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Why Not “Riot For Life”?

Peter Heck at Disrn

Suppose that pro-life activists finally tired of the multi-generational struggle to undo a literal holocaust of innocent human life through ballots and protest marches. Suppose they reasoned that all their efforts to achieve justice for innocent children deemed inconvenient, unwanted, the wrong race, too disabled, too financially burdensome by a callous culture had fallen futilely short. And therefore they had no choice but to take to the streets.

Suppose they began a multi-day siege of American cities, rioting, smashing store fronts, hurling bricks through car windows, dragging shop owners from their place of business and pummeling them, shooting police officers in the head, all in the name of justice.

Would that be acceptable? More

8 Comments on Why Not “Riot For Life”?

  1. It would be a great idea.

    Now the ‘health experts’ are coming out of the woodwork to proclaim the riot of the left are far more important than social distancing.

    Anyone who thought this whole scamdemic was anything but politics is a moron.

    And elected republicans who sat and watched their constituents get locked in their houses and did nothing should be …….i can’t say it.

    My own republican governor locked my state down. The only feeling i have for him is the deepest contempt imaginable.

    Let’s face it. Almost every republican we elect would rather get down on their knees and suck obama’s dick than do anything that doesn’t conform to the Official Narrative. (the Official Narrative that can change overnight when it’s the left that wants to go outside)

    If my republican governor is asked about the wisdom of risk of the current leftists protests (riots), i’m willing to be he’ll say they are important and should be allowed.

    Aren’t i such a hateful and intolerant asshole for wanting the republican my side elects to govern in a republican fashion.

  2. I’d pay good money to see them loot Pelosi’s mansion and all of the other Hollyweird liberals like Meryl Creep.

  3. Good idea,
    The first road cone that got knocked over they would launch the mustard gas,
    If by chance someone fell and accidentally bumped a Policeman the Warthogs would do strafing runs as the exits were lined with bat wielding gauntlets of Antifa to make “Citizen’s Arrests”

  4. If you think the tyranny of the minority is out of control now wait until you are the minority!
    No affirmative action, reparations, welfare, employment, freebies, property rights, or riots for and on your behalf!

  5. Antifa says that it will not stop the riots until the revolution is complete, i.e. until our constitutional republic is replaced with their version of a communist dictatorship.
    The governments’ reaction (lockdown) was designed to see to what extent they could the control the civilian population. It’s no coincidence that the riots began after they succeeded in destroying our economy, throwing millions out of work. Notice how coordinated/widespread the calls for defunding/disbanding our police forces have appeared. It’s taken straight from Antifa’s manual.


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