Why the Left Must Stop the NPC Meme – The Ultimate Insult is Just Too Accurate

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  1. NPC is beyond being just a meme. It is holding a huge mirror in the face of the left and it makes their widdle heads explode. Truth generates anxiety when it’s not the “truth” you want to see.

    Whoever created this meme are national heroes.

  2. That is actually a prepared statement by Sinclair Broadcasting sent to their affiliates to declare a unified corporate position, as has been done openly by the news media corporations since forever. This montage was easy to do because they were all reading the same statement,word for word. It is also an old montage.

    It is nothing like True Fake News (?), whereby NPC newsreaders from all the MSM news corporations are each given slightly different versions of talking points to simulate authenticity and mask central command.

  3. The ultimate irony is the clip of the Boston antifa guy chanting that NPCs must go away (shame, shame, shame, etc.). Chanting and slogans are the ultimate substitute for critical and original thinking; crowds take up chants made up by a few leaders (and not very original) and this allows them to express someone else’s world view as their own without really thinking about what they are saying. Basically, the Boston antifa guy is a NPC chanting that NPC characters must go away – yet at the end of the clip the Boston antifa guy is still there and didn’t go away. I don’t know if this guy was serious or trying satire, and it’s a sad state of affairs when people can’t tell the difference.

  4. It all started with Occupy and ‘mic check’. Where they repeated, en masse, what the person with the megaphone was saying. I am loving this meme. It’s perfect.

  5. There hasn’t been an original thought from the progressive movement since the 1800’s. It is all variations on the same theme and it is utterly predictable as we witness each new cause celeb develop.

    It’s a coreographed dance and all the players are programmed. The are nothing, if not predictable.

    You knew exactly when the prog establishment Republicans are going to show up on the scene and freeze out the real Constitutional conservative voices every damn time.

    The problem they have is that Trump is bypassing the media and that shit don’t work no more. This opposition voice has been there all along, what has changed is we are getting our message out.

  6. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk – I wondered, too. I hope Boston antifa guy is satire. He’s probably in his mom’s basement and she may have to sell the house now. lol

  7. This is a great video! Answers all my questions about “why” they do this. So many examples of the rhythmic chanting from their mindless demonstrations! Where do I get the Che-as-Wojak tee shirt?

  8. Millennial Millie sent the conformists running when she started shouting their slogan, “Fascists Go Home!” along with them. And the real fascist turned around and went home!
    What I love so much about this Meme is that it proves that millenials are not all robots and infantile brats. Look at this fantastic pro life video. Utterly destroys the insane talking points of the pro abort arguments.

  9. The closest I’ve come to an ASCII version is this:


    It’s barely satisfactory: it uses the superscript zero (or degree symbol), and of course it’s upside down. Anybody have a better one?

  10. I’m too ashamed to help you myself. It’s easier to draw than a swastika for craps sake.

    And yet… you make it upside down. YOU’LL NEVER BE A CONFORMIST. YOU HAVE FAULTY PROGRAMMING.

    God I love you.

  11. testing



    @Aaron Burr – It’s not that I have faulty programming, it’s that I have write access to my microcode. Not to mention being root.

  12. @Aaron Burr – Paint. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s perfect for creating an →→ ASCII ←← emoticon. Or maybe not?

  13. My generation [Millennials], is arguably the most mentally and emotionally abused generation of our time. They are ground down and worn away by society, school, their peers, and even their parents.
    Until nothing is left but a hallow husk ready to be filled with the ideological and moral opinions and feelings of said abusers.

    It’s heartbreaking and sad.

    …but their reaction to the npc meme is hilarious. I’m not gonna lie to ya, I’ve had more than my fair share of giggles about it. :B

  14. Urk. That post from “u” is from your sloppy Uncle Al.
    I got too quick counting on autofill for name/email.
    Let’s all quietly curse European privacy laws again.


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