Why Trump? Don Surber Knows Why

Longtime blogger, Don Surber, offers his analysis of “why Trump?” in his new book  – Trump the Press: Don Surber’s take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race

Here are 2 excerpts detailing the many experts and pundits who missed what was going on-



You can get it on Kindle HERE


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  1. Goldberg has really shown his colors-what a chump. How did so many of these maroons end up at NR?They’ve become even more irrelevant the The NYT.

    What will they be doing in a Trump administration besides making even bigger asses of themselves criticizing Trump from the right?

  2. my god, it is going to be so much fun seeing obama at trump’s inauguration

    i predict popcorn shortage, jan 2017

  3. Don Surber’s book is an easy and a fantastic read. Surber’s writing style is very easy to follow and this book has numerous short chapters and you could read it easily in a few evenings. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. The lapdog media are nervous. Which, in my opinion, is why CNN is running debates between Johnson and the woman running as a Green candidate. Jill something? Trying to take votes from Trump. It will probably take more from Hillary.

    Surber is right when he says people like Trump’s fight. Hopefully he doesn’t listen to handlers too much and start sounding like the spineless elitists.

  5. I just read a similar piece at Taki’s Mag via American Digest. Taki’s take was that people are drawn to Trump primarily because “He says whatever he wants”, and it’s a First A. issue in this age of Liberal gulag P.C.

    I think it’s more than that and I agree with Surber’s view of it. The Uniparty are locked in their Beltway groupthink. They’ve overestimated the thrall they think voters are in, to their expert opinions. That, and they’ve completely forgotten just how little they’ve done lately for US!!

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