Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?


When people think of humanity’s greatest evils, why is “communism” rarely mentioned? After all, it has caused more suffering than any other ideology, including Nazism.

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  1. Because Communism has a strong effect on weak minds.

    To them, Communism is easier. Capitalism takes effort and competition.

  2. And for a much longer period of time. Naziism lasted at most 12-13 years. Communism has offered non-stop pain, suffering and death for 94 years and counting.

  3. Same reason they insist islam is the religion of peace and that I’m somehow a fascist……they’re FUCKING MORONS.

  4. … because the ultimate goal of socialism IS communism?

    don’t believe me … go read Marx

  5. Nazis, e.i. Hitler and Mussolini, are used as the benchmark for “horrible”. So the Commies can say, “Those Nazis are horrible, but we commies are not so bad. While we are at it, Hitler was a piker. He only killed 5 million jews. Stalin did a little better, he got about 20 million people killed. But if you want to know who the real “pros” are in the killing fields, that would be the U.S. with 59 million abortions since 1973. Go team!

  6. When we were kids, there was a wall, called the Iron Curtain, that was very symbolic of the shithole Communism was, where they actually shot their own people trying to escape. Without that wall, and with a Leftist media, we don’t have a lot of messaging against Communism.

  7. 1. The Nazis lost a war, while the Soviet Union won one. Sure, the Soviet Union imploded, but communism is a crappy economic model, and they defeated themselves so it didn’t count. History is written by the winners.

    2. The Nazis were socialists, but killed millions of people for loony reasons based on “blood.” Communists also killed millions of people, but for reasons more palatable to leftists like “economic equality” or the emancipation of the working class. Yes, the Nazi justification for genocide was bullshit, but so were the communist justifications for genocide. The lesson to be learned is to justify your genocide on lofty yet still stupid reasons.

    Both Nazi socialism and communism work for those on top of the heap – for others, not so well. All leftists, without exception, believe they will be somewhere in the heirarchy of the government and they will continue to have privileges. They are wrong.

    Finally, it helps to have the media and academia on your side, although historically speaking these are the first people lined up against the wall. Which, come to think about it, may be one of the few advantages of communism.

  8. Nazis don’t completely control the broadcast networks, news radio, every major newspaper, public education, and the book publishing industry in the West?

    I wonder who does?

    /Leading question is leading.

  9. Redacted,

    Can you imagine an ad on TV based on what you just said? It might actually have an effect on people in a positive way against Planned Parenthood.

    “I you pay taxes, you subsidize Planned Parenthood”.

  10. Who cares? We just gotta kill every one of the commie and
    nazi son’s o’ bitches. It’s almost time to play a real
    game of cowboy’s and muzzies.

  11. What Wyatt said. Well done, Wyatt.

    reboot is right too.

    The only good Red is a dead Red.

    It will come to that at some point. Whether you like it or not. They never stop. It’s you or them and they have no problem taking everyone else out of the picture.

    This is also why gun control is so important to them.

    A little reminder of 20th century gun control results, there’s a graphic a little scroll down on this page.:


  12. National Socialism – Nazi (NSDAP) – National Socialist German Workers’ Party

    Inter-National Socialism – communist (USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for instance)

    Branches of the same tree.

    Sort of like the difference between Absolutist Monarch and Authoritarian Monarchy.

    Whoever wins attempts to depict himself as the “champion of the people” and everyone else as the “enemy of the people” and that is exactly what we see with Nazism and Communism. It is no coincidence that the “New Deal” President Roosevelt allied himself, and the US, with the most murderous dictator, Stalin, and the most oppressive regime on Earth. Stalin was everything that Roosevelt aspired to be. And Hitler was everything that Stalin aspired to be. Mao was unknown at the time (or little known) and the enormities of his regime yet to come. It is also no coincidence that the great socialist propaganda outlets of the time (eg – New York Times) SUPPORTED National Socialism until Barbarossa.

    Nazi only became a bad word after June 22, 1941.

    Wyatt summed it up well.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. @jpm May 2, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    > national socialist workers’s party is different from communism how

    Communists say “You’ll do the work you’re told, no matter how stupid.”

    NAZIs say “We’ll do the work, you’re too stupid.”

  14. @Billy Fuster May 3, 2017 at 10:50 am

    > Because we fought on the side of the commies in WW2.

    “Because we fought on Columbia’s side in WW2.”


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