Why Milo Is Important

“Everyone at home can appreciate that when Donald Trump is voted into the white house, and the whole republican party absolutely hates him, that something has to change. There has to be a break at some point.

This sort of populist, nationalist revolution that is happening, the anti-political correctness, pro-free speech revolution that is happening all over the western world is not going anywhere.

For the last 30 years speech codes have been the order of the day, and right-wing politicians have run terrified and screaming from allegations of racism and sexism, and basically given ground on every serious issue.

Well, that’s changing, with the rise of bold electorates and bold politicians.

Donald Trump is an example of that.

I’m an example of a cultural figure related to that, that social change.

And we are going to represent the next 30 years.”


I’m confident that Milo is not talking about the type of speech he had just apologized for when he speaks about his own importance. His apology was confined to anyone he believed could be offended by his flippant and cavalier attitude towards adults having sex with minors- specifically anyone who was a victim of child abuse. He makes no apology for anything else.

Unfortunately, Milo’s rise as an outrageous free speech advocate was so quick he felt that he was a superhero. It can be a heady experience, and even the most trained and savvy public figure can wake up blindsided by themselves. I think some of the things he said on the infamous podcast were sickening.

I think 99.99% of what he’s said beyond that podcast is important. That this anti-left speech came from a gay man was even more impactful, lending it more gravitas. That it was gaining so much favorable attention meant it needed to be quashed, quickly.

Unfortunately for us, and conveniently for our enemies, whether it be anti-Trump, never-Trump or the radical left, Milo handed them a cookie. They used it.

Can he continue to be a huge thorn in the side of the enemy we seek to defeat?

Possibly. But it will take many to overlook his homosexuality and be grateful for the majority of his message – when the left successfully stifles anyone, we all lose.

If I believed the people responsible for this successful campaign were only interested in protecting children I’d be with them. That is not what happened here. They didn’t save the world from a pedophile. It’s not at all what they were interested in.

If they were, George Takei would be next on the chopping block – (nsfw)

Takei is safe on the left.

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  1. Why do I care about Milo’s butt hurt? Why did he open with this on his sleeve?

    If gays want to be perceived as normal, be normal in public and save your fudgepackery for after hours in the privacy of your own home.

    He brought it on himself, or herself. I can’t tell if he’s the girl in his fuukeduppedness.

  2. Milo is NOT one of us. He is a heterosexual fascist putting on a phony gay stereotypical act. And now he’s been exposed for the pedophile he is. Just like all conservatives.

  3. Milo is “important” because he pisses off liberals. Other than that he’s weird as sh*t and if someone like him got anywhere near my son they’d have worse problems than being fired from their job.

  4. I like Milo because he is intelligent speaks well, and pisses off the left. I do not like his lifestyle, nor do I like his references to his sexual life in his speaking engagements. It is a shame that it takes someone like him to get away with speaking the truth about the left. I would much prefer it if sexual deviants were driven back in to the closet where they belong.

  5. I love Milo. His homoness is a mess, as it is for most homos. And I think he does not understand the imprint that being sexually abused when he was 14 made upon him (children should be protected from sex, not introduced to it). But I still love him, for all the leftist flack he has taken, deflected and at the same time, fired back.

  6. Say what you want but gays have been here, gays are here and by God gays will be here forever. At least one got off the reservation and is pissing all over the Liberals. That’s a plus in my book.

  7. My brother, as a pubescent child, was raped and abused by a man. This went on for quite awhile until my brother finally told our father. Brother asked Dad not to do anything to the man. I must say, it’s possible the criminal had some sort of an accident. Some immigrants probably never let go of Old Country ways. The abuser was never seen again at any social events or in church.

    I listened to Milo’s apology, it was a good thing. I wish him well is his new career as an entertainer. Hopefully he will demonstrate more compassion and include a crusade against child abuse in his new career. I know he will continue fighting for free speech and calling out political correctness.

  8. I’ve read about some of the what was contained in the Milo videos but I haven’t watched them. My gut instinct was that it wouldn’t matter what he said or did if he was a Liberal. I read/saw more stories that the witch hunt was funded by NeverTrumpers and that nobody Evan McMuffin (McMullin). For that reason it angers me that this has happened to Milo. He exaggerates and is theatrical in what he says and how he acts. I admire his bravery for going to college campuses to speak when he knows he’ll be violently protested. He probably thought he was invincible like BFH said with his star rising so fast. His outrageousness definitely has appeal to young people and others on the fringe who wouldn’t for a split second listen to a Mark Levin or a Rush Limbaugh type if you paid them. Milo doesn’t look conservative and doesn’t fit that mold and the lo-fo stereotype. He might be a bit of a train wreck you can’t look away from too…but I find his snark hilarious and on point.

  9. I couldn’t stomach watching the videos in question. So I am at a loss as to what Milo actually said. Did he come right out and say having sex with children is OK? I caught some of his press conference, where he said fourteen was too low an age for consent.

  10. JMV is absolutely spot on. I do like hearing Milo debate smug liberals. It is my hope that he keeps the snark and verve and tones down the graphic references. And yes, he could make a great advocate for hurt children. I really do wish him well. Does he need a GoFundMe page??

  11. Milo should have never been invited to CPAC, shouldn’t have accepted, the people who schemed to do a hit on him & selectively edit his words to max damage & post it on a supposedly “conservative,” blog are garbage humans, and the ppl on the right who didn’t bother to investigate Milo’s words & just ran out & signaled their brave stance against pedophilia,(because nobody is against that!), in this uninformed, overly emotional, pile on & witch purging suck as well.
    No group can mishandle a situation in the worst possible way, like the GOP.

  12. Milo is a radical, but his heart and intentions are in the right place. He says that he loves God, he says that he believes in him, the sin of homosexuality has ensnared him, and I hope that he is able to over come it. This attack on him is one of the most sickening things that I have seen in a long while, as someone who knows and loves people who have been sexuality abused, the fact that Milo had to talk about his abuse and be forced to apologize OUTRAGES me. God have mercy on him, and God heap COALS of burning FIRE upon all of the ‘christian’ nevertrumpers who did this to him.

  13. I think the people focusing on Milo’s homo *thang* – and, yes, that even includes his awful boy/man remarks – are being duped…just like each and every time for decades the Left has “used” OUR morals against us (SEE: Alinsky).

    The Right has “used” – and it’s about damned time! – Milo to draw/attract/appeal to many younger folks to the Right…with his ye olde “outrageous = cool,” just in the same spirit that Trump used his mouth (let’s just call it NYC “Straight Talk” style) – and it’s also about damned time that someone on the Right did so! – to draw so many “undecideds” to vote for him.


  14. So the Milo-be-gone game is over. To those who thought pitching him off the Right’s roof was correct, pat yourselves on the back, why don’t you? Hell, take a bow while you’re at it.

    When you’re done, pause for a moment to ask yourselves who is next, mmkay?

    I would type more – a LOT more, but I’m in week two of a wicked tendonitis bout & keyboard/mouse work is literally painful. Otherwise, it’s typing w/one hand, and there’s stuff to be done IRL. Guess we should all be relieved I can’t do the full-bore rant I have on tap.

    He did not deserve this. I can C&P a relevant tweet I read earlier; “Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet): All of the journos outraged over Milo were noticeably quieter about 1,400 children being abused by pedophiles in Rotherham. Wonder why?”

  15. The same people on the right I see being outraged are the same people who probably think that it’s ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ for boys/young men to look @ porn. So much of it has the same sort of depravity and sodomy that they clutch their bibles about with homosexuality. Both are sin, both are damaging. Not just to those who witness it, but especially to those who partake in it. So why the hypocrisy? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. End of story. You aren’t so pure and holy, nevertrumpers. God will judge you, by the measure that you judge you will be judged by also.

  16. I don’t care what anyone likes to put in their mouth, he was an ally and that was a witch hunt. I guess everyone wants the return of the “moral majority”……that worked out so well in the 80s.

  17. I watched it. It, like everything Milo does, was theatre. Bad theatre with bad acting. First, he wore a suit. I’ve never seen him in a suit before. Usually he is wearing a tight girls T and pearl necklaces with flambouyant eye shadow. Next, he played all the lefty cards. It was a Priest that pleasured him, he is a victim, the videos were deceptively edited, he was attacked for his sexual identity…and on and on and on and on and on…

    In my opinion, he is sorry he got caught, not sorry for what he did. IDK if 99.99% of what he says is right if the remaining 0.01% is something that is totally unforgivable. If you gave me a bag of 1,000 M&Ms and told me that only one in there is filled with cyanide, I am tossing the entire bag in the trash not caring that the other 9,999 are perfectly safe. The fact that only 0.01% is deadly ruins the great taste of the rest.

    Also, to give him a pass because he is a gay guy in our camp is insane. I care none about what two grown adults do in their bedrooms or on Hollywood buses. IMHO, he should have never been in our bus to begin with, so IDK if he gets thrown under it.


    4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

    -Get conservatives to live up to moral rules, democrats have none.

    *Also, every citizen could send the IRS 50 fake tax return, overwhelming them chases every false claim, shut down the entire system with 1/2 billion false leads.

  19. Found peace with BigGuns post last night on the “Killing Milo” thread.
    Still impressed with I Own The World for having some of the best back and forth on the subject.

    Whatever we do, let’s not allow the left to dictate the rules. Rules (of thought) are for Radicals.

  20. I’ve refrained from commenting on Milo and his troubles since this all began. I’ve read every comment and considered every angle to this and I’m still unsettled on most of it. There’s something about the emphasis and the vulnerability points which the Left have pounced upon which leave me pondering this. To be honest, I’ve never liked hearing some of the things that have come out of Milo’s mouth, but I think he is something more than a mere provacateur (sp?). More later if the subject remains.

  21. Milo will land right side up. His book will be published and he will be a better fit somewhere elso, outside the Breitbart family where his title “Technology Editor” seemed more and more weird.

    Also, he will no longer be a possible venue for the left to attack Breitbart….. …to get to Steve Bannon…. ….to get to Donald Trump.

    I adore Milo. He’s funny and accurate, albeit with a tendency to hyperbole. But he helped elect “Daddy Trump” and he’s a figure vulnerable young people need as a courageous role model to confront the prissy pissy PC left.

    Milo’s 15 minutes of fame is not over yet. (And, I think he has learned something.) ….Lady in Red

  22. Let’s go after Tammy Bruce next.
    Let’s not wait for her to do anything horrible to throw her under the bus, she should never have been on the bus in the first place.


  23. Well I got to tell you every time I see that picture of her holding the revolver with her finger on the trigger drives me nuts. As far as Milo goes I’m really hoping someone at Breitbart has enough balls to reject his resignation. This has already been tracked back to Soros. The original dick sucked.

  24. The rioters and the never Trumpers have taken a man that was known only to political junkies and made him famous. Today he’s being criticized by his political enemies and political allies that never cared for him anyway.
    Yiannopoulos will be just fine. Those of us who like him aren’t going anywhere.

  25. I haven’t seen the Milo videos in question. I have been busier than a one-eyed cat keeping track of two mouse-holes.

    But I have a few Brit friends and can usually suss out their style of humour, the manky Scots gits. So I’m going to withhold judgment until I’ve seen the videos in their entirety before determining whether he’s innocent of promoting paederasty.

  26. If you’re going to bring Tammy Bruce into this, BFH, maybe we should go to her site and see her impassioned defense of Milo — (click) …. Hmmmm …. nothing.

    I’m guessing the reason for that is Tammy understands certain delicacies about the situation and practices what I would call “fire discipline”

    Milo could be considered a hugely talented sniper who allowed his recent rise go to his head. Meaning, he thinks he can now shoot at anything he pleases, whenever he pleases. Meaning, he thinks he can go back to his encampment at night and ignore light and sound discipline. And because of his talent, no one is allowed to say a damn thing — just wait around till the super-sniper’s lack of discipline gets everybody killed.

    Milo’s lack of discipline has caused a truly horrendous situation. On the one hand, if he back him up we are saying that the sexual mores that have been a part of every human society ever, mores that are responsible for the development of the human personality and reproduction itself, are now dead. That’s NOT a small matter

    If we pile on top of him, we give ammunition to the most anti-democratic, freedom-destroying tactic in American history. I dont see how this is going to be resolved without something horrible occurring

  27. Evil walks the earth. This co-ordinated smear job from the establishment right, using re-edited old video via the fake front Reagan Battalion website, will have really pissed off the elitists. With both the fake and the genuine outrage this hit job perpetrated, it’s done untold damage to their campaign to normalize pedophilia. The good Lord really does have a sense of humor.

  28. I’ve decided to start selling almost all the things I have bought from BFH over the last decade. Nothing he has signed with his real name will ever be sold. As BFH himself put it in a hand written letter to me, it is paraFURnalia.

    I will keep 40% BFH will get 40% and the rest will get donated to a conservative organization of BFH’s choice, with my agreement.

    I will start with a small token. It is a wooden key fob. On the front is a Molon Labe mask, and on the back is the letters: FOBFH.

    Next up, if this sale goes as intended, will be a Molon Labe 2014 wooden cigar box.

    Contact BFH for pictures of these items.

  29. Ya, I’m insulting Tammy Bruce, my friend.

    I’m responding to “he should have never been on the bus in the first place.”
    You had special knowledge back then of some future crime? One that he hasn’t even committed to this day?

    He shouldn’t have been on the bus, why? Because he’s gay?

  30. BFH, let’s raise some money for a charity we agree on and then part ways.

    Can we at least agree on that?

    If you would like, I can get prints of “American Spring” mail them to you and you can sell them.

    Let’s Make America Great Again.

  31. Just above my monitor at my desk top desk is your beautiful Molon Labe print. It has become a distraction to me. I want it gone. I paid 75 for the print and about 125 to get it framed. It is #10 of 30. Let’s sell it.


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