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Why is Facebook mapping your face?

Breitbart: Facebook Becomes Even More Intrusive by Asking Users to Map Their Face.

Facebook has implemented facial recognition on its platform, and all you have to do is sign over your face.

For the low, low cost of free — insofar as “free” constitutes permission to access, store, and use your face — Facebook will add another layer of convenience to the largest data harvesting experiment in history. With the new facial recognition features, the lumbering social media network will alert you to uploaded photos in which you are featured — so long as you are in a group permitted to see them by the uploader. It will also work to prevent catfishing and revenge porn by alerting you when your face is in someone else’s profile picture. Finally, the features will allow visually impaired users to identify who is pictured with them.

In a Facebook “newsroom” post entitled “Hard Questions: Should I Be Afraid of Face Recognition Technology,” Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman compares the new tech to Kodak cameras in 1888. He assures us that Facebook will not use the features to give strangers (other than Facebook, of course) our identities, and explains the “all or nothing” approach to the feature which will, rather than allowing you to specify how your information is used, merely decide whether to turn it on or off. Thinly disguised as ease-of-use, the “on/off switch” mandates that to enjoy any of the benefits, you must accept all of the network’s terms.more here

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  1. Why are people VOLUNTARILY supplying their DNA to companies so they can trace their lineage?

    Are you kidding me? How stupid are people to even use Facebook in the first place? Facebook is just but one part of the systematic categorizing of the world population. It’s Mark Of The Beast type of stuff, if you ask me.

    But what do I know?

  2. What kind of deals will Zuckerberg make with countries that do not have problems with massive human rights violations? China anyone?

    Yitu Technology, based in Shanghai, China has developed and employed an artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithm called Dragonfly Eye that uses facial recognition technology capable of identifying 2 billion people in seconds. Zhu Long, CEO of Yitu Technologies, told the South China Morning Post, “Our machines can very easily recognise you among at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds, which would have been unbelievable just three years ago.”

  3. Sheeple herding to the gulag. They’ll trample each other to be first in line. Are they so untininking, or just don’t want to be left out?

    It amazes me, volunteering to become part of a huge data bank that can NEVER be secured and can be easily abused, to gain access to everything ‘you’.

    Home security, phones, banking, Siri, Alexa, your shopping accounts, your school records (unless you’re obama), your family history, your damn refrigerator, even. All given willingly. If the ‘enemy’ ever invaded, they won’t have to figure out who to gather for purging; YOU VOLUNTEERED the information.

    Watch THE MINORITY REPORT. One of those damn leftist movies, like ELYSIUM, where the progressives actually illustrate the future they envision for America. Tracking every aspect of your life, run away policing, total control of even your future, as they perceive it.

    We are so stupid! Progressive commies don’t hide their oppressive agenda, but sheeple still jump over each other to fall in line. Obama told us his evil plan, but for some reason the people didn’t HEAR him, just because he smiled big, was ‘clean and neat and articulate (if on TelePrompTer). They preach ‘safe’, but they divide us into small groups for “diversity” and then pit everyone against each other. They foment violence, ‘take to the streets’ (Hokder) and constantly stir any sense of well being with their greatest weapon; MSM.

  4. Well, I trust Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. I trust the Federal government. I trust Google. I trust the IRS. I trust NBC to give me unbiased and accurate news.

    I also trust that the chicken that’s been in my refrigerator for six months is safe. I trust that all Chicago neighborhoods are safe for white folk to walk around at midnight. I trust that that young Muslim man wearing a stocking mask and puffy vest is just dressed for Halloween. I trust Hillary Clinton to distribute most of the Clinton Foundation money to charities. I trust Bill Clinton around my teenage daughters.

    Yikes. I’m turning into a real progressive.

  5. THE POLICE WILL UPLOAD a CCTV PHOTO, and see what facebook comes up with? OH! John Snow is it? Who are John Snow’s friends, I see…..and where do they live? Uh, huh.
    I think I’ll contact John Snow, and if I can’t, I’ll pressure all of his friends to give him up.

  6. @💥💥-Mithrandir-💥💥

    Watch British crime programs. Their CCTV private or public is theirs to use, they seem to be able to go into peoples homes without warrant, their ‘Miranda’ is really sad: “You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence”

    All of those CCTVs and they still deny Islamic terrorists. ‘There are none so blind, as those who do nt. want to see.’

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