overpopulation Myth Remained So Persistent When It’s So Easily Disproven?

Yes, we must be rid of the spares. I don’t think near-birth abortion is enough for the Progs. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were right now thinking about selling passes for human-hunting.

American Thinker:

In the scope of modern history, population control as a means to reduce scarcity of resources is anything but a new idea, despite what socialists like Bernie Sanders would have you believe.

Bernie Sanders recently proposed that America should finance abortions in developing countries in order to save the planet from the coming scarcity of global resources that will occur as a result of overpopulation and “climate change.”  Another way for this to be understood, as it certainly would have been had a Republican uttered this policy prescription, is that the best way to save the planet is to keep poor people from being born, because they might sap vital resources that could be better used by the rest of us.  

Again, that’s not a new idea.  Prior to Ebenezer Scrooge’s revelation toward charity in A Christmas Carol (1843), Charles Dickens, who was a progressive champion of the poor in his time, purposefully portrays his miserly protagonist as refusing to contribute alms for the poor, declaring that the poor should die off, and thus “decrease the surplus population.”

As Dickens knew, this “surplus population” argument wasn’t a novel notion, even then.  Noted British thinker Thomas Malthus, in 1798, argued that food production was increasing incrementally, while population was expanding exponentially.  Therefore, “[a]ll the children born, beyond what would be required to keep the population to this [sustainable] level,” he writes, “must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons.”  This “sustainable level” that he must have imagined at that time has been proven wildly incorrect, to say the least.  read more

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  1. It’s not over population that worries Me most…It’s over population

    of the dumbest People on the Planet….And the sad fact is They’re

    getting paid to breed…(the other sad fact is Me always starting a

    sentence with “and”)

  2. We do have an overabundance of circle D’s. I am not expressly calling for the culling of their herd. Not really. OK, maybe a little. Just kinda maybe.

    But we are overpopulated with rodent like circle D’s. Ones that create infestation, unhealthy fecal matter and pestilence.

    They chew at the wiring of the nation creating hazardous conditions.

  3. said it before … you can fit the entire world population in the state of Texas & give each & every person 1,000 square feet (a family of 4 would have 4,000 sq. ft.; double what I have now)

    seriously … do the math

  4. & more grist for the mill …
    “Liberalism is the Population Bomb ideology. It is the ideology of “Now that I’m here on the planet, resources are scarce, so everybody else has to pay, so I’ can get mine.” It lives for today and retains no real hope for the future.
    It is the ideology of a rat on a sinking ship. It is fear.”
    ~ M. Freeburg

  5. Maybe Bernie can volunteer as the first to go?
    Based on the wheezing sounds he makes when he speaks and breathes, I would think that it’s safe to assume he consumes enough oxygen for 3 people alone.

    And then add on his multiple homes (not enough for everyone so Bernie must only keep one), his private planes and cars… why if Bernie were to abort himself think of how he could save the planet!

    Put your money where your mouth is, Bern.
    In fact if you have any grandchildren or great grandchildren on the way- why not offer them up to planned parenthood?
    After all the ENTIRE planet is in jeopardy!

  6. “Why Has the Overpopulation Myth Remained So Persistent When It’s So Easily Disproven?”

    Because people who live in overcrowded cities are dog squeeze crazy.

  7. @aaron burr. You’re right about that, jack. Same reason they inhale tons of diesel fumes daily and think the plant is dying.

    Um, the nice part of the country is bringing you food, water , phones, clothes.

    Take a journey of an hour or two outside your shit hole urban cesspool and take a deep breath of reality.

    Then leave. Immediately. Do not stay.

  8. I think all the lefties are planning to leave to colonize the moon with Bezos or Branson or whoever to escape rising sea levels anyway so we should be good population-wise.


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