Why Is What Happened To Mike Flynn Of Such Interest To AG Barr?

Because 0bama wanted Gen. Mike Flynn jailed for going against his Iran Deal among other things.

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  1. I think I’ve figured out how to settle the Flynn case. Let the DOJ and the FBI issue a no knock warrant at a specified time for a location of Flynn’s choosing. Flynn gets to call some of his military pals armed with the exact same weapons those pussies on the DOJ and FBI carry. We could make it a pay per view.

    Oh, and that killer Marine Mueller should lead he charge.

  2. I’m not convinced AG Barr is that interested in Mike Flynn for starters. If he was Mike Flynn wouldn’t still be hanging in limbo.

  3. The Flynn case matters because it was nothing
    but an illegal false charging assault on
    Flynn who was forced to expensively prove
    himself innocent.

    General Flynn unwisely chose to stop the
    bankrupting of his family by pleading to
    ordinarily innocuous petty infractions.

    Then the so-called DOJ decided to pursue
    maximum sentencing regardless of their
    prior guarantees.

    NEVER trust a DOJ official until the DOJ
    is entirely overhauled.

    Those DOJ pigs who are trying to destroy

    And it extends into the FBI as well !

  4. Schwanz Wurst

    NEVER TRUST LAW ENFORCEMENT. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. That quote came from my fav CCW guy. A retired Sacramento County Sheriff that was pretty high up.

  5. During an investigation…..

    The police can lie to or about you…..and they walk free…..

    You lie to the police…..you go to jail and must defend yourself in court.

    Keep your mouth shut……..let you lawyer talk/lie.


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