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Why not nuclear?

American Thinker:

By Mark C. Ross

Since the dummy in the White House has totally caved in to the Green New Deal, the serious importance of generated electricity has become profoundly obvious to the rest of us.  It now seems that, by promoting the foolish assumption that “renewables” would still be able to sustain our standard of living, a valuable vaccination against such nonsense has occurred.

Some years ago, Scientific American ran a feature article on nuclear energy.  The economic comparison between the use of nuclear fission and natural gas combustion was particularly interesting.  A natural gas power plant (or a coal-fired plant, for that matter) is fairly easy and, thus, inexpensive to throw together.  The price of the fuel, however, has a major impact on the cost of generating those ol’ megawatt-hours…and the price of natural gas is considerably volatile.

Meanwhile, the cost of refined uranium is pretty much insignificant when it comes to the operating budget of a nuclear power plant.  Such an operation is, instead, much, much more capital-intensive, since nuclear plants are rather expensive to construct.  The implied benefit in all of this is that the cost of nuclear power generation is really quite steady, especially when compared to natural gas. more here

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  1. American Thinker didn’t get the memo, apparently.. Don’t they know where we’re headed, our glorious future: you’ll know nothing and you’ll be happy.. or else. 2030 is only 7.5 yrs away.

  2. If that dipshit Obama had spent all of that stimulus money on building nuclear power plants, we would all be driving electric cars today.

    Forget about it. Democrats only care about grifting to unions and vice versa.

  3. Many regulars on this site have seen my posts regarding nuclear and how our government screwed up the greatest nuclear possibility EVER – Thorium.
    Safe – in its natural state you can hold it in your hand. Which is the amount of Thorium you will need for your entire lifetime.
    Plentiful – 1,000 years worth of it was extracted for the Manhattan project and it is buried out in the dessert.
    Already proven – Oak Ridge Molten Salt Reactor Project


  4. Amen Jethro. It baffles me that apparently many people still think these are all policy “mistakes” from mere incompetence.. Wake up, please.

  5. Why not nuclear. Hmmm. Perhaps that would be because humananity is a part of the biosphere, effectively and inch thick layer, (average,) over the surface of Earth’s lithosphere — you know the basalt raft which floats on a spherical ocean of molten rock which contains enough heat to provide the present power demand of humanity for the next ten billionish years. According to the Energy Information Agency of the U.S. government, (a couple of decades ago,) geothermal energy is the cheapest of all of the choices for generating power at scale.

  6. ^ And heat that is constantly replenished by Earth-Moon gravitational forces and radioactive heavy elements inside the Earth.

  7. We should have switched from fusion reactors to thorium reactors long ago. Thorium is far safer and more abundant than uranium. Small reactors could be buried and power neighborhoods. Unfortunately nuclear development money was spent on the need for fissile weapons which was spun into fission power plants.

  8. Their goal isn’t to “save the environment”.

    Their goal isn’t to supply “renewable energy”.

    Their goal is to starve the majority of the world’s population from cheap, readily available energy; so we will die.

    Threat the climate cult like the mass murdering scumbags that they all aim to be.

  9. Just waiting for Nation’s “intentional” rolling Brown outs and black outs to force the US to spend $trillions on New Deal Green policies that are neither cost efficient energy production nor green energy.
    Not to worry the Construction/trades Unions and insider Construction Companies will fair quite well to produce an already failed source of energy.

  10. @TheMule June 20, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    > Threat the climate cult like the mass murdering scumbags that they all aim to be.

    Mind you I don’t know whether you’ve really considered the advantages of a really fine set of mass murdering scumbags… You know, they can really do you wonders.

  11. Simply because it produces net energy efficiently. Once again, the progressive movement is totally invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death and this would not fit their agenda. I am open to any policy they advocate for not ultimately resulting in increased innocent human suffering, misery and death. If the trolls here want to score points let’s hear of it.

    Since the day I accepted this to be the case and that was a couple decades ago and like Diogens I’d Sinope… I’m still looking. If it could be done one would think the subhuman pieces of shit that align with the progressive movement could come up with one single example. That if it exists in practice and not just in the bucket of shit theories they have to offer.

  12. Not far from my temporary rolling home in Arizona, the local power purveyor set up a massive trailer mounted diesel-powered generator, and plugged it into the grid. What’s up with that?

  13. Since the big issue with nuclear power over the last 50 years has been what to do with the waste products, and how/where to transport it, I always wondered why not build a massive nuclear power plant in Nevada at the atomic bomb testing site? It is secure, relatively remote, already contaminated for a million years, and could easily be plugged into the power grid at Hover Dam, 100 miles away.

  14. Fusion reactors? Ah, ha ha ha ha ha! What a scam. The experimental tokamak reactors only run for a few seconds because the black body radiation from the plasma fucks up the operation. The “output” from said reactors has never been harnessed and converted into electrical power in the several decades of study at a cost of billion$. The electricity input to heat the plasma, to control the plasma, and to cool the superconductors required to control the plasma are well over ONE-HUNDRED times the output from said reactors for the few seconds per hour that they would be able to operate. Many thousands of peoples entire potential productive careers have been wasted on this boondoggle in the U.S. and Europe with encouragement from Russia and China.


  15. Nuclear power is safe, reliable, and renewable.
    That’s why it’ll never be utilized.
    Thorium, U-238, U-235, Pu-239 – fission, fusion – doesn’t make any difference.

    Cheap energy is prosperity.
    Prosperity is anathema to tyranny.
    And the world is moving towards tyranny, not Liberty.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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