Why Modern Art Is Complete Crap

Paul Joseph Watson sums it up best-

This sold for close to 50 million dollars-


Wisco Dave sent me an image done by a pig. He says he likes it better.

Image by PIGasso

18 Comments on Why Modern Art Is Complete Crap

  1. I was going to make a witty comment but this second cup of coffee is calling me to start an artistic movement. Gotta go!

  2. …er, was it painted with blood?
    Not trying to jump to satanism right off the bat, but how in the heck did THAT loopy mess go for that much cash?
    Was it drawn by a blind disabled armless person????

  3. There’s a scam in there somewhere.
    No one would pay that much for something so worthless.
    Unless there’s a scam.
    Is it money laundering?
    A tax scam?
    Don’t know.
    But there’s gotta be a complete BS scam in there somewhere.

  4. You don’t get it. The artist in the first case is able to suspend his innate critical consciousness and produce art from his animal brain. The pig has no other choice. It can’t copy what a human does. The only thing making the painting worth $50 million is that someone is willing to pay that much.


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