Why Most Pedophiles Are On The Left


This interest in children is not purely ideological, however. With increasing frequency, the obvious has become undeniable. Those who have a creepy obsession with involving children in their sexual tastes, and use any avenue at their disposal to do so, either have a direct sexual interest in children or want to run cover for those who do. The left has a pedophilia problem, and it’s only getting worse.

I was made painstakingly aware of this fact when I attended the 2019 San Francisco Pride Parade to interview attendees for my YouTube channel, which I co-host with a friend. One particularly honest marcher told my co-host that he is “down for the kink with kids,” mentioning later that he believed that “age is a construct.”  More

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  1. Most atheists are leftist too. Makes it easier to consider age, and everything else that gets in the way of ones deviant desires, “ social constructs”.

  2. Mark Dice had the folks at the beach signing a petition to lock up people who refuse the shots.
    At the end, he was advertising his lock up Fauci tshirts.


    Fortunately, even in California, there were a few people who didn’t go along with his fake petition.

  3. ” One particularly honest marcher told my co-host that he is “down for the kink with kids,”
    And as a parent I’m down with ripping this guys arms off his body and beating him to death with them if he ever touches a kid. Something he/they may want to consider.

  4. Leftist brains are constructs, as well. Pull something out of the liberal pack rat’s stack of mental junk and it collapses.

  5. “The left has a pedophilia problem”

    The left has a morality problem
    The left has a reality problem
    The left has a class envy problem
    The left has a veracity problem
    The left has an insanity problem
    The left has a criminality problem
    The left has a fiscal responsibility problem

    In short, the left has problems.

  6. I tried to think of something clever and funny to say about all of this, but the truth is these fuckers just need to be put down hard. There are monsters disguised as human beings walking amongst us, and some of them are apparently feeling comfortable enough to let the mask slip. You’ll never eliminate creeps like these entirely, but we could be doing a helluva lot better job of it than we seem to be doing currently.

  7. Brad, I’ll help you bury the body in my prairie. Near the pond so it will decompose fast and feed the worms.

  8. Jethro, I think I’ll invest in a few barrels. Anyone who want to ‘plant’ in my prairie, let me know!

    Oh, and I believe that this Bible verse was written specifically for the type of person who is this type of evil:

    Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

  9. Ten to twelve miles out in Lake Superior or Michigan there is deep enough water that will not give up things dumped there. Closer in if you wish, but boat traffic closer in might disturb your efforts. Not sure of the rest of the “Great lakes,” but then they’re to far from me to travel to them with the baggage.

    Our southern friends refer to this as “planting a magnolia tree” which is one of the possible solutions to be worked out in other areas. I’m thinking the Everglades or some bayous might also work.

    Get creative, solutions are multitude.

    Further comment can only create possible problems.

  10. It’s sad how so few can garner so much attention.

    I’m guessing the best response is brut force.

    Just ignore the Constitution…..They have no problem doing the same.

  11. When my father went to Viet Nam in 1968, we moved to a small town right next to the Army base. One day, my bike needed a little TLC so a friend from school introduced me to the man who lives diagonally across the street from me. He was 52 years old and I immediately liked him.

    He fixed my bike, and the next spring he was my seventh grade math teacher. My wife and I stopped by to see him in 1983. I still liked him and I respected him very much.

    Last week I looked him up in Newspapers.com. Since he was born in 1916, I figured he had died. I did find an obituary for him from 1998, but not before I found a couple of articles from 1980 where he plead guilty of “communication with a minor for immoral purposes.” He was originally accused of child molesting. It happened at some type of camp, but I don’t know the age of the boys involved.

    That was a shock I wish I did not have.

  12. “Lots of powdered lime…”

    On a crawl under a house some time back, I wcame nose-to-nose with a dog that was powdered with lime 25 years earlier. It sure does stop the decomposition. Pretty much preserves the evidence until someone gets around to it.

    Probably not a good idea in that sense.

  13. Chipper and a pen of pigs.
    Have chipper will travel.
    The teeth need to go, before or after, dealers choice.
    I nutted a lot of pigs growing up, anything past 45 sec, your wasting time.
    The old vet used Lysol for a disinfectant.

  14. Short eyes have an early expiration date in prison. Get them locked up and let nature take its course.

  15. They don’t have a pedophilia problem, they have a not getting burned alive by normal people often enough problem.

  16. Wild Bill AUGUST 2, 2021 AT 8:12 PM

    Beg to differ sir.

    At least within the penal system here in IL. As in they put them in the same facility and while I had high hopes that a certain individual would get what you were referring to I came to find out he was transferred to a facility that is over seventy-five percent pedos. Should I still be sucking air if and when he might get out there will be a coming out party arranged

  17. @RadioMattM

    Embrace the good and discard the bad. Nobody’s perfect; the best we can do is learn and change our ways – steeling ourselves against our inherent wickedness and trusting in God’s mercy for the difference.


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