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Why The FBI’s Raid On A Christian Family Is Its Most Dangerous Abuse Yet

The left doesn’t need orders from the top. Indeed, more often than not the left is governed from the bottom up.

This isn’t easy for conservatives to understand. Most of us, by disposition, respect hierarchy. A father at the head of the family, a boss at the head of a company, a president at the head of a country, a pope at the head of a church, and so on. So it’s natural for us to imagine that everyone looks at the world this way.

That’s one reason why when we see some new left-wing front open up in the culture war, we try to find the hidden hand controlling it — the George Soros, or the Michael Bloomberg, or Joe Biden.

But most of the time, the left doesn’t think this way. More importantly, the left doesn’t act this way. 

This phenomenon of ground-up left-wing governance can be seen all around us. It’s happening in corporate America, where far from leading the charge, left-wing CEOs increasingly find themselves held captive to radical employees.

It’s true in the federal government, too. President Barack Obama didn’t need to call Lois Lerner to ask her to crack down on conservative organizations applying for nonprofit tax statuses.

It’s true for the left’s countless local political “machines” as well. They don’t operate with the push of a button or the pull of a lever, but rather live with everybody simply doing their parts. In the words of one Philadelphia Democratic insider who spoke to The Federalist, their machine is more like a “living organism” that doesn’t need instructions “to know how to breathe.” 

It’s even true in the once-famously top-down nonprofit world, which has become so hobbled by ground-floor activism it can barely function anymore. 

Finally, it’s true in the FBI.

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  1. For the umpteenth time. Bush made the FBI the anti conservative Stasi! It must be destroyed! All property demolished or sold. All employees fired, no pensions! Hannity has his head up his ass so far his eye are brown!

  2. Assholes had to bring in over 20 agents in SWAT gear over charges that had already been thrown out of court twice. Strong arm intimidation tactics. Who are the fascists again?


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