Why Prog Women Think Men Are Pigs—

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  1. This is what I told the lib chicks whenever they came around crying about the abuse suffered at the hands of their latest shitfinger lib boyfriend.

  2. The biggest Pigs on the planet are Progressives in Hollywood… Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein for instance. More to the point (Moore to the point) they’re usually ugly, second-knuckle-nose-picking losers with limited social skills trying to get laid simply by being Progs!

  3. I was never called any names by women until I didn’t live up to what they expected of me (which, I hasten to point out, I never agreed to in any form or fashion).

    Then it was, “Katy, bar the door”.

    Still love ’em, though. Even if they don’t like me anymore.

    What can I say?


  4. I would have to agree that all men are pigs. Some of us control ourselves better than others.

    The problem comes when it is assumed that no man can control his urges — ever, or that some men can — always. An even bigger problem is trying to divine the desires of a woman at any given moment.

    Life is hard. I want to be a hermit.

  5. I recall maybe 27 years ago in college, 18, and opening a door for a young lady and calling her “miss”. She cursed at me like I’d spit in her eye. The way that I was raised, there was a certain way that you treated people –
    ma’am, sir , open doors for others, help little old ladies, etc. Progressive women think that men are pigs because that is the behavior that they demand from them. Pigs for pigs, f**k them.

  6. My liberal feminist BFF forgot to add #WomenAreNotPrey to a retweet of this story. Oh wait, she failed to retweet it at all.

    Hmm. Funny that. 🤔

  7. Well boys, it’s very hard to live up to men’s expectations too. To never grow older or be sad or anything. Just a happy sex kitten forever.

  8. Way back in the day, I had five male roommates. One of them was a gay conservative, one was a straight conservative, and the other three were straight libs. The straight libs treated women like crap, using them for sex, then saying shitty things about them when talking about them later. The straight conservative man didn’t sleep around, treated women with respect, and didn’t speak badly about them. The gay conservative, the straight conservative and I were usually pretty disgusted by the behavior of the straight liberal roommates.

  9. This whole Harveywood thing helps me to understand the pussy hat march in D.C. in a whole new light. When I saw clips on TV of the shrieking foot stompers, I thought they were just mad about losing the election. But the anger continued after the march and I couldn’t figure out why these feminazis were so pissed. I guess getting treated like a c*m bucket all the time would make a gal a little bitter. BUT the feminazis need to learn one key thing: they are mad at the wrong men.

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