BUMPED: Why Mr. Pinko is currently behind Mr. Trump vs. Ted Cruz

Trump has the name recognition, owns the media, Conservative enough and has the best shot at winning the White House.

Things ANTI-Trump Cruz supporters do not get:
* Republican candidates are running against the MEDIA. The media will run rough-shod over Cruz like a cement truck. Trump owns the media.
* Cruz is a POLITICIAN. A Senator no less – like Obama. Trump is a powerful, successful businessman.
* Trump PROMISES to BUILD a BORDER WALL – UNDER BUDGET with Mexico paying for it. To seriously doubt that is foolish. Trump is in the building business. No other candidate can promise that. If Trump is elected and doesn’t keep his promise – he will go down in history as the biggest fool ever. Trump’s ego will not allow that.
* Cruz is for H-1B – disastrous immigration policy that steals American jobs. Trump is dead-fast against H-1B.

* Cruz has been and will continue to be EFFECTIVELY knee-capped by the media. Every time the media tries to destroy Trump his poll numbers go up.
* Cruz’s votes to support TPPA concerns me.
* Trump’s campaign is SELF-FINANCED – beholden to NOBODY. Cruz is controlled by big donors.
* Cruz vs. Bush – the GOP will make sure Bush wins and can outspend Cruz. Trump vs. Bush – Trump has the money to beat the GOP machine.

“Make America Great Again” – what is Cruz’s campaign slogan?

There’s much more to the advantage of coalescing behind Trump instead of Cruz.
If I was confident Cruz could make the nominee and win the general election I’d be right there with you with pom poms. BUT… Trump has the name recognition to the general public and has the better shot at winning the White House.

Republicans have been whining about a THIRD PARTY for decades – you finally got one WITHIN the Republican party with TRUMP.

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299 Comments on BUMPED: Why Mr. Pinko is currently behind Mr. Trump vs. Ted Cruz

  1. “I’m going to vote for the guy I think will win (Conservative or NOT) rather than Cruz, whose principles I actually more fully agree with”
    @Mr Pinko
    Now there is the way conservatives can get back control of DC! Good thing Reagan voters didn’t vote that way, though…

  2. I’m voting for Trump for the BORDER WALL, Immigration policy and the economic reform he can bring to the table.

  3. Plus – my vote for Trump is an F.U. vote to the GOP. Why would I vote for another politician who has done nothing but LIE to me?
    We still have ObamaCare (FUNDED by the GOP), wide open border, economy still in the tank, NO BUDGET CUTS, Iran getting nukes, etc….
    I’d rather give Trump a shot than ANOTHER LYING POLITICIAN.
    If Trump can’t do it – we’re in the same friggin’ boat.

  4. Of course the dim bulb Cruz won’t be quite as smart and able as Trump. He has a LONG history of what principles now? I know he’s a good yakker, though. I guess we’ve seen that that is what really counts when running for office, as the results so clearly show.

  5. But, Trump will do it. And I second your you can’t get different results doing the same thing over and over. Trump has 25% of the black vote, Hispanic business leaders. He’s reaching and attracting Democrats. He’s got a real shot at this. Nobody else does.

  6. F.U. to the Establishment would seem to be best demonstrated by someone amongst them who they hate even more that the Trumpeter.

  7. I’m glad that people didn’t listen to the Establishment and the MSM and the “Republican” talking heads in 1980, and threw them the ultimate F.U. in electing the “cowboy” who was going to “bomb Moscow in ten minutes”.

  8. I’m being sarcastic about all of the “lying Cruz has been to all of dundereads out here, as opposed to the super honest Trump and his long history of fighting for the American people in gov’t [more sarc/]

  9. I’m still a Cruz supporter (with reservations) but I fully understand where Mr Pinko is coming from (and Joe Dan). And I sure don’t want a GOPe candidate in there.

    I think a lot of people don’t realize that this race is a marathon and we’re only at about the 2-mile mark right now. An awful lot can happen before November 2016.

  10. Yes, his capitalizing at the cost of taxpayers in 4 bankruptcies demonstrates his financial acumen to me, and his convincing low-info voters demonstrates so well how he will govern, I’m sure.

    Trump played by the current rules.
    Tell me your candidate is an economic genius over Trump?

  12. Jeb is dead. Basing a vote on fear of a dead man seems less than a working strategy. Most of the field is dead, but Cruz is WELL funded through he entire primaries, already. Cruz is not going to run out of money, and is not getting any from the RNC now.

  13. Not meaning to be “trite,” but I can only say “Amen” to that Mr. Pinko. I realize that Cruz displayed his testosterone against the media at the third debate, and picked up numbers, and fought vigorously on the Senate floor, but it’s not enough. I was in the Cruz camp from the start, but in the past month realized we absolutely need to coalesce with Trump. I never ever watched Trump’s TV show, and only thought of him as some sort of casino magnet so I never thought of him as a serious candidate. Obviously, I’m not a groupie.

    It may not mean anything, but I was saturated in dem politics watching for 60 years – since I was ten and my parents were coerced into involvement because of peon political jobs. When I was way too young, I saw stuff that only happened in “make believe” movies. I saw the corrupt tactics that spilled over to counties in states near Chicago. The dems, theGOPe, and the colluding recipients in the global arena have taken over not just our country, but the world. STOP them now. Pray for Trump.

    Also, we need to check out the The Postcard Campaign at CTH http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/10/29/coldanger-postcard-campaign/ .

  14. Trump/Cruz 2016.

    This is our winter of discontent, our Valley Forge. Trump is Washington, the indispensable man who loves his country. He can rise above the proglodyte controlled media and connect with the people. He is immune to their attacks and fights back. He says what he means and that is what everyone wants after years of lies and deceit.

    You don’t have to like him, but he is the only one in the GOP who can carry the day, and he owes no favors to any establishment or donor.

    I like Cruz, I just think he’ll need at least 4 years as a VP to undo the vilification heaped upon him by the establishment and their minions in the press.

  15. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    Actually, more shenanigans … the people supporting CHEB! are the same who support HRC and are trying to own every horse in the race – which is the only sure way to win.

    I’ve become cynical and just keep wondering if at some point Trump will just throw up his hands and say “Fuck This – I got Better Shit to Do!”

    Hope not, but it keeps nagging at the back of my head.

  16. If Jeb is dead so is Cruz.

    RealClearPolitics has:
    Jeb polling at 6.8
    Cruz polling at 7.3
    Trump polling at 26.8

    (sarc on) Yeah – Cruz’s war chest is bigger than Trump’s and Jeb’s.

  17. A couple of months ago I was on board with Cruz and thought Trump was a COMPLETE joke. I’ve met both candidates. Cruz did NOT impress me and he was my NUMBER ONE guy when I met him. (and it wasn’t just a handshake – it was a 2 hour SMALL PERSONAL meeting that I got to interact with him – he’s a slick talking lawyer/politician that dances his words.)

  18. Definition of Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

  19. Yup – I heard Bernie Sanders wants to build a YUGE WALL and DEPORT POS ILLEGAL Immigrants. Yeah – Trump is just like Bernie!
    You’re showing desperation on your part. 😉

  20. See – there’s a difference here – I’m not out to cap Cruz at the knees like you’re doing to Trump.
    I’ll take Cruz – I just don’t think he can win in the general election against the mainstream media. There’s way too many advantages to having Trump run instead of Cruz. Trump owns the media. If anything, Trump will build a wall. Trump will enforce immigration laws and DEPORT POS.
    I don’t hear you saying you’ll vote for Trump if he makes the nomination?

  21. Yes. I agree. He was interviewed this a.m. on WIND Chicago talk show. He skirted a direct question typical politician style even though it was a benign question from the host who was obviously impressed with him and not confrontational.

  22. You mean besides him being a liberal? Yes, Liberals do still win, look at all of the RINOs in Congress.
    I don’t hate Trump, I love him blowing up the press and the RINOs, and the commie-libs. But he is not, and has never been, and will never be a conservative. Haven’t you had enough of liberal ‘Pubbies?

  23. I’ve said on this site plenty of times that I like Trump. I just like a conservative for president way better is all.

  24. Republicans are in control of DC NOW! – what did we get? ObamaCare FUNDED by Republicans – OPEN BORDER – Iran gets nukes – and now we have PAUL RYAN! RINO!!!
    Yup – electing politicians are working for us. WASHINGTON CORRUPTS POLITICIANS – look at Tea Party darling Rubio flipped on Immigration. And you still have idiots supporting him.

  25. “I don’t hate Trump”

    Really? But you call him a liberal. You come across more Anti Trump than Pro Cruz.
    I’m done pointing out the obvious. I just hope the fanaticism I’m picking up from some gives way to voting for who ever gets the nomination. This country won’t survive another communist.

  26. I wasn’t a Trump guy, but after listening to him over the past several weeks, my response is “why not?” Trump has an ego as big as Everest, but maybe that’s what is needed to tame the Washington bureaucrats and permanent insiders. Trump knows how to run big organizations, and Trump has a drive to make things bigger and better than any other candidate. Trump’s personality will not allow him to settle for anything less than being the best.

    I’m really tired of the Democrat’s mantra of “things are bad, America is bad, and it’s still Bush’s fault.” I’m tired of the Republican light candidates – “we may not fix things completely, but we are not quite as bad as a Democrat.” Trump wants to build a wall, and I say let’s give him a chance to build a wall and see if that improves things.

    As for the lo-fo voters, these folks are a fact of life and most candidates have to at least pay lip service to them. But Trump is different – he is a non-politician star. He was on television. He owned casinos. He built opulent buildings with his name on them. He is “The Donald.” O.k., “The Donald” is not a catchy one word name like Cher or Prince or Madonna, but you have to admit that “The Donald” is still pretty cool. The point is that lo-fo voters may not defect from the Democrats en masse, but enough of them may be dazzled by their perception of “The Donald” to cross over.

  27. A non-conservative who has the ability to win and know how to accomplish several key necessities for the U.S. of A. to survive is much better than a conservative who cannot get elected. Time is now to NOT do a protest vote. That’s what a vote for Cruz would be at this time.

  28. “Cruz has done already, Trump has not done shit but talk.
    I’ll take the doer over the talker every time.”

    (sarc on) Yeah – you convinced me – Trump is a failure.

  29. Trump/Cruz; Cruz/Trump. Or any combo of the two with Carson or Forina, will suit me fine. The entire socialist/demorat lineup couldn’t shine any of their shoes But, as someone said above, the LoFos and the media will carry the day.

  30. Yes, Cruz is a great American and Constitutional Scholar, not one who studied it to subvert it, but one who studied it to uphold it.

    Yes, he is 100% wrong on increasing rather than dramatically decreasing h-1B visas.

    But, he is simply not electable in today’s America that values “celebrity” above all.

    But an appointment to the supreme court by President Trump would let Cruz work for limited, Constitutional government for decades rather than months.

  31. Is Cruz going to build a border wall? Is Cruz going to deport ILLEGAL immigrants?
    LISTEN to Ted Cruz’s answer VERY CAREFULLY – I’ll give you a hint at key words you’re listening for: “what Congress should do” “bi-partisanship agreement” “then we can have a debate” “then we can have a conversation”. Then listen to Trump 😉


  32. Trump gains nothing by running for president, he is doing the country a favor.
    He has everything a president has and more.
    Rarely does a non-politician run for president.
    I think we are very lucky trump is doing this.

  33. One objection to point in article: Trump will not go down as the biggest fool ever. We already have that in the White House now.

  34. jdavid says “Jeb is dead”

    If Jeb is dead so is Cruz.

    RealClearPolitics has:
    Jeb polling at 6.8
    Cruz polling at 7.3
    Trump polling at 26.8

  35. Trump will win because he will get a percentage of of the black and hispanic voter that NO OTHER REPUBLICAN will get (no matter what they promise).

  36. Actually the 4 bankruptcies that Trump experienced is what I like about Trump. Everyone thinks that the bankruptcies are a negative; but if they have been an employee or an entrepreneur in the private sector, then they know that nothing is guaranteed.

    Many business ventures fail, through no fault of the owner/investor/entrepreneur. The fact that Trump keeps on punching and tries new ventures is a big plus.

  37. GREAT ARTICLE – thank you

    Consider Donald Trump’s deal-making skills. One of the clever things he has done over his lifetime is build up a set of expectations around his personality and operating style. When he enters a negotiation, you expect him to keep hammering until he wins. But you also expect a lot of energy and attention when it comes to a Trump deal, so your odds of making money with a Trump deal are good even if you are not the “winner” of the negotiations.

    Now imagine a President Trump – a deal-making, super-optimist with a reputation for making money. What does that do to an economy? It probably super-charges it in a way no one has ever seen. The expectations under a Trump presidency would be similar to a Reagan vibe in the sense that people would assume the economy was going to trend up, so investment would follow that expectation.

    Economics is a self-fulfilling system in the sense that optimism and expectations create money where there was none before.

    Let me say that again. You can’t hear this too much. Optimism and positive expectations create money where there was none before.

    Read more: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/132213924466/economics-and-expectations-with-a-trump-point#ixzz3q5JhgaF5

  38. Cruz is proposing a flat tax and vows to abolish the IRS.
    Trump plans to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the titanic.

    Cruz promises to repeal every word of Obamacare.
    Trump has at least 3 positions on Obamacare, and they change often.

    Cruz promises to end illegal immigration.
    Trump promises a wall with a giant beautiful door.

    If Trump gets the Nomination I will vote for him, but he is NOT first on my list! His history of changing positions is well documented. I believe Jeb is toast, it is Rubio you need to worry about as the GOPe candidate.

    Go Ted Cruz!

  39. I was all excited about Cruz, he’s a pk, his dad is a preacher. Gotta be trustworthy and honorable, right? I was all excited about Huckabee, he is a preacher. Trustworthy, right? My smarmy rino senator, John Thune is a Preachers Kid. Didnt start as a rino, but is now McConnells yes man. Politics destroys moral people, so I’m voting for a non-politician. Someone who hasnt broken a single promise to me.


  40. “Trump is Washington, the indispensable man who loves his country.”

    Oh, good lord people. Trump is Washington? Really? I realize like Claudia did, that one can’t be pro-Cruz here without getting hammered, so maybe she had the right idea about just keeping quiet. But this is too much.

    When are you Trump-ites going to come out with your theme song? umm ummm ummm Donald Trump? The guy is a con-man – a Kardashian. I guess it can’t be much worse than the con-man we currently have in the White House but thinking that Trump will be our savior in on a par with Hope and Change in my view.

    Ah, screw it. The country is probably done already. I’ll try not to rain on your parade.

  41. Really brilliant compilation for comparison. A big part of the problem for Cruz is that he has, unfortunately, been baptized into a system that cannot allow Trump’s unvarnished truth. The congress is not trusted by Americans because we all know that despite the bluff and bluster — even on the floor of the House and Senate — that after hours they all get together and share in the brotherhood of their collective political good fortune. They have arrived. It’s as close a fraternity as any ring-wearing group in the Greek system. If it weren’t scum like Cummins, Rogers, etc. would be drummed out of the corps with such haste and shame it would be unbelievable. But they’re not, they’re not even afraid of scandal because they protect their own. Even Cruz, I’m sorry to say.

    They don’t call politics, politics for nothing.

  42. I seem to recall in 2006 or 2007 that John McCain was politically dead. Miraculously, McCain was the Republican Presidential nominee who excited no one except the RNC poobahs who wanted him.

    The RNC poobahs want Jeb, so Jeb ain’t dead until the final gavel falls at the Republican Convention and someone else is the nominee.

  43. I haven’t read previous comments, so pardon if a repetition…

    * I’ve heard the analogy with the 2012 election…that Cruz is Gingrich and Carson is Cain…IN THE EYES OF THE DNC. I agree: the DNC can OFF THEM just as easily.

    * I don’t have any more heartburn over Cruz’s H1B stuff than I do over Trump’s Kelo/Eminent Domain stuff. BOTH STINK. Neither is an absolute “go/no go” matter for me.
    THAT SAID…what DOES trouble me IMMENSELY about Cruz is his votes for (i.e. support of) fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership deal/fiasco. I have also heard – and would be grateful to be corrected if wrong! – that Cruz voted FOR the Corker Amendment which flipped the Constitution on its head, requiring two thirds to vote to REJECT the deal rather than to APPROVE it.

    * Likewise, please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that Cruz – unlike Trump AND !Cheb! – is NOT trying to get on the Primary ballots of all 50 States. So, if HE’S not making the effort, why should I?!?


    THAT SAID…BLESS YOU FUR & Co.!!! The great and open communication AT iOTWreports is INVALUABLE. In comparison: though the research and analysis over at Conservative Treehouse is great, over the past few months I think they have clearly begun to LOSE ALL SENSE OF REALITY. Setting aside crunt stella-and-company’s addiction to shutting out ANY SLIGHTEST questioning of reasonable dissent, “sundance’s” last “Open Letter To Donald Trump” read more like some crap out of a JIM JONES INDOCTRINATION CAMPAIGN. His latest “thing” is a send-your-love-in-a-postcard-to-The-Donald push. A postcard…REALLY?!? Well, F you with a hot iron up your a§$; maybe THAT will bring you back to reality, fools.


    As much as I love Cruz, all things considered, it seems TRUMP is the way to win this election and improve America.

  44. Um, yeah. Cruz has totally kicked ass! With our money. 🙁

    jdavid: If Trump is the R nominee will you vote for him?

  45. From many reports, it is shocking how many D’s are crossing over. And now my worry is that they will try to change the conservative base — water it down with libtard ideas. But for now it’s a good problem to have, right?

    Cruz has been AMAZING speaking on the floor of the Senate.
    Filibustering, proposing bills, etc.


    Please detail your response. Thank you.

  47. I agree we need to be concerned about Rubio. He came across as the poor young man who was picked on by Jebbie (although picked to replace Jebbie if Jebbie doesn’t come through dems eat their young). I visualize the thought process of wussie women seeing that Jebbie/Rubio staged bit. Jebbie does NOT want the presidency. It’s been obvious from the get go.

    There is political background to Carson that we are not learning about. What is it?

    Too many players in the pack. Trump is the only one who has more to loose by running than not running.

  48. I totally agree. I have been trying to tell the pro-life community not to put their trust in the guy who says he will symbolically burn PP. There have been decades for pro-life pols to do this. It’s still the law of the land. I am a life long practicing RC. I have more trust for people who don’t wear their faith on their sleeve than those who do.

  49. Exactly. Trump Democrats the would like to be employed again.
    And on the other side of the coin Cruz will only garner so much support due to his melodic preacher like delivery. It will have a negative effect on a lot of voters. Word.

  50. magnum, a 3 part answer:

    A) F*ck Leon Wolf and everyone else at RedSLATE.

    B) Trump would have to reverse his immigration positions IN TOTO for me to not support him.


  51. What bankruptcies are you talking about JDavid? What type? Chapter 7 or reorganization? What losses did taxpayers have to pick up? Did the government lend him the money? Where’s your facts? Was is government policy, like S&L fiasco in the 1980s that destroyed the real estate market and thousands of savings and loans, all the result of (D) incompetence and the never ending law of unintended consequences, of which they are never held accountable.

    Businesses use bankruptcies laws all the time to restructure debt.

    You want an example of someone violating the spirit of the bankruptcy law-think BHO and the GM bankruptcy. They ignored the law and screwed all the bond holders by subordinating their rightful claims, to protect the UAW cronies.

  52. I think Mr. Pinko has done a yeoman’s job in laying out why Trump is our only choice this cycle. If you can’t see it, you can’t see it, and no amount of arguing back and forth is going to change your mind.

    I, too, was thrilled that Cruz was running. I wrote a long comment way back about who I thought would be the serious conservative choices, of the three I listed, only Cruz is still standing. I was neutral on Carson because I just didn’t see how he was going to go up against the bush machine and make it. He is now, but it could be the bush machine is behind his numbers for a bigger fall later.

    But that was all before Trump’s amazing honesty about what shape this country is in, about illegal immigration, anchor babies, wall building and his response to trade deficits. Then I went back to his announcement and some of the press around it. Do you know that the DOW started in negative numbers that day and shot up like a rocket on news of his candidacy? It closed historically high that day. What does that prove?, you ask. Hey, if you don’t get it, you just don’t get it, okay.

    Here’s a big part of the deal for me: Trump is the only one who can tell us the country is in serious trouble. Why? Because he’s not part of the D.C. country club who put us there. Duh. And if you can’t name the problem, you sure as hell can’t come up with a solution. Just look at this regime’s problem with calling a terrorist a “terrorist.”

    So, argue away on the relative merits of candidate’s experience. I only know that so-called experience has got a hill of bean’s worth of importance compared to results. I want a president who knows his job is to protect and defend the people of this country first, last and always — someone who’s got the guts to say what needs saying and does what needs doing, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who is unhappy about it. That is Trump.

  53. Czar — I don’t know Sundance (though I have read his theories). He is undoubtedly responding to the Carson polling number in IA last week. Like a lot of people, he doesn’t want Trump to not know that people are still 100% behind him. You know Trump is running his own campaign — he’s added managers in three or four states now, but his staff is minute. They read every card and letter that comes in. It’s Trumps way of knowing how much support he has — since he doesn’t ask for money. Trump has said many times on the stump how important those letters are to him. I wouldn’t vilify sundance too much — it’s kind of like a telegram thing to Mr. Smith (Goes to Washington).

  54. When is the last time he has talked about building the Great Wall Of Trump, I would think if that’s going to be his only accomplishment as President he would be saying it every speech.

  55. Excellent choice of clips showing contrast of decisiveness and contrast between political speak and straight forward speak between the two. TY Mr. Pinko. If video was available in their day, Ben & Thomas would approve.

  56. I’d just like to say that Pinko’s endorsement of Trump does not reflect the totality of iOTWreport.
    Pinko is rogue.
    BUT, I must say that I get a daily, DAILY, barrage from a number of tipsters that are very concerned with Cruz’s H-B1 stance.
    They cannot understand why we aren’t beating that drum more on iOTW.
    I’ve run several stories about it over the months, but I’m not willing to make it appear that we are putting a shovel to the guy.

    I’m prepared to go all in for Cruz if he gets the nomination, and I’m trying to avoid a repeat performance from 4 years ago, when we had to beclown ourselves by supporting Romney after months of beating him about the head and neck.

    Having said all this, Ted Cruz worries me with his Goldman Sachs wife and his call for a 500% increase in foreign workers on work Visas.

    I know lots of people who have been displaced by foreign workers, they aren’t coming here filling jobs that are vacant for the lack of Americans.
    That’s all bullshit.
    H-B1 workers are REPLACING people in existing jobs.
    I can’t get past this with Cruz.
    It’s almost a deal breaker.

  57. Wow! Yep, that’s the only thing he’s running on is the Great Wall Of Trump. His only skill set, building walls.

  58. Even though I’m sure most of you have seen the individual clips somewhere, Mr. P consolidated the clips and they quickly show contrast between the two men. Here is a repeat of the link he posted above because it currently appears that only three of us responded to the link, and it’s an important link. As I stated above, Ben & Tom would approve.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_y9HNJ8qFE .

  59. Anyone see the newest layoffs by Cat? Trump mentioned in one of his speeches how one of his friends who normally contracts millions in equipment lamented to him that he had to buy Komatsu. Foreign monetary manipulation at work, lays off people here.

  60. Damn right he is a Washington of this time. We are at the edge, as in 1777, and we need a champion to rally around.

    An election of Hilliary, or a GOPe candidate, will mean the death of America. It will be a slow death as our birthright is surrendered to a mob of imported, low skilled foreigners, who will continually support politicians for ever increasing entitlements, which we will have to pay for. This isn’t going to end well if that happens. I believe it has always been BHO’s plan to cause civil unrest at the minimum, if not outright civil war. It would fit the template of this 6 year long assault on our institutions.

    Trump is the only one outside that can get elected. You don’t have to like him, and many didn’t like Washington in 1777, but he is our only hope. Cruz doesn’t have a prayer at winning in 2016, and I don’t care how much money he has raised (I give to Trump and Cruz). I like them both, but I am pragmatic.

    We need the White House in 2017 to stop the bleeding. Then we can start cleaning out the Congress in 2018 and 2020. Think long term.

  61. Probably my biggest attraction to Trump is that he’s one of the few people that understand the dynamics of this shitty little “World Economy” that business owners are now forced to compete in but have zero control over.

  62. Lots. You have a lot of reading to catch up on. I hope BFH makes this a sticky post.

    I’m not sure why some of our fellow travelers think they are getting beat up on if they are for Cruz. Thought this was a discussion/persuasion with give and take. Hope you all don’t take it to heart. Heck, if Trump doesn’t get the nomination, and Cruz does, I’ll vote for Cruz. However, then Shrillary wins.

  63. As much as I agree with you about lying politicians, Cruz has been steadfast with his Conservative principles on which he was elected and has tried his best in a RINO Senate.

    However, Trump is appealing to Independents. Had a bout with friends at dinner last night that are politics-light.

    They kept poo-pooing Trump until I pointed out the Independent aspect.

    They’re now on board.

    Cruz for VP?

  64. I’m NOT Cruz bashing. I’m just tired and pissed off at career politicians and the GOP. Trump is the ALMOST PERFECT anti-establishment GOP candidate. I feel if you elect a politician – you’re going to get politics. And I’m tired of feeling like Charlie Brown. The more Trump speaks, the more I believe he’s in it to win it and will fulfill his promises. If it turns out he lied (doubt it very much) – we’re in the same boat we started with.

    Watch the VIDEO of Trump and Cruz! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_y9HNJ8qFE

  65. We need to vote for anyone (even a ham sandwich) over Hillary.

    If anyone stays home this time (after staying home in 2008 and 2012), you can blame yourselves for our country going full-force into socialism.

    There is no perfect candidate, but we CANNOT have Hillary!!!

  66. Yeah I suppose next y’all will start in with the Cruz isn’t eligible argument. And then you can all use that against him.

  67. Trump’s not only a man – he’s his own man.


    The postcard crap is a vanity move of the treehouse.
    They are moving towards the SICKO WARD fast.

    You have been forewarned.

  68. PINKO is rogue?!?

    YOU’RE rogue!

    We’re ALL rogue here!!!

    That’s the beuty of your site!

    p.s. eleventy!

  69. “Cruz is proposing a flat tax and vows to abolish the IRS.” How many tax lawyers, tax preparers, IRS employees and all their dependents will vote for Cruz because of that promise. Me thinks they will go for Schrillary _because_ of Cruz’s proposal.

  70. “Trump has a major flaw, he wants to be liked by everybody.”
    Fox loves him, the Bush’s love him, Mexico loves him, Carly loves him.
    How are you coming up with this shit?

  71. And quite honestly Rand Paul has stopped more legislation than anybody. If that’s your criteria you’re voting for the wrong guy.

  72. That’s a weird view.

    How can you own an empire as large as Trump’s without being a doer? Those condos, hotels, and casinos didn’t just spring up when the Good Fairy tapped Trump with her magic wand.

  73. Alpha males want to be liked because they can more easily BE alpha males in the workplace without causing prolonged pain to others.

    Too busy to expound, but will if need be, but trust me, I know. Do you remember Norm on Cheers when he fired people. He obviously wasn’t portrayed as an alpha, but he was liked, even when he fired people. That episode was filled with legit psychology of people interaction.

  74. I own and operate several large companies. That’s what I like most about Trump.
    He is a business man. He gets business.
    Obama hates big business. Why the hell is he president.
    I’ve lost 25% of my employees because of that jerk.

  75. The way I see it Trump has been watching the country fall into decay, just like us. He probably thought it wasn’t that bad for him, until obummer was elected and things started going down hill fast. He realized his empire was doomed if something didn’t happen, so in 2011 he poked obummer with a stick (birth certificate) and saw that obummer was teflon coated. He didn’t run in 2012 because he thought the electorate would awaken, and that he is a businessman, not a politician. Then he saw Romney give away the presidency and he realized the GOP is in the tank with the globalists.
    This time he decided he had to do this himself to save his empire and more importantly – his progeny.
    Trump is a capitalist, and I believe unrestrained capitalism will save this country. I will vote for Trump, but I hope Cruz is in his administration somewhere.

  76. Magnum, I really don’t understand why you’re saying some of these things. First, you post a RedState piece that totally bashes Trump supporters and expect us to take it seriously. Trump bashers say that Trump supporters are zombies like obots — a very unkind cut, considering everything we conservatives have been through for the past several years.

    Then you ironically accuse Trump supporters of bashing Cruz. I think it’s been said several times (at least) in this thread and others that if Cruz wins the nomination, we have utterly no problem enthusiastically supporting him. More so because he is a proven conservative. Both Trump and Cruz have a couple of issues that leave us all disappointed. I have to say, though, that in the grand scheme of things, Cruz’s support of H1B visa numbers is more directly troubling to one of the biggest problems at hand. The Kelo bill is important too, of course. But it’s a non-issue for lo-fo’s and it directly, materially affects fewer people. Yes, you can say that it sets a nasty precedence for gov’t control of personal property, but we’re in triage as I write and Kelo is not bleeding us out just now. Same thing for the wall you’re having a great time bashing. It’s not just Mexicans crossing the border down south. It’s wide open to drug cartels and every sort of ME terrorist. It’s happening right now.

    The issue for Trump supporters, as I and others see it, is that it is not a question of Trump versus Cruz at all. It’s the issue of who can win the nomination over bush. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind the authenticity of Cruz’s cred on conservative issues. He’s just not going to be able, based on his poor name recog (among a cross-section of voters), his ability to stay in based on $$, and the many reasons already presented.

    We all know of Trump’s failures, his change on how he views political issues over the years and we’re good with it because it was in the context of a businessman using whatever tools were available to him to succeed. It wasn’t as an elected pol who wants you to forget his record. For all you libertarians, that should pique your interest. And he wasn’t underhanded about it. Further, he’s done an enormous amount of good in this country already as an employer and builder — providing jobs to people who need them. I would think that you would at least give him some credit for that.

    I’m convinced you haven’t even listened to Trump on the stump, his interviews or read his positions on his web site. You just don’t like him, right?

  77. I want to know from Magnum, jdavid and any other anti-Trump supporters out there. If Trump wins the nomination are you going to vote for him in the general election?

  78. How’s he coming up with this stuff? Oh, I don’t know, Redstate, TheBlaze, and several other sites. Can’t tell the difference anymore between some of them and huffpo.

  79. A Cruz presidency would be the greatest thing on earth. However, I am not stupid enough to believe he can appeal to the entire electorate. We have 50% on the government handout list. They can give a crap about the Constitution let alone politics. These people vote if promised free stuff. Besides, the media has spent Cruz’s entire political career ripping him to shreds. While he is a tremendous fighter, the lofo voters have had their views shaped by the media and Ted won’t get their vote.

    I believe Trump is the man that can grab lofo voters, they look up to celebrities. Trump has the money and the megaphone that can’t be ignored. Trump appeals to more than just the conservatives looking for adults to lead the country. He appeals to Blacks, union workers, independents that want politicians out. For better or for worse, Trump will be the man to turn things around. My gut says Trump.

  80. It’s not even fing logical. So they just throw crap on the walls and see what sticks. Doesn’t seem like a very productive agenda. Interestingly enough The Right Scoop is very Anti Trump.

  81. “If Trump gets the Nomination I will vote for him, but he is NOT first on my list!”

    Vice versa for me and much appreciated 😉

  82. If I understand the H-B1 visa thing correctly, it should be a non-issue because of the requirements to use it, but like anything the feds control, it is out of control and abused with no oversight. H-B1, if used properly is needed because we teach wymin studies instead of job skills in colleges, and other countries are teaching actual job skills. Kelo is a principle based thing that goes to the core of the candidates beliefs, and Trump failed that one miserably!

    Now, with that said,RANT ON!

    There is no way I can follow a thread like this with the new “reply” format! You readers are smart enough to post something like “@Pinko, RE the Breitbart story”, but trying to trace down a reply on a 120+ comment thread will wear the bearings out of a mouse wheel in less than 5 minutes! It sucks Caitlyn balls!

    OK, Rant off.

  83. Bet Mickey’s gonna jump on it. Just cause Don said so.
    They got shareholders to cave to. Maybe they’ll give Trump a donation to get him to shut up.

  84. I’m not hammering Cruz supporters or Cruz. I’ve laid out my case why we should all coalesce behind Trump so we do NOT get Jeb Bush. And if you think Jeb is dead, McCain was in the same boat in 2007 and we had to pretend we liked him, he’s our guy after he got the nomination.
    If Jeb Bush gets nominated I sit home. If Ted Cruz miraculously gets the nomination, I’ll campaign for him just as hard as for Trump.
    But you have to be realistic here – between Trump and Cruz – Trump has the name-brand and cross-over appeal to beat Hillary. If you think Cruz has a shot, you’re not being honest, realistic or insightful. And that’s not meant as a slam on you. I wish and hope I’m wrong about Cruz’s chance of winning if nominated. Please consider and reconsider the case I laid out for Trump.

  85. I bring up Kelo in Trump – which concerns me.
    I bring up H-B1 in Cruz – which concerns me.

    And I’m all for Trump and Cruz. Go figger.

    This is a site where we discuss, argue, get angry.
    We present lots of stories, pro and con.

    The very least we can ask is that people understand the argument.

    Pinko prefers Trump over Cruz, but is not campaigning AGAINST Cruz.
    If Cruz emerges, he’s all for Cruz.

    The only candidate iOTWreport is in complete agreement with is that we are campaigning AGAINST Jeb.

    It shouldn’t get to the point where people are willing to die on a Cruz hill or a Trump hill. Both would be fine nominees.

    I’d be whole hog for any of the field, even Christie.
    Just not Bush, because he represents the handpicked candidate by the establishment who sneer at us and laugh at us, thinking we’re pathetic because we believe the government is by the people.

  86. Magnum is entitled to his opinions and concerns.
    But people (not saying this about Magnum) aren’t entitled to imply anyone who is for Trump is a moron, a sheep, a zombie, ill-informed, a rube, etc.
    That’s not accurate or fair.

  87. I’ve only gotten this far so far reading the comments. I was beginning to think maybe I wasn’t going to be welcome anymore at iotw for supporting Ted Cruz. I believe in him, he’s a God fearing man and that’s what our country needs. And he’s smart and loves this country.

    I’m glad, Mr. Pinko, that you said you aren’t hammering us Cruz supporters. I would never bash Trump. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I don’t want my fellow Conservative to turn and bash Cruz. We need to come together as one unit.

    Like I said, I’ve only gotten this far in my reading. McCain only got the nominee because of the strength of love and trust and faith the American people had for Sarah Palin. She is the one and only thing that saved his bacon. And then he turned around and let his people ‘knife her in the back.’

    I will continue my reading now…

  88. @ Mendermen
    Huh! Just realized after reading your post – I’m confused also. That’s the beauty of things at my age. I can be confused and mostly not know it. 🙂

  89. Blah..blah…my dick is bigger than yours….I’m right you’re wrong
    I see what I see, I read what I read, I know what I know, and I believe what I believe

    The question is….will you vote for the one that is selected or go whining?

    I don’t waste my precious life with this shit until it comes time.

    There’s nothing anybody can say to sway we otherwise

  90. Why are there 149 responses here ( and counting)?

    Because, my friends, we have an embarassment of riches this year…



    To me, there are two issues at stake here, two objectives that matter above all others.

    One is, assuming, as we all do, that America is sliding into the toaster, who will be the one who yanks the bread slice out before it’s suitable only for tossing into the yard for the crows?

    And the second is, after the initial hard work of stemming the bleeding is done (sorry to mix metaphors), who is the younger, smarter, more stable hand to move our movement into its more serious reconstruction and education phase?

    Answer one is Mr. Trump.

    Answer two is Sen Cruz.

    I suggest that The Donald, as he’s known by his ex-wives and millions of fans, is palatable enough to probably 60% of the American GenPop, to finally sweep the odious Mrs. Clinton under the rug of ignominy and get some really important, cool, and mostly conservative shit done. Like restoring basic legality and international standing. And, hail Trumpian values, putting some delicious cash into American pockets for a change. All American’s pockets, too.

    Is he going to pursue what Ted Cruz would pursue? Partially, but probably not the harder social conservative stuff.

    You have to lead the country into that direction, gently. And Trump cannot, will not, have enough time to do that. Nor will it even be the prime directive in the first term. His plate will be mighty full as it is.

    That’s where Vice President Ted Cruz comes in.

    44 years old. Forgets more than most of us will ever know. But still green in the black arts of persuasion and deal-making. He needs a mentor. He needs seasoning. He needs to go to Trump Business College.

    So let’s enjoy the cornucopia for a change. Let the doer do, since he’s 69, and let the young talent mature, since he’s 44.

    16 years of market based solutions and an eventual return to a moral center. Not sure about you, but it gives me goosebumps. I haven’t had goosebumps since Ronald Reagan.


    What, I ask, is not to like about that?

  91. All of the sudden, after the CNBC debate, H-1B visas are all the rage tearing the republicans apart. Coincidence? I say not. This is very reminiscent of George Snuffaluffagus asking Santorum (I think it was him) if he thought birth control should be outlawed.

    Anyway, I feel like we are being played, and the best and brightest are falling for it.

    What percentage of the population are affected by H-1B visas or have ever heard of them before this week?

    Let’s move on and go back to electing a true conservative.

  92. When 25 million illegals start voting you won’t have to vote anymore.
    The democrats win by default.
    Sending illegals home is the whole ball game. How do people not get that.
    Trump is the only one saying he will send them home.

  93. Wow. Why bother to vote for Cruz if he’s the nominee? Shrillary’s just gonna win. This is defeatest talk! The Dems aren’t talking this way I bet for THEIR side! And I bet they just love this. They are reading this, no doubt.

    Let me tell you Dems that are reading this: I’m gonna fight with all I got! For Cruz and or Trump and or Carson… I’m not going to give up and throw in the towel prematurely. Others might, BUT I’M NOT!

    I really hate this. I’m really sad. This IS Cruz bashing and I don’t like it. Trump’s not perfect, but I’m not going to dump on him just because he isn’t my first choice at the moment.

    And I don’t mean to sound upset at a fellow iotw’er. I’m just really, really bummed by this.

  94. Brad, I lost my insurance because 8% didn’t have any. Fuck Disney and their evil ways, not my problem! Tell me how many people really care about H-1B visas. What, maybe 1% of the population? So now the other 99% gotta regroup and relearn how to do what ever it is we aren’t doing? Now If you want to get into serious political stuff, let’s talk about regulating Fantasy Football!

  95. This is NOT a Cruz bash fest. In fact, I see Trump bashing here. And I see avoidance of the question from a few Trump-bashers here – will you vote for Trump if he’s the nominee?
    Correct me if I’m wrong – I think all the Trump supporters have stated they will vote for Cruz.

    Read my POST and go point by point and rebut my opinion. That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
    Menderman – you’re the only one that added constructive conversation to the comments.
    Please tell me how Cruz has a shot at beating Hillary? Leave your heart out of it. I want facts. 😉

  96. No, the lo-fo’s won’t vote for Ted if people just throw in the towel and give up before the fight has hardly begun and poo-poo candidates on our side!!!

    I am pulling my hair out here! WTF is WRONG here??? Since when is my side giving up so soon!!!

    There is a George Washington out there SOMEWHERE trying to get his men together and give a pep talk before crossing the Delaware! Where is he? Where is she?

    We can win!


  97. At this point Tuesday, I really don’t believe Cruz could beat Shrillary. I hope we rally to Trump who is NOT a political. For many reasons, many of which are stated here in this thread or in links cited, I became increasingly leery of Cruz. Eventually I started watching Trump’s speeches even though I didn’t give a hoot for Trump. He comes across to me as more real than any of the other candidates. Yes, I will vote for any one of the Rep candidates except for Kasich or Bush if they win the primary. This obviously includes Cruz, who still is in my top three picks.

    I’m sorry if this discussion disheartens you, but that’s all it is – a discussion and attempt at persuasion. I mentioned this in my above post. I have no doubt you and all the other regulars here want what’s best for our country.

  98. We can win, if Trump is the nominee – read my POST why. 😉

    If Cruz skyrockets pass Trump in the polls – I will be pulling for Cruz. I’m not here to knee-cap Cruz. But I see people here dead-set against the current LEADER in the POLLS – Donald Trump. If we don’t coalesce behind a WINNER – YOU’RE GOING TO GET JEB BUSH.

  99. OK, Mr. Pinko, point by point.

    *Things ANTI-Trump Cruz supporters do not get:
    -Yeah you made it an anti Cruz fest

    *Republican candidates are running against the MEDIA. The media will run rough-shod over Cruz like a cement truck. Trump owns the media.
    – Cruz has a different style, that for sure, but Cruz does well with the media.

    *Trump PROMISES to BUILD a BORDER WALL – UNDER BUDGET with Mexico paying for it. To seriously doubt that is foolish. Trump is in the building business. No other candidate can promise that. If Trump is elected and doesn’t keep his promise – he will go down in history as the biggest fool ever. Trump’s ego will not allow that.
    -If frogs had wings….

    *Cruz is for H-1B – disastrous immigration policy that steals American jobs. Trump is dead-fast against H-1B.
    -So 1/10th of i% of the population might maybe know anything about this?

    *Cruz has been and will continue to be EFFECTIVELY knee-capped by the media. Every time the media tries to destroy Trump his poll numbers go up.
    -opinion, and I think Cruz does well with the media.

    *Trump’s campaign is SELF-FINANCED – beholden to NOBODY. Cruz is controlled by big donors.
    -Very true, but Trump has, by his own admission, bribed almost every politician he has ever met.

    *Cruz vs. Bush – the GOP will make sure Bush wins and can outspend Cruz. Trump vs. Bush – Trump has the money to beat the GOP machine.
    – Bush is toast, Rubio is the guy you need to worry about.

    *“Make America Great Again” – what is Cruz’s campaign slogan?
    – Cruz vows to abolish the IRS and repeal every word of Obamacare. Trump is all over the map on both.

  100. Yep, I do want what’s best for my country. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

    I think I’ll just head on out now and come back another time.

  101. You know Menderman I’ve been here long enough to know you’re a compasionate asshole just like me, Most these folks are barely feeding their families. Now what? Our, yea I said our cause I fight that battle monthly, has nothing to do with Americans losing their jobs due to foreigners

  102. My rebuttal in parenthesis to your rebuttal.

    *Things ANTI-Trump Cruz supporters do not get:
    -Yeah you made it an anti Cruz fest
    (IT’S NOT AN ANTI-CRUZ FEST – My article is MY OPINION backed up with FACTS why Donald Trump is the WINNING CANDIDATE to go with against Hillary Clinton. Where am I “bashing” Ted Cruz?)

    *Republican candidates are running against the MEDIA. The media will run rough-shod over Cruz like a cement truck. Trump owns the media.
    – Cruz has a different style, that for sure, but Cruz does well with the media.
    (The media treats Cruz LIKE SHIT! The media has SUCCESSFULLY DEMONIZED Ted Cruz))

    *Trump PROMISES to BUILD a BORDER WALL – UNDER BUDGET with Mexico paying for it. To seriously doubt that is foolish. Trump is in the building business. No other candidate can promise that. If Trump is elected and doesn’t keep his promise – he will go down in history as the biggest fool ever. Trump’s ego will not allow that.
    -If frogs had wings….
    (That’s your answer? We might as well pack it in.
    So what is Cruz’s plan to seal up the border? and deal with Illegal Immigration? Details?
    Here’s Cruz’s answer – “bipartisanship” “we’re going to debate and have a conversation” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_y9HNJ8qFE
    I rather give Trump a shot at building a wall and enforcing current Immigration laws than have a debate and conversation with bipartisanship.)

    *Cruz is for H-1B – disastrous immigration policy that steals American jobs. Trump is dead-fast against H-1B.
    -So 1/10th of i% of the population might maybe know anything about this?
    (So it’s a non-issue because the population is ignorant on the subject? CRUZ IS FOR H-1B – TRUMP IS AGAINST IT.)

    *Cruz has been and will continue to be EFFECTIVELY knee-capped by the media. Every time the media tries to destroy Trump his poll numbers go up.
    -opinion, and I think Cruz does well with the media.
    (Cruz has been painted as a Tea Party EXTREMIST by the Lame Stream Media – please tell me where Cruz is RESPECTED? Name the MEDIA OUTLETS?)

    *Trump’s campaign is SELF-FINANCED – beholden to NOBODY. Cruz is controlled by big donors.
    -Very true, but Trump has, by his own admission, bribed almost every politician he has ever met.
    (And that’s a bad thing? Trump knows first-hand the game and corruption with politicians)

    *Cruz vs. Bush – the GOP will make sure Bush wins and can outspend Cruz. Trump vs. Bush – Trump has the money to beat the GOP machine.
    – Bush is toast, Rubio is the guy you need to worry about.
    (If Bush is toast – so is Cruz – they have the same poll numbers)

    *“Make America Great Again” – what is Cruz’s campaign slogan?
    – Cruz vows to abolish the IRS and repeal every word of Obamacare. Trump is all over the map on both.
    (-If frogs had wings…. – you really think Cruz can abolish the IRS? Repeal ObamaCare? When a Republican Congress and Senate FUNDED ObamaCare – not one FULL REPEAL BILL PASSED in a fully controlled House)

  103. Establishment GOP still believe Jeb Bush has the “name brand” to beat Hillary. If you do not get behind the leader, Donald Trump – you’re gonna end up with Jeb!

  104. Actually a very large percentage is affected at least indirectly. Entry level jobs requiring STEM degrees going to foreigners (as well as higher paying jobs requiring experience) means less American graduates and experienced workers able to be employed in technology jobs, so they have to scramble for something else in an unrelated field.

    The people in those unrelated fields face much more competition for these non-tech jobs between these displaced tech graduates / workers and others (like recent college grads in non-tech fields) in that same field and many of them are forced lower on the rungs of the employment ladder.

    As you go down to those lower rungs just trying to keep afloat financially, you are facing even more competition from illegals and green card holders, etc. (maybe phone support that requires being fluent in Spanish). There are less jobs for an ever increasing supply or workers. Eventually, millions of jobs that used to be done by American workers (who pay taxes to America and spend their money in America) are now done by foreigners whose only loyalty to America is their job while many Americans are left holding the proverbial bag (94 million working age Americans out of the work force currently).

    While the H1-B situation might seem to affect only a few people at first glance, it actually ends up causing a domino effect, especially as more and more visas are handed out over time.

  105. Big Fur Hat asked earlier if the Cruz/Trump hill is the hill you want to die on. Yes, this is my hill. Trump is a big government guy, always has been always will be. Cruz vows to abolish the IRS, repeal every word of Obamacare and reign in big government. I have been self employed for over 40 years. Every rule I followed to take care of my self has changed and negated every action I took to be self reliant. Any wonder I am a cynical SOB? The only candidate I see out there that recognizes the problems with centralized planning is Cruz. Yes, this is my hill. If we don’t peacefully stop the destruction, then the next step is battle…a battle I do not want! I will vote Trump if he is the nominee, but only to delay the ultimate failure of an overbearing government. A wall, a beautiful wall, with a big beautiful door, is not what we need to upright this sinking ship.

  106. A wall, a beautiful wall, with a big beautiful door is EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED to right this sinking ship. PLUS ENFORCING DEPORTATION.
    That’s why Donald Trump is leading the polls at 28%.
    WATCH THE VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_y9HNJ8qFE

  107. I learned about H1B way back around 2002 when I had to take a diversity class on how to effectively communicate with Indians. It wasn’t long after the tech bubble popped that cheap labor was the new programming language. I simultaneously saw swaths of programming and operational teams sliced to shreds, until I met my own demise in mid 2007.

    It hasn’t been worth my time to update my resume since.

  108. No worry’s about a Nuclear Iran? No worries about Putin controlling the middle east? No worry’s about a $20 trillion national debt? No worries about Obamacare? No worries about anything else but the Trump wall? Tell me Mr. Pinko, how does that wall fix everything?

  109. So, Mr. Pinko, you think that instead of Congress making laws to deal with the immigration issue, the President should take unilateral action and declare what the laws shall be?

  110. * No worry’s about a Nuclear Iran?
    Trump addressed that as the worst deal ever. Trump and company are one of the best negotiators in the country. He wrote the book “Art of the Deal”

    * No worries about Putin controlling the middle east?
    Trump addressed that issue. Let Putin get his ass kicked in Syria.

    * No worry’s about a $20 trillion national debt?
    Who best to address that than one of the greatest businessmen in the nation.

    * No worries about Obamacare?
    Trump is for repealing ObamaCare and starting over. He’s for nationwide insurance competition.

    * No worries about anything else but the Trump wall?
    The Trump Wall and DEPORTATION ENFORCEMENT (you keep leaving that one out for some reason) plan has been explained. I love how Trump is going to have Mexico PAY FOR THE WALL – friggin’ GENIUS!

    Tell me Mr. Pinko, how does that wall fix everything?
    Stopping the flow of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and DEPORTING ILLEGALS will STOP CRIME, STIMULATE THE ECONOMY with jobs FOR AMERICANS, STOP the WELFARE DRAIN on our economy. The economy will BOOM.
    Trump also knows how to bring jobs back to America with his TAX PLAN.
    Despite what you think, Trump is NOT an IDIOT.

  111. No – but a good LEADER steers policy, ENFORCES LAWS and gets things done. Trump is a LEADER and has better name recognition than Ted Cruz (a fact you can not dispute). Trump has more money and more media clout (facts). Trump has the better chance to get elected than Cruz (my opinion based on facts). Trump’s Immigration (WALL / DEPORTATION) and economic policies (Trump knows economics) and promises are just as good or better than Ted Cruz’s. I’m in no way bashing Ted Cruz. I’m just stating fact, my opinion and being realistic.
    I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with a TRUMP / CRUZ ticket.


  112. Well, I said see above but my “above” comment apparently didn’t take. Anyway, I was agreeing with you that I will not vote for Jeb! under any circumstances and that if Trump got the nomination I would vote for him. I also said that I was just hoping for someone a little more presidential this time around after suffering with that clown Obama for 7 years.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate.

  113. Consider also the states with open primaries. All those lovely democrats that will cross over to vote for trump. They wont do that for Cruz. If cruz became the nominee, he wont win. Cruz wears his religion on his sleeve. That is never a plus with moderates or most democrats. He wont get democrat votes, Trump will

  114. Don’t get me wrong, because Trump is an asshole I would vote for, but you are the one making this a single issue election. Mostly you keep repeating immigration and a big beautiful wall. If you want others to support you, try hitting other issues as well. Many of us are looking at a dozen or more issues. As I have said many a time, If Trump gets the nod, I will vote for him, but tell him he needs to get a bit more specific on the issues. Running about yelling “I wanna be unpredictable” is not an answer.

  115. I’m here in the minority with you Tuesday. I think that so far the iotw peeps are all acting like adults. That’s good, because I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t visit this site daily. 😉

  116. Unless you were my grandparents who had their beautiful arts and crafts home of 60 years seized by the government. They died 2 weeks after the house was razed. What stands there now? A Kentucky Fried Rat.

  117. Well as this is winds down, I think, you gotta admit Mr Pinko is not somebody you want to invite to the family barbeque. LOL

  118. Immigration and economy are the number one issues for me – and I think Trump will do his best to solve them.
    As for the other issues, etc… I am confidant that Donald Trump will surround himself with the greatest minds we have in America.

  119. Why not? I’m the most fun, entertaining guy you’ll ever meet in your life. 😉
    Trump and Cruz would agree on that too!

  120. I think I read at the link JDavid posted at 2:52pm that Cruz said he would be. It wasn’t completely clear as written so I have asked for a clarification.

  121. Welcome at your house any time… FOR WATERMELON?
    You are welcome to mine too.
    If, on the rare occasion, you catch me discussing politics in “real life”. I don’t get upset. I don’t yell. I ask the right questions. I’ll debate the shit out of subjects and when we’re done you’ll say “that was fun”.
    Ask Ted Cruz. 😉

  122. AA – to respond to your first sentence, because that’s how it looks to those of us who support Cruz. I believe it was you that said anyone that didn’t support Trump was either a moron or naive. If it wasn’t you, I apologize, but someone here said it and I was very disappointed to read that. I was hoping we could agree to disagree without resorting to name-calling.

  123. You have to give people time to respond. I didn’t know this thread had been bumped and was still going strong. Not all of us live in New Yawk. 😉 (I kid)

    Anyway, in case you missed my response above (this is a very long and robust thread) the answer is yes, I would vote for your guy in the general election.

  124. And they should be sent home — wherever that is. Look, imagine for a moment that you and your girlfriend decide to relocate to France. You overstay your tourist visas and break the law there because you took a lease out on a nice apartment and feel entitled to just stay. Do you really expect the French gov’t to just say, “okay, you can stay.” Let’s also imagine that for the two years you’ve been living there illegally you had two kids. You get the picture.

    No reasonable American would think they were entitled to break another country’s laws just because they want their own way.

    They are here illegally and they need to go home. Those are our laws. I have no empathy just because they’ve been here for a while.

  125. The title of the post is “Why Mr. Pinko is currently behind Mr. Trump vs. Ted Cruz”
    “Currently” is a transitional key word. 😉
    Convince me how you see Ted Cruz (over Trump) beating Hillary Clinton?

  126. Very persuasive, Chief. 🙂 You’re right about one thing, at least we have some serious choices. Look at the Donks – Hillary, Sanders and O’Malley. They should be embarrassed, if they were capable of it. Now if we can just rid ourselves of voter fraud, we have a good chance to take this one.

  127. Awww, c’mon youse guys. We can make it to 200 with just a few more comments. Should be worth something in IOTWr bucks.

    Mr. Pinko — You can only come to my BBQ if you provide the rib eyes. And you are exactly right on the issues, my friend. Exactly. Right. (Please let us in, sometime, on exactly what you and Trump talked about. I’m dying to know.)

    Menderman — You are a pain in the a$$ with your “great big beautiful wall” johnny one-note lament. But you know I love the stuffing out of you! It’s okay, though. There’s a lot of time for you to read up and figure it all out. As someone I know says, “I know you’re completely sincere, but you’re sincerely wrong.”

  128. Well, was it a secret non-political event?? Tell us sometime what your take-away was about his persona (shhh. If you can).

  129. Well this reached saturation stupid some time ago. I’d like to suggest you invite Tuesday to your cook out. She’s a great poster that needs a little confidence

  130. Not particularly on the subject, but if anyone wants to read a humorous, yet somewhat insightful story about Donald Trump, then read the Trump chapter in Rick Reilly’s book “Who’s Your Caddy?” Reilly spent a day with Trump as his caddy, and while Reilly found that some of the characterization of Trump was true (pompous, high energy, egotistical, self-promoting), other stuff not-so-well publicized was true as well. Yes, Trump boasts a lot, but when Reilly checked he found out that many of Trump’s boasts were true. Trump is high energy, frenetic, and an exhausting whirlwind who may actually have the stones to back up his claims.

  131. River Life Callie — hahah! Yes, I did say that! But you must have missed the part in that very brief comment in which I said that we “nice” conservatives have got to get over our hesitation in refuting the Left’s and GOPe’s Trump bashing and the parenthetical statement immediately following what you think I said.

    This is what I said: “If you don’t vote for/support Trump, you’re either a moron or naive. (LOL! I’m just practicing on you, okay!)”

    It was a gag, a joke! I was practicing not being a “nice” conservative.

    I’m sorry you were disappointed in me; mistakenly, as it turns out. Maybe I disappoint you for other reasons, I don’t know. Frankly, everyone’s getting a little too touchy and loaded for bear around here lately. I was having some fun and, honestly, after the pain of ’07/’08, and ’12, I can’t stand any more vitriol, being shouted down or called a drooling zombie. That last one REALLY causes me to throw up my hands in disgust. But that was Magnum’s opening salvo today (see “A Serious Question for Trump Supporters” in the BP). Then he has the audacity to claim Cruz bashing by Trump supporters. And as far as I can tell, no one has bashed Cruz or his supporters in any of these threads.

  132. It doesn’t matter how tall the wall is if there’s no viable US Constitution left to defend within those walls..

    Cruz understands where we came from and why that is ultimately more important. He also understands that God is an important facet which led to our greatness.

    Just remember this: That “wall” can be designed to keep us FROM escaping just as easily as keeping people out.

    I still don’t trust Trump to be a “conservative”. I think he’s a highly skilled and shrewd opportunist.

    ….just giving my perspective.

  133. First of all we are Cruz supporters not fans. Second contrary to popular belief Sundance ain’t all that bright and he’s wrong. You should get your information somewhere else.

  134. It should be a complete deal breaker for you, Fur. I have a friend who was making about 40K, replaced by a worker from India. My friend worked at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, MN. The worker who replaced her was going to be paid 25K. My friend was forced to train the worker who replaced her, and told to keep her mouth shut about it or she’d be fired immediately and would not be able to get any unemployment benefits. She was given NO exit package. When did this happen? TEN YEARS AGO. This H-B1 crap has been happening all over the country to THOUSANDS of workers for years and years, and it took this Disney story to bring it to full light. The government has allowed companies to get away with this even though it’s completely illegal. And the workers who are replaced have no legal recourse because they can’t afford to hire the attorneys to fight back.
    That H-B1 fiasco is just another way for companies to get cheap labor, and it’s got to END.

  135. As some sage stated: we’re at the 2 mile mark of a marathon. Personally, I like Cruz as a Supreme rather than a Senator or whatever. The Donald will have my support if he’s still puffin at the 13 mile marker of this hot mess of a race.

  136. Excerpts from a Cruz supporter – http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com/2015/10/why-fervent-cruz-supporter-should-lay.html

    The worst thing is when I try to explain to somebody why it’s good that Trump is still in the GOP primary race -even if it’s at a perceived short-term cost to their own beloved candidate- and you get instant outrage

    The truth is that regardless of complex past and (perhaps) dubious credibility, Trump has proven a far more powerful political force than Ted Cruz has mustered up to this point, with 3x, 4x, even 5x the poll numbers.

    Trump is landing a lot of shells in the enemies-of-liberty’s camps… the Bush (crime) family, Rove, Fox News, all MSM, the Clintons, and the vile Obama regime. He’s also bringing-in minorities and ‘Reagan Democrats’- Trump’s the only one actually growing the GOP right now,
    it’s true.

    I’m one of those Cruz supporters that will back him until he wins or withdraws from the presidential campaign- but I sure wouldn’t say Trump is holding him back or anything. On the contrary, the Bush-Rove-Fox Axis-of-Sleazle was going after Cruz -whom the Jeb! camp apparently fears- with Fox News, WSJ, and other weapons until Trump came in and crushed the Bush Machine like a damn bug. They might have destroyed Cruz by now if they hadn’t to deal with The Donald all-up-in-their-grill while Jeb! crashed and burned.

    As Rush Limbaugh noted recently, Donald Trump practically controls the political news cycle in this country- when’s the last time you saw any Republican with that kind of mojo?

  137. For the record – AGAIN. I wholeheartedly support Cruz. I just don’t see him getting elected. Trump has the cross-over appeal and he’s Conservative enough for me. Please read my post and rebut every point I make. Convince me that Cruz can win against Hillary.
    Magnum – I still didn’t see an answer from you.
    Will you vote for Trump if he is nominated?

  138. Why do we have to do this every election season? Haven’t most people said that they will vote for either Trump or Cruz or whoever (of the non-RINOs) gets the nomination? Aren’t we all supporting the person we think will work for our interests? Because we don’t all think the same and make our own decisions for our own reasons doesn’t make us wrong.

    I don’t mind discussing the differences and getting people’s opinions about things. That’s healthy. But this has turned into bashing; the candidates and each other – from both sides. You can deny that it’s bashing but not everyone agrees with you. You say you want questions answered. Well, we do not (any of us) have the answer. We are slugging through this as best as we can.

    PLEASE stop trying to tell us why we are wrong for whom we support. If it’s not a RINO, then let it be. Aren’t we allowed to disagree without turning into progs, expecting us all to think alike? See, now THAT was a bash … sorry, it’s infectious.

    P.S. “You” is everyone, no matter who you support.

  139. Claudia, I may be wrong, but I’m of the opinion that this election cycle, the primary is more important than the actual election.

    If a Republican nominee cannot beat the leftist beast in the general election, no matter how good our nominee is, it just “ain’t gonna work.”

    That’s why there is so much passion to coalesce around ONE of our awesome candidates IN THE PRIMARY. That person has to have broad appeal. I think Trump has it.

    p.s. I agonized over my decision of who gets my support, as I’m sure all of us has agonized. I fell in love with Cruz at the onset. I cannot see him winning. Carson and Cruz voters have the obvious potential to split up the final tally with neither of them getting the nomination, taking votes away from Trump, and Jebbie or Kasich or one of the other RINO boys getting the nomination.

  140. I wrote a Trump rhyme. Hope you like it Mr. Pinko!

    Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall.
    Watching below as the RINOS did fall.
    All the press horses and all the press men
    Couldn’t get Trumpty to fall for their pens.

  141. Please explain how Ted Cruz beats Hillary Clinton?
    Do you realize that the majority of Americans have no clue who Ted Cruz is?

  142. Awww, very sweet Bad Brad to remember me. I’d love to be invited to the bbq. I’d be so in awe of the great people here that I’d just pull up a chair in the corner and watch and listen. And probably too nervous to even eat anything. I’ll take a beer though. 😉

  143. The American people don’t know who Ted Cruz is. And the ones who do, only know he’s the guy who shut down our government.

  144. Trump came by my crib asking my advice a couple of months ago, and I told him to screw that construction gig and take a stab at President … since I was the one who got him into construction in the first place, he took my advice …

  145. Many of your facts about Cruz are wrong. For example Trump supports H1B visas…he uses them in his businesses and even said he supports them in the #CNBC debate.


    Here are some facts about Cruz:
    ◾Graduated valedictorian in 1988 from Second Baptist High School
    ◾Graduated cum laude from Princeton University in 1992
    ◾Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1995
    ◾1992 U.S. National Debate Champion representing Princeton
    ◾1995 World Debating Championship semi-finalist representing Harvard
    ◾Served a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist, making him the first Hispanic ever to clerk for a Chief Justice of the United States
    ◾Served as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008, making him the first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas, the youngest Solicitor General in the entire country and the longest tenure in Texas history
    ◾Partner at the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where he led the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national appellate litigation practice
    ◾Authored over 80 SCOTUS briefs and presented over 40 oral arguments before The Court
    ◾In the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller, Cruz assembled a coalition of 31 states in defense of the principle that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms
    ◾Presented oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
    ◾Defended the Ten Commandments monument on the Texas State Capitol grounds,
    ◾Defended the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools
    ◾Defended the State of Texas against an attempt by the International Court of Justice to re-open the criminal convictions of 51 murderers on death row throughout the United States
    ◾Director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission
    ◾Domestic Policy Advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign
    ◾Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation
    ◾Ted Cruz is currently junior US Senator from Texas, defeating Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst who was heavily favored and backed by the DC old-guard GOP
    ◾Defeated Democrat Paul Sadler in the general election
    ◾Endorsed by The Tea Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus
    ◾AWARDS: “America’s Leading Lawyers for Business,” Chambers USA (2009 & 2010) “50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers in America,” National Law Journal (2008) “25 Greatest Texas Lawyers of the Past Quarter Century,” Texas Lawyer (2010) “20 Young Hispanic Americans on the Rise,” Newsweek (1999) Traphagen Distinguished Alumnus, Harvard Law School
    ◾On November 14, 2012, Cruz was appointed vice-chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee
    ◾Unlike Obama, Cruz didn’t seat in the U.S. Senate and vote “present.” He has sponsored 97 bills. Here are a few crucial pieces of legislation sponsored by Cruz: ◾ObamaCare Repeal Act
    ◾Prohibit use of drones from killing citizens of the United States within the United States
    ◾Disarm Criminals and Protect Communities Act
    ◾Firearm Straw Purchasing and Trafficking Prevention Act
    ◾Defund Obamacare Act of 2013
    ◾A bill to amend the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to permit States to require proof of citizenship for registration to vote in elections for Federal office
    ◾A bill to designate the United States courthouse located at 101 East Pecan Street in Sherman, Texas, as the Paul Brown United States Courthouse
    ◾A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards of up to $5,000,000 for information regarding the attacks on the United States diplomatic mission at Benghazi, Libya that began on September 11, 2012
    ◾State Marriage Defense Act of 2014
    ◾A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the intentional discrimination of a person or organization by an employee of the Internal Revenue Service
    ◾A bill to prohibit the Department of the Treasury from assigning tax statuses to organizations based on their political beliefs and activities
    ◾American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014
    ◾A bill to deny admission to the United States to any representative to the United Nations who has been found to have been engaged in espionage activities or a terrorist activity against the United States and poses a threat to United States national security interests
    ◾SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2014
    ◾Free All Speech Act of 2014
    ◾Guantanamo Bay Detainee Transfer Suspension Act of 2014
    ◾A bill to require the Secretary of State to offer rewards totaling up to $5,000,000 for information on the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, a dual United States-Israeli citizen, that began on June 12, 2014
    ◾A bill to prevent the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program unlawfully created by Executive memorandum on August 15, 2012
    ◾Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act of 2014
    ◾Expatriate Terrorists Act
    ◾Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act of 2014

    Trump is a joke if he thinks he’s going to rule unilaterally and unconstitutionally like Obama. Trump will say anything to get elected because Trump is good at playing a conservative on tv but his liberal record proves otherwise. Trump previously criticized Romney for saying illegals would self deport once laws were enforced. Now he suddenly is opposed to illegal immigration and will deport everyone but bring the good ones back….how by executive amnesty?

    Cruz has been clear on his position o.k. immigration and what he will do constitutionally with the support of congress. Here are a few examples:
    Ted Cruz FACTS on Immigration. He is TOUGH ON ILLEGALS — End Obama’s Illegal Amnesty via Congress’ checks & balances. (Nov 2014); Defund Amnesty; and refuse any nominees until rescinded. (Nov 2014) * No path to citizenship for 1.65 million illegals in Texas. (Oct 2012) * Give police more power to ask about immigration status. (Jun 2012) * Boots on the ground, plus a wall. (Apr 2012) * Triple the size of the Border Patrol. (Mar 2012) * Strengthen border security and increase enforcement. (Jul 2011) * Recently Authored Kate’s law to put an end to sanctuary cities * Ted Cruz also opposes birth right citizenship/anchor babies.

    Lastly, what makes anything Trump says believable? He’s been a liberal and has supported liberal policies most of his adult life. Suddenly he becomes a republican candidate for president and now whatever he says is believable? I recall Romney being called a RINO and flip flopper for changing position on one or two issues, yet Trump does a 180° at 69years old on every issue from abortion to gun control and somehow he’s not a RINO or flip flopper and he’s believable?

    I’m not that gullible and naive to follow a celebrity candidate just because he’s playing a conservative on tv. At least Cruz has a lifelong record of defending conservative principles and fighting the establishment, democrats and media. When has Trump done anything to grow conservatism and defend conservative values before running as a GOP presidential candidate? Oh yeah he hasn’t because Trump was busy donating to liberals like Reid and Pelosi even after they pushed Obamacare on us while Cruz was fighting the Washington corruption.Funny how Trump never did anything to help the conservative cause move forward. Instead Trump donated to a Boehner super Pac to go after teaparty candidates and he supported McConnell with robo calls….Trump is part of the problem and reason we’re where we are now.
    True conservatives who aren’t 100% backing Cruz at this point baffle me.

  146. I’ve said many times that I will vote for Trump if he gets the nod. I will vote for a few others, too if they are given the nod. But NO RINO. If that happens, the GOPe will not keep me from voting. I will write in Ted Cruz.

  147. Ditto. I love that Trump is turning the screws. For once we are not letting the progs decide what the narrative will be.

  148. @Bad Brad, me bail? Me quit? You have no idea. But I leave when I feel I have nothing more to say at the time and gather my thoughts.

  149. I vowed in excess of a quarter of a century ago NEVER to support ANY candidate who is not actively ANTI-ABORTION and determined to bring about its end by any lawful method.
    No exceptions, ever.
    I have vowed MANY years ago to never support anyone who ever spoke FOR any form of listing/controlling or license requirement of any non-felons/insane for ownership of any guns, ever.
    I have vowed from the time the murderous traitor/rapist Der Schlicktmeister was elected NEVER to vote for or support in any way anyone that has ever supported him or his devil-worshiping commie-crat co-conspirator “wife”.
    I have quite some time ago vowed NEVER to vote for anyone who has not sworn to dump ALL of ObamaCare by any mean necessary at the earliest possible moment.
    I have never, and will never- for pretty obvious reasons – support anyone who has ever made fun of Christians/Christianity in any way, or by any allusion.
    If Trump is anywhere on that list he is a No-Go. There is no appeal; I’d sooner write someone in…

  150. Extremely impressive but that skill is not going to get Cruz elected in the general election.
    Please tell me how Cruz beats Hillary Clinton?
    You still didn’t say if you’re voting for Trump if nominated.

  151. I gave above all *total* disqualifiers for any presidential going back MANY years. They are not negotiable. If Trump is in that list he won’t ever qualify for my vote.

    As for Hillary, by law no candidate for POTUS can be a candidate if they are under indictment (not conviction, only indictment) in most or all 5 states. Hillary is a drunken, traitorous, baby-chopping, head-injured, barely-walking-upright maniac, commie, that no person of courage should be intimidated by if they believe in universal justice (good -v- evil) prevailing.

    I think it highly likely the whole question will be moot anyway when INOs conspire w/ King Bounel to “put off” national elections for various bogus or engineered *emergency* reasons, as I have frequently stated here. I am not kidding.

  152. I’ll state it again:

    TRUMP/CRUZ for 8 years and then CRUZ/KILLER CONSERVATIVE for another 8 and on and on and on…

  153. jdavid, I get the Bounel, but what is INO?

    The coronation speech at Grant Park convinced me of the same. I said that was the last election we were permitted. I pray I was wrong.

    We do need to rally behind one candidate who can win and bring in people from across the spectrum. I believe Trumps the man.

  154. NOT!!!….I’ve painstakingly read every comment so far (must have a bit of masochist in me)….& no one has bashed Cruz….other than to say he will not win the nomination or election. That’s not bashing, just opinion. Most all have said they will vote for him if he’s nominated…..not so much for Trump from the Cruz supporters

  155. I STAND WITH MR PINKO & FOR MR TRUMP. i will be brief with my arguments as i go thru them daily at BB. for all republican party base members, refer back to 08. 10.12 & the mackdaddy of em all 2014 & please explain to US in simple english why you would vote for any POLITICIAN? there is an old political expression, “ya gotta dance wid the one that brung ya” Cruz is making bank while he campaigns from the senate floor, what a statesman, what a speaker, how he knows the law & the Constitution. FOLLOW THE MONEY PERIOD
    i do not dislike ted, he is my senator but ya know less than 4 elected by grassroots i kinda got a hard on he wants to leave the senate to become PRESIDENT. define insanity. this election we got a billionaire, who greased wheels, didn’t break any laws with declaring bankruptcy, & at a great personal loss wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Trump is a NATIONALIST not a GLOBALIST & I am not sure I can make that same claim about my senator PERIOD. NO this cycle i am voting for Trump even if I have to write him in. this should be a no brainer PERIOD
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  156. call me old fashioned, call me sentimental or call me an old bag that has had some campaign experience (state level) Mr Trump loves this country & capitalism PERIOD i listen to him speak & i feel that PERIOD Cruz speaks & frankly i hear charlie brown’s principal.
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  157. Trump is polling very well in every demographic & crossing party lines, PRIVATE SECTOR UNION MEMBER vs PUBLIC SECTOR MEMBERS, 1st rule of politics: KNOW YOUR ENEMY there are a whole lot of PRIVATE sector union members ready to vote for Trump. your tax dollars pay the inflated to the tune of 78% more in salary & bennies to public sector vs private.
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  158. I may become a regular…..i got the fire i got the drive i got shitty internet service! down the past 3 days & i got hordes of locusts & pests to quash on BB!
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  159. myself i don’t see Trump taking a the position of a dictator at all. what i see is a man who will bring in teams of lawyers to sniff out graft & corruption where the new dc black will be prison issued orange PERIOD
    TRUMP/WALL 2016

  160. “I’m not that gullible and naive to follow a celebrity candidate just because he’s playing a conservative on tv.”
    If that’s how you see it, you would’ve never voted for Ronald Reagan.

  161. And Trump builds the wall, deports the crap and we can have a FAIR DEMOCRACY so we can keep electing Conservatives years to come. I Like your plan Jerry Mandarin

  162. Mr. Pinko, you asked this in several of your posts:

    “Please explain how Ted Cruz beats Hillary Clinton?”

    I answered you in the “Team Jeb Swirling the Bowl” post but I don’t know if you saw it. Here it is:


    Maybe it’s because he did it before.

    He was running for the US Senate in Texas against a very popular ex-Governor of Texas. NOBODY said he would win. NOBODY expected him to win.

    He won.

    Other than that, I just don’t know.


    I believe he can do it again.

  163. Nope…I don’t work for nbc but have vetted the candidates thoroughly and Trump is not a solid conservative.

    For example:e Trump admits he’s HIRED reams of illegal aliens. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak — e.g., Trump himself:

    ‘Dreamers’ convinced Trump to support amnesty…in 2014 [not to mention here’s the evidence that Trump has admitted to directly hiring illegal aliens himself, something many Trump supporters claim he’s never done]

    It’s no news that Donald Trump has a long record, going back years and years, of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. By contrast, for the past three weeks, he has been quite solid on the issue, calling for an elimination of birthright citizenship, building a wall, and deporting illegals (while bringing “the good ones” back in an “expedited” manner).

    Despite this common knowledge, I think it worth mentioning that only two years ago, Trump told of his being convinced to support amnesty:

    Two years ago, Trump met with immigration activists who told them their stories and asked for his support on immigration. “You convinced me,” Trump said as the meeting ended.

    … the DREAMers began telling their life stories… “You know, the truth is I have a lot of illegals working for me in Miami,” [Trump] told them, using the term for undocumented immigrants those in the meeting found offensive. “You know in Miami, my golf course is tended by all these Hispanics — if it wasn’t for them my lawn wouldn’t be the lawn it is, it’s the best lawn,” Pacheco recalled Trump saying.

    Trump said he knew the work of undocumented people is what makes his golf courses and hotels great.

    “At the end of the day, what we’re looking at is a value proposition for America,” Tijerino said to Trump at the end of the meeting, referring to immigration legislation.

    “You’ve convinced me,” Trump said to the delight of the activists in the room.

    “We all smiled at each other and said, ‘Wow, we did it, we got this guy to change his mind,’” Pacheco said.

    So in a year Trump has suddenly become anti amnesty?⏩ ‘Dreamers’ convinced Trump to support amnesty…in 2014 https://t.co/Yr0WDPIDqQ #tcot

  164. Bull Shit. Now list Trump accomplishments if you’re a journalist. Journalist, that job title no longer means what it use to. My job depends on factual data and fact finding. You list one resume? Really? List Trumps, you’ll need a lot more bytes.

  165. I don’t want a “democracy”, I want the Conservative based, God honoring REPUBLIC back.

    I want a republic dedicated to PROTECTING the rights of the free individual, not the collective cultural Marxism that currently prevails.

    This “Cruz can’t win” attitude is utter BS. Of course he can win – he’s just not a “flash in the pan” candidate. Give him time.

    …and Rubio ain’t the one to choose either. Rubio is a slick little snot, glad-handing poser who voted for the TPP without even reading it first – so, screw him.

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