Why Is No One Talking About FX’s ‘Impeachment’ Series?

American Thinker:

By Jack Cashill

Now that I am seven episodes in, I feel confident saying that “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” airing Tuesday evenings on FX, is the fairest and arguably the best real-life political drama Hollywood has ever produced.  What mystifies me is that no one on the Right appears to be talking about it.

The third in the “American Crime Story” series, this 10-part drama faithfully tracks the perjury and obstruction of justice scandal that very nearly ended the Bill Clinton presidency. While the first two in the series — “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” and “Versace” — dealt candidly with the issues of race and homosexuality, “Impeachment” takes candor a step further and deconstructs the Left’s revisionist history of Bill Clinton’s “sex” scandal.

The Bill Clinton character, served up with equal parts charm and menace by British actor Clive Owen, is something of a monster. When Paula Jones, played with minimal condescension by Annaleigh Ashford, testifies that Clinton exposed himself we believe her, not him. Her vivid description of Clinton’s royal member will not please the ex-president.

It is only in the seventh episode that the Hillary Clinton character, played — unconvincingly, alas — by Edie Falco of “Sopranos” fame emerges from the shadows. Although it is too early to tell, my guess is that Hillary will not like the portrait of herself as cold and controlling. That said, I expect the producers to pull their punches when it comes to revealing Hillary’s role in quelling the “bimbo eruptions” that threatened Clinton’s political career from the get-go.

Those “bimbos” — the Clinton term, not mine — include not just Paula Jones, but sexual assault victims such as Elizabeth Ward Gracen and Juanita Broaddrick, the latter of whom Clinton raped. (Viewers see Broaddrick briefly once in an early episode but will not see her again.)  When Bill ran for president in 1992, Hillary was instrumental in hiring private investigators to bribe and/or threaten these women into silence. More here

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  1. Probably because Bill is on death’s door and we will get enough of that asshole and his memorial, funeral, parade, and trillion dollar legislation named after the fucking whore well into 2023…

  2. Trump stopped Her from becoming President.

    Bill is rotting from the inside out & Monica is still a Democrat.

    Conservatives Know the story well and Liberals choose to ignore it. There really is nothing significant to learn & neither side has any interest.

  3. Clinton made Matt Drudge a very rich man.
    Then the fucker sold out, cashed out, and now has no soul.

    A little Texas billionaire Fauci-like nutjob got Bill elected in the first place.

    Of course a Bush 41 second term wouldn’t have been worth a shit either.

    That said, Clinton allowed 9-11 to happen so for that alone, along with marrying Hillary he needs to burn in eternal HELL!

  4. Because we have more important things to do, given that the country — in part because of the Clintons — is heading into totalitarianism.

    And because reliving this crap just isn’t our idea of respite or entertainment.

  5. “Clinton Fatigue.” -Diogenes

    Now, that’s just downright polite.

    There are other possible words:


  6. Conservatives don’t want to watch a show that dregs up the slimmy, despicable criminal history of the Clintons. We’re still dealing with the affects. For conservatives that’s not entertainment.

  7. You know, I’ve had enough of all of them the CBOB’s need to all just go far, far away!! At least we are rid of the Cuomo’s, for now!

    Say your prayers everyday!!

    God Bless us all!!!


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