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  1. Widget company A traded at $1 dollar in year 2000 currently trades at $90. That’s an 89% increase.

    Widget company B traded at $90 last month, now trading at $5. That’s an 85% decrease.

    Widget company C increased its dividend from $3.50 to $9.00. A 5.5% increase.

    Maths be easy. For me anyhow; I did all the above examples IN MY HEAD. I shall submit my resume to teach an all girls college freshman maths class for $90k/yr with “benefits.” All you suckers who can’t maths bet you wish you could.

  2. Illinois could just round up all the female blonds and sell them to royalty in Saud and the UAE. That would cover the deficit and allow the state government to retain their dignity.

  3. I guess the extra 0 on 1.2% was supposed to distract from the Common Core math. Or it was just icing on the cake, bless his heart.

    And who would give their kid “Chris” as a middle name? Bless their heart, too.

  4. Ohh How funny. Was going to correct that 1.2 thing, then came here and read the rest and the comments. Whew.

    I really fear the growing Idiocracy.

  5. Personal income taxes raised by 32% to 5%.

    Corporate Taxes raised 5% to 7%

    Highest property taxes in the US.

    New Taxes sales tax to laundry and dry-cleaning, storage, pest control, alarm systems, tattoos, piercings, satellite TV and streaming services.

    Waste, Crime, Welfare and Corruption on the rise.

    3rd most corrupt state in the US.
    Corruption alone costing ever man, woman and child in the state over $1300 each..(Low estimate)..Well Over $500 Million dollars/per year.

    Wasteful State spending in excess of $500 Million (low estimate) per year.

    Crime, In Illinois, where state prisons house 46,993 inmates.

    352,000 unemployed

    1,868,000 on Food stamps

    State Debt: $155 Billion
    State debt cost per citizen: $12,036

    ILLINOIS …. Come on, what’s not to like?

  6. Going Broke?

    They’re broke. $155 Billion dollars in debt.

    Nearly as bad as the Federal Government.
    They’ve run out of other people’s money to spend.

  7. Can’t help em.
    Too stupid to live.

    Ask yourselves: “What am I paying for?” and “Why do I have to pay more for it?”

    Then, get some rope, some lumber, and …

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. I know what you’re thinking. How did they ever make it this far in life? They’ll deny it, but they are not smarter than the math.

  9. Lowell….( I’m from Illinois, I can say this 😉 )

    When those Blonds hit 30…It’ll be like pulling the pin on a Liferaft

    Talk about buyers remorse.

  10. You all need to start slower with Illinois legislators. First, which is more biggley – 3.75% or 4.95%? Once our elected officials master this concept, then, and only then can we progress to more complicated math principles like addition and subtraction and percentages.

    By the way, no one believes these tax increaes will do anything but accelerate the outflow from Illinois – much less result in $5 billion in additional revenue. But for those of you who like betting the house on double zero, buy some Illinois bonds.

  11. Illinois escapees are moving to IN and we don’t want them if they are democrats. Period.
    Not all IL drivers are jackasses. Just the liberals who think the own the road. Today, on I-65, an Il driver had traffic blocked up for 20 miles, dawdling in the passing lane. A trucker was in the right lane going the posted truck speed. No one could get around them. Not trucker’s fault. Living close to the IL-IN border, this inside lane driving something we witness every day.

  12. Perhaps I was being a bit aggressive in my hyperbole.
    Only 8 deaths reported in Chicago this weekend so far.
    *60 oppressed individuals were shot.

    However…the night is but young 🙂

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