Why Nadler Fainted…

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  1. OK, let’s see it. This better not be another Gowdy/Chavetz routine is it? Put it on the table, we will decide if it curls our hair.

  2. Does it really matter? We already know the law doesn’t seem to apply to democrats nor any of their swamp creature allies. The worthless cocksuckers in the GOP have made it abundantly clear that they won’t do a goddamn motherfucking thing about democrat criminality, the ball-less fucks.

  3. POTUS Trump should secure the rights to the book. It’s only fair, given he is the subject of our first political coup attempt (that we know of).

    I’m really looking forward to having my own two eyeballs reading all this stuff. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and the rest of them have cause to be going off the deep end. LOL!! Finally!!!!


  5. Mule, do I detect a little displeasure with the GOP? I thought I was the only one that felt that way about those dickless fucks!

  6. With one more in a string of “here it comes”, why don’t I expect phuck all to come of this?

    Perhaps because nothing else in years of air biscuits has?

    They all sound dramatic. And then…

  7. These guys give visions of sugar plums dancing in your head but up to this point the reality has been prunes.

  8. I’m really tired of all the premature ejaculating; curl your hair, devastating, and all the other superlatives bandied about for appetite wetting. Yes, we know what they did, OK, so what is going to be done about it?

    All this exposing of criminality without recompense serves no other purpose then to rub our nose in it. Of course nobody is going to prison over this, we know that going in. No, the real question for me is whether any of this can be leveraged for political gain. You can damn sure bet that the Dems would know exactly how to work it for their benefit, they are the masters at spin, deflection and projection. Given all this, if the GOP can’t assert political capital in the face of clear malfeasance, they deserve all the ignominy heaped on them.

  9. Someone posted on Twitter that it is not nice to wish ill towards Nadler because of politics. I replied that I can’t feel to sorry for Nadler when leftists have bemoaned how Kathy Griffin has been picked on for her photo with the severed head of Trump.

    Why is it that Republicans always bend over, in this case forward, with no bar of soap so as not to appear mean to Democrats?

  10. “Pulling your Nadler” will have profound consequences for Websters dictionary/ thesaurus….

  11. Now if Satan would snatch him up… and Pelosi, and Obama, and all the Clintons, and all the Kennedys… I don’t have time to name them all…

    Just drop fucking dead on live television. I’d buy a bottle of expensive Scotch if I saw Hilliary Clinton, on live shit, say, “And Donald Trump ——“, and her eyes go blank, the piss hits the floor, and she sinks behind the podium dead as a mackerel.

  12. …Nadler’s fainting is as fake as Songbird McCain’s brain tumor.

    And for the same reason.

    He’s feeling the walls closing in and he’s NOT a fighter, so feigning a “condition” both garners sympathy and makes it so anyone who asks HARD questions can be portrayed by the lickspittle media as just being an old meanie for going after a sick man.

    …and, if all else fails, he can claim it caused amnesia at his treason trial…

  13. …I don’t want to be mean to Democrats, @RadioMattM.

    …I DO, however, want to pull the lever that drops the trapdoor out from under them at their gallows after their treason convictions by military tribunal.

    …but that’s NOT being MEAN, it’s being JUST…

  14. You know, this episode puts a lot of things in a different light now. I recently read a well written article by someone (whose name I forget)in which were drawn a large number of parallels between Watergate and Spygate. For instance, all of D.C. must have known that the kind of information being written about by Woodward and Bernstein could *only* come out of one of the DoJ agencies. It could be their only source. And yet no investigation — as I recall — was made into the FBI or CIA to determine who the leaker(s) were.

    If I’m reading this map correctly, Nixon carried 49 states in his second campaign. He beat McGovern 60.7% to 37.5%. The stupidest thing about Watergate is that breaking into Democrat national HQ was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. But isn’t it just like the Republicans to invent novel ways to screw themselves (and the electorate). That is purposely not presented as a question.

    Election Map 1972: http://dsl.richmond.edu/voting/indelections.php?year=1972

    And looking back, and thinking back on that summer when everyone was glued to the tee vee to watch the next episode of the Watergate hearings, it occurred to me that — living in a family of very confused Democrat voters — there has never been a time since then that the opposite side of the Watergate story has ever presented itself to me. The icons of that episode are John Dean and his pretty wife, an assortment of people who gave and received money and laundered it through some nefarious people (down in Florida, was it?), a Spiro Agnew watch, and “Tricky Dick” Nixon giving the double peace sign before boarding Marine One. Oh, and “I am not a crook!”

    Was this another revised history lesson made possible by the D’s? They changed the story of the Civil War, post-Civil War equal rights legislation, and the Civil Rights Movement. They turned Chambers and McCarthy into a pariah and lionized E.R. Murrow (for which there is an annual award named his honor). They changed the story of the Viet Nam War and called our honorable military “baby killers.” Some 65,000 Americans died in that war and they were so vilified, those poor boys (most of them were boys) were so filled with self-loathing it took nearly 40 years before they were given permission to feel good about themselves again. Too many of them descended into a peacetime hell from which they never recovered or lived to see.

    The Left, for the past sixty or more years, have gotten away with rewriting the truth of our history. Today, according to them, “America is the most racist country ever.” And now they own the academy — from pre-K to post-doc.

    Where am I going with all this? It’s time, my friends. It’s way past time, actually.

  15. We are being fed the same hyperbole that the MSM has been feeding the left for the last 3 years, only from the right. Any day now something BIG is going to break. Hillary and company are going to be perp-walked. Bla bla bla. Prepare to be disappointed.

  16. The GOP is not ballless.
    It is merely corrupt – bought off like crooked cops. As a party, they are no differnt than bradley manning.

  17. old and deaf fool hoping to get away with it gets all anxious and stuff and does a face plant into his oatmeal.

    They all fell into PDJT’s trap.

  18. The deep state republicans have their share of worries too and act as they do because of it. An unspoken agreement between the republicans and the democrats regarding their corrupt behavior has allowed them to prosper threw their behind the scenes actions. If this can of worms is completely opened they’ll all be exposed for the crooks they are.
    Both parties are dragging things out in a trickle to buy time for the purpose of covering over as much as possible.
    Most of what we are seeing on news reports is just theatrical performances for the dumb ass public.
    The president and Barr have to handle this very carefully because of the extent of the corruption to avoid a complete collapse of government.

  19. His hydrocodone addiction and alcoholism had a bad interaction. Resulted in Ol’ Nads getting the flop sweats. Too bad he didn’t projectile vomited large chunks & Gobbets all over duhBlasio

  20. Supernightshade

    “He’s feeling the walls closing in and he’s NOT a fighter, so feigning a “condition” both garners sympathy and makes it so anyone who asks HARD questions can be portrayed by the lickspittle media as just being an old meanie for going after a sick man.”

    SYMPATHY? Shirley you jest. And yes I’m serious.

    “…I DO, however, want to pull the lever that drops the trapdoor out from under them at their gallows after their treason convictions by military tribunal.”

    Do they make rope strong enough to hold that amount of weight? That tub of guts reminds me about the thread on the 900 pound (?) man.

  21. …not sympathy from ME, @Anymouse, from the lofos who ELECTED him.

    …and don’t call me Shirley.;)

    …It is a challenge to hang such a one, true, but the weight DOES make neck breaking easier, and there are EXCELLENT marine-rated ropes available.

    That said, the sentence is “Hanged by the neck until dead”. If something DOES break and traitor somehow survives it, then we get to hang him a SECOND time, and a THIRD, and however many it takes until he is no more.

    …might be more fun that way, anyway…


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