Why the Right Fails to Change Culture


No one in conservative circles denies we are getting crushed in the culture wars. Yes, key conservatives have been banned from major social media. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Google are biased. But the broader question should be, “Why were conservatives relegated to predominantly social media in the first place?” Why are there virtually no conservative television shows? Why is Fox (other than One America News Network—which has trouble getting in major delivery packages) the only “conservative” news network, and even then, one whose “conservatism” is fading rapidly? Why are there no conservative graphic novels?

Of course, Andrew Breitbart was the John the Baptist of this element of our culture. The creation of (at first) Drudge Report, then later Breitbart News, was essential to broadening a conservative alternative. But it wasn’t nearly sufficient.

So what has been the problem? Since A Patriot’s History of the United States came in 2004, I have been working to move that story into video form, which brought me into contact with Andrew, then, through Andrew, to a host of other Hollywood Conservatives. Yes, there are quite a few. One well-known actor told me, “When you go on a production site, at lunch time all the trucks where the stage construction workers and set designers are having lunch have Rush Limbaugh on. But if the director comes by, they turn it down.” Another director told me of a conversation two of his producer friends had with an Amazon Prime executive as they pitched their children’s show. “We don’t take material from white males,” they were instructed. “The era of Aryan supremacy is dead.” Realize these two men had several successes in the field already, and possessed a track record of profits.

Without turning into a “poor me” sob story, I can only report from my own efforts. I think however, they are quite representative of the experiences of others. read more

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  1. Breitbart actually banned me from posting to Breitbart for trashing a tranny troll there. So fuck Breitbart. Conservatives lose the culture wars because spineless conservitard fuckheads trying to appeal to those who will never like them shit on those who do like them. It’s the McCain/Romney effect, capitulating to communist cunts in order to get superficial likes from them for shitting on people who’ve actually supported you up until that point.

  2. Freedom is scary.
    Freedom to Succeed also implies Freedom to Fail.
    Conservatives voice “Freedom.”
    That scares the mortal shit out of the marginally-minded who, for whatever reasons, doubt their own abilities.
    Slavery has a certain security – a billion and a half Chinese can tell you.
    Same with Europe.
    And Africa.
    And South America.
    And Central America.

    If the yoke is light enough, it’s not only bearable, but comfortable.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I did not read the entire link but I think the author is missing the point; Conservative culture is just fine and does not need to change to appease the capricious whims of the mob, an increasingly secularized polity or a hostile MSM/Hollywood movement that actively works to undermine and destroy those that don’t march to their tune.

    The culture of respect, inclusion, honesty, modesty, love of country and love of God, the one that inspires hard work and rejects victimhood, the same culture that wants everyone to prosper and do good for its own sake, that culture is doing just fine.

    As for not enough Christian participation in movies or literature, that is just not true. Christian movies always do well at the box office, “Breakthrough” is an example. Hallmark Channel does very well financially, it provides family movies about real people, people who go to church, don’t use bad language, and put a premium on chastity and honor.

    Yes, our culture is under attack, mostly out of jealously I believe.

  4. The best part to me about being a conservative is not giving 2 shits about what media protected progressives consume themselves with or say.
    Ignore the MSM and the internet Huffpoo, Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, etc,
    Been much better hanging out here @IOTW with the common sense crowd!

  5. Conservatives? Depends on your definition. We had to sweat out eight years of Bunghole Barry and his traveling circus. Now think about the two ‘conservative’ alternatives: McCain & Romney. Both were, and still are swampers.

    Was it worth waiting for Trump? I think so. Not only has he turned this country around, he drives the MSM nuts. All of the leftie outlets are hemorrhaging money and losing viewers. Social media is the last bastion.

  6. I can see why Breitbart banned someone who posts as though he is writing on a porn site.It’s really offensive to conservative women–prob men, too—to see that kind of disgusting language.Have some class when posting in public space. (The c-word is extremely offensive and shows a disrespect for women we think is found only on leftist sites.)

  7. The Right fails in the culure war because they don’t engage in it

    The Gutfelds, Schlichters, etc choose to fight and people disagree with how they do it.

    But the path to win is through tolerance of social liberalism and not acceptance of it.

    Also, if any IOTWers are in Las Vegas, I’m at the MGM Grand all week. Please try the souvlaki.

  8. Kudos to the author who is not me: I have a bit of a confession to make: I was a RABID liberal at one point. It angered me deeply that some people had a lot of stuff and I did not. I believed PASSIONATELY that other people should be forced to share everything, so that everything would be fair. I believed PASSIONATELY that people who have more than others should get in trouble if they didn’t share everything they had. Then I had a major life event.
    I turned 10 years old.

  9. I have to turn off ninety nine percent of their hideous productions because idiots start humping each other. They make a lot of money on AIDS.

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