Why? Paris Opens Up Restaurant For Nude Patrons

First of all, the chairs?

One and done. Throw them the hell out.

Second of all?

I don’t need a second of all.

And that leads us to, “Restaurant names that take on a new meaning if they were all nude”-

-Howard Johnson’s


-Carl’s Jr.



-Taco Bell

-Ground Round


-In-N-Out Burger

-Bob’s Big Boy

-Steak and Shake


-Jack in the Box


-Joe’s Crab Shack

-Johnny Rockets

-Red Lobster

ht/ the big owe

91 Comments on Why? Paris Opens Up Restaurant For Nude Patrons

  1. Dick’s hamburgers in downtown Spokane at 3rd and Division just off of I-90. I’ve been eating burgers and fries there since the late 60’s when I was in HS. Home of the Whammy burger (2meat+2 cheese) in Spokane. They also have the best fish and chips and real French fries cut daily from real potatoes and not from frozen spuds. They’re also strictly a cash only business.

  2. Don’t have a spoon to stir that coffee don’t fret I carry a permanent swizzle stick that will do the trick (it can even add some cream)!

  3. They could be eating at Weinerschnitzle down in S. California. Do they still have those or Whiz burgers in Portland? And at least they covered themselves up with their napkins. There’s also a great hot dog place in downtown Seattle down on the waterfront called Frankfurters, I haven’t been there in a long time but they do have good wieners.

  4. Ewww! And I notice in the pic 6 men and 1 woman. Do you suppose this will become an old gay man joint?(!) And why the napkin on the laps? Just requested by the photographer perhaps or protecting from food spills on thighs?

  5. There are a limited number of activities apropos of nudity, leaving the house, cooking and or eating(food)are not among them…..besides the grossness, there is too much potential for injury.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me it’s time to put some underware on, check the mail and eat left over turkey.

  6. Hey, I’m an old guy and nothing to look at. Gravity and wear and tear are a bitch.

    So, in the name of all that is good, holy, and aesthetically pleasing, why would you shed your clothes to eat around other people?

    Really sick people in France. Really sick people who agree with this practice. Perverts and idiots who have no dignity or self-respect or courtesy to others.

    Seriously, what is the whole point for being “liberated” because you are nude? You still are the same person. You still have the same average body. You just show it to everyone because you are a attention whore or lack common sense.

    Let’s do a quick thought experiment. If being nude is such a wonderful and natural thing, why don’t we enforce it at all times and all places? After all, animals in nature do not wear clothes and they often defecate where they eat and fornicate at will, so should we be just like them?

    No, we are made in the image of God and with it comes some modesty, morals, and social behaviors that focus on dignity and keeping us separate from lowly, soul-less animals.

  7. Maybe it has something to do with living in a country where everything else is illegal or not worrying about wearing clean underwear?
    Go ahead and pick your seat anywhere.

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