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Why Liberals Identify with Criminals

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AT: Liberals hate cops, honest citizens with guns, and hard sentencing laws because liberals identify with criminals.

When visiting a Federal prison Obama summarized the view of liberals when he said:

“These are young people who made mistakes that aren’t that different than the mistakes I made and the mistakes that a lot of you guys made.”

While the people in the prison he was talking about were really drug dealers and violent felons, Obama, was repeating the liberal lie that the prisons are full of folks who just smoked a joint and got caught.   MORE

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  1. Wow!
    No, POTUS, you SCFOAMF and miserable waste of human flesh, I do not break the law and I don’t do illicit drugs and I am not making these “mistakes” that makes one a criminal. You just admitted that you are equally a criminal so please step into the cell and sit down.

  2. projection!

    they all feel guilty because they break the “law” and should be in prison and because they are not in prison they therefore “feel” the criminals should not be there either.

    funny a whole political party feels that way.

    we “citizens” are so screwed.

  3. 94% of ‘people of color” voted for Teh Won.

    The rest of us saw him for the criminal he admits he is, but we’s still RAYCISS !

  4. not that I’m agreeing with 0bama in any way, but a large percentage of inmates in jails and prisons ARE in there for possession of small amounts of weed.

    For reference, look up “prison industrial complex” and “prison labor” etc and learn about how large corporations rely on prison labor and lobby for harsher laws and longer sentencing so as to increase their captive labor base.

  5. No one goes to prison for possession. UNLESS they’re repeat offenders and got caught doing something else like robbery to pay for their habit. These people aren’t usually choirboys to start with. People don’t even go to prison for dealing the first time if they’re small fries, but they usually have to cop to a felony. Haven’t you heard, EVERYONE in prison is innocent!

    And even IF the low level functionaries themselves aren’t violent, they work for a very violent organization, the mexican cartels. And before you say legalization will fix that, it won’t. Colorado still has a booming black market for pot, just as for other drugs. The cartels now just hide under the pseudolegalization and are still very active. Cigarettes are legal in New York, but there’s a booming black marker to avoid paying taxes, which is still controlled by organized crime.

    If about 1-2% of the population are sociopaths, it sounds about right to have 3-4 million people in prison. AND 40% OF OUR PRISON POPULATION IS ILLEGALS! The border need to be sealed, they’re not sending doctors and scientists. The Mexican government is actively helping MS-13 and other criminal gangs transit their territory to get to ours. They’re sending the people they can’t or don’t want to deal with.

  6. Libs defend criminals to the death, because there, but for their ability to out slick, bribe, and finagle the system, they would be. Like birds of a feather.

  7. It probably wasn’t as bad as electing him President for 2 terms. Thanks to all the stupid mo-fos who did this. You’ll get your free shit as long as the Republic lasts, which won’t be long thanks to The Won.

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