Why Turkey is a Target

It has deserted ISIS and Baghdadi is not a happy chappy—

PickeringPost: For those who have followed the Turkish ploy of playing both sides in the Islamic war it is no surprise that the Islamic State of Turkey (and of all things a NATO member) has become a prime ISIS target.

Only this year has Turkey allowed the US to use its airfields when bombing ISIS facilities. Formerly US jet fighters had to use an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean that required mid air refuelling and seriously depleted valuable bombing time.

Only this year has Turkey stopped laundering ISIS’s stolen oil at reduced prices on the black market.

Only this year has Turkey stopped training ISIS fighters.

Only this year has Turkey stopped their buses that travelled at night, carrying jihadists to Syria and Iraq.

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  1. I was listening to the radio after the Turkish airport was bombed, and the talking head kept referring to the “Turkey bombing.” Despite the tragic situation, I could not get the Les Nessman turkey drop/bombing out of my head and must have looked even more the fool as I snickered at these news reports.

  2. The Islam resentment of Turkey goes back to 1928. The leader of Turkey, Atatürk, seeking to join the modern world and not wanting to be held financially accountable for its role in WWI as it saw Germany was, separated church and state. Ataturk chose to become President rather than the nation religious leader. This was an enormous betrayal of the Caliphate as well a a slap to the Ottoman Empire. It has not been forgotten by generations of Islamic sharia hard liners.

    I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that the airport they attacked was named after President Atatürk. I am surprised no one is pointing this out.

  3. The only hope Turkey has is for Erdoğan to announce that Turkey – the whole goat-fucking country – is converting to Eastern Orthodox Catholicism. And then make it happen by whatever level of violence is needed.

    Deport every last surviving Imam, and their extended families, to Saudi Arabia. This should not be a large number of people.

    It’s either this, or the glassed-over problem solving policy we’re likely to see realized some time in the next decade.

  4. I think it was a diversion tactic planned by Zer0. We’re getting too smart, he wants to remind us that the goat humpers aren’t just targeting his favorite bars.

  5. JMV,

    That quote is actually from ‘the big guy’ Arthur Carlson, station manager and organizer of the turkey drop promotion. Still funny though and still remembered by us seasoned citizens. WKRP was tremendous and not on the air long enough.

    Baily Quarters…….oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!

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