Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left

Because it’s funny, effective and mostly true.


Thanks, hat tippers.

8 Comments on Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left

  1. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel told me the NPC meme is not funny, racist and sexist. Therefore, I must insist on a ban on further posts on this issue because it is not funny, racist and sexist.

    Excuse me – I need to send all of my money to Facebook now because Zuckerberg told me to.

  2. It is not funny. It is dehumanizing. It is not effective. It is stupid. If you think it funny you are literally a nazi. This blog is hate speech. You can’t report on owning world. You need real inclusive news. Watch MSNPC.

    exec program(Sky.Scream);

  3. The people who are hexing Kavanaugh think we are hypnotized cultists who believe we have majickal powerz. They have been projecting their sickness onto us since November 2016…

    “Ferréol is detailing what he calls “memetic warfare.” The technique involves charging a symbol, which will then act as a proxy for a clandestine plan. In occult tradition, this is known as chaos magic. The image could be something as abstract as a hieroglyphic doodle, which a group decides will bring them, say, jobs or food or spouses. The image just has to be widely seen, even subliminally, so that it can seed the minds of the larger population and bring about real world results. (If you think this sounds a bit like hypnotism, you’re right.)”


    Just like most of Africa, the progs are devout believers in witchcraft. But with this devotion, and just like superstitious Africans, they fear that their enemies have witch powers also, which can be used to curse progs.

    It was Pepe then, it is NPC now. The powers that be are just using the superstitious prog fear and hysteria to justify censorship, but the fever swamp on the left is all in on the battle of sorcerers.

  4. The urge to homogeneity is powerful.
    We have experienced it since the dawn of time and the slow accretion into tribes, cities, states, countries, nations, and now Globaloney-ism.
    One of the reasons Stalin could murder 30,000,000 Ukraines (and others) was (in part) because of this.
    One of the reasons Hitler could murder 15,000,000 Jews (and others) is also because of this.
    One of the reasons Mao could murder 80,000,000 Chinks is because of this.

    Go along to get along. Don’t be thought of as one outside the herd. The lone Wildebeest is the first one eaten. The adventurous sheep is brought down in front of all the others – to the delight of the coyotes and wolves. Stick your neck out – it gets hacked in two.

    Thus, we have a “culture” of chanting, farting, clapping, snivelling, crying, whining, complaining, ignorant, worthless, lazy mobs of putrid, stinking slobs who get butt-hurt at being designated “mobs.”

    Oy! The irony is lost on them!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Oh, so I can’t be offended by the mean spirited and racist ‘white girls LURV pumpkin spice lattes hur hur… they DUM. BLK WOMYN ARE GODESSESZ’ culture that’s been fumigating on the internet since 2011, but one lil NPC is the new Sheeple meme and the left loses their shit? Fk em. >:l

  6. Unfortunately, they call PJW the meme killer. He even addresses it in the video. I hope this meme never gets old, it fits the left so perfectly.

  7. The NPCs are much more pleasant to watch than any leftist, especially Waters, Shumer, Pelosi, Hildebeast, obamanation, soursour, Spartacus, and on and on


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